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  1. Hi Mustang, Can you clarify where I would copy these files? I can't figure out the folder structure.
  2. Are you by chance using the "easy communications"? I've noticed when using easy comms with the F5 that the AWACS radio option is initially blacked out. The first time I select awacs and send a request it doesn't do anything. However, the second time, I go to comms the awacs menu is now white and will operate normally. I think this may be a bug with easy comms or the f-5.... Or, I'm just an idiot and don't know how to fly or talk...:pilotfly:
  3. Work with DCS 2.5? I'm thinking about purchasing Tacview standard for DCS and Il-2 BOS. Does Tacview 17.0 work with the new DCS 2.5 open beta release and if so, is there a significant FPS impact when running?
  4. Might be pushing the upper limits of my coding capabilities... Do you happen to have a sample script or example of using Moose framework to create a radio option?
  5. Thanks Delta99. I am now truly stumped. It does not seem to matter whether I pass the parameters as lists or strings. Neither would crash but they would also not generate the CAP flight. What I found is that if I use the exact same AI_A2A_GCICAP function call and hard code the strings in the "Mission Start" trigger, it will generate a cap flight. However, if I take the exact same code and try to execute it as a result of a custom radio option selection, nothing happens. I can tell the trigger fires by passing a message to the screen. The function however does not generate any CAP flight. :helpsmilie:
  6. Thanks for the suggestion. I tried adding the True flag but that did not change the behavior of the target aircraft. For reference, here is the MIST code I am executing: --Air Target clone Script local ATA_Target = 'ATA_Easy' local Start_Zone = 'Fstart_zone' local tgtChoice = mist.random(3) local zoneChoice = mist.random(5) ATA_Target = ATA_Target..tgtChoice Start_Zone = Start_Zone..zoneChoice trigger.action.outText(ATA_Target,10) trigger.action.outText(Start_Zone,10) ATA_NewGroup = mist.respawnInZone(ATA_Target,Start_Zone, true) ATA_NewGroupName = ATA_NewGroup["name"] trigger.action.outText(ATA_NewGroupName,10)
  7. Delta99, Yes, I am calling the AI_A2A_GCICAP function with the trigger "do script" action. I load the moose.lau file at mission start, then create radio options if a fighter client is selected. Based on the radio option selected, I use a trigger to do a script to set the variable. I am setting this as a global variable and then running another trigger to call the GCICAP function. You would probably need to load the mission file in DCS to see the triggers (6 in total)
  8. Problem using the AI_A2A_GCICAP function I am trying to use the AI_A2A_GCICAP function to generate a simple air-to-air training mission. The idea is for the player to select the Target Type (easy, medium, or hard) via a radio option. Have that selection captured as a variable which is then passed to the function to activate the appropriate plane type. Using text outputs, I can see that the variable is being captured correctly but no planes ever spawn. When hard coding a specific plane group name, the function works so am confused why the variable is not. This is my first attempt at using the MOOSE framework so any suggestions or insight would be greatly appreciated. I have attached the mission for reference. It does require the NTTR map and either the F-15C or F-5E module. NTTR_Training_RangeV6.miz
  9. To the best of my knowledge, there are no campaigns included with the Nevada map. There are only user created or purchasable ones from the DCS website.
  10. Doom, Each of the target units have 100% fuel and a Weapons Free ROE so wouldn't think they would take "Brave Sir Robin approach" i.e. Run away (sorry for the Monty Python Holy Grail reference). If I had to guess, I think the problem has to do with the waypoints not re spawning with the group but if that is the case, I have no idea how to solve that with MIST.
  11. I am building a simple Air to Air practice mission where a random flight of targets will be generated and then fly a racetrack orbit for me to then find and try to shoot down (yes I am that unskilled still). My mist script correctly selects a random group and spawns them to a random zone. However, instead of flying the assigned waypoints, the target aircraft simply land at the nearest airport, Groom Lake in this case. I've attached a copy of the mission for reference. The last trigger is the one that generates the target aircraft. Can MIST / LUA script expert help point out what I am missing or getting wrong? Training Range v3.miz
  12. Hi Stacker, Thanks for the extra set of eyes and catching this error. I stared at the screen quite a while trying to figure out where the syntax error was but never saw the case issue. I need to learn more about how to debug Lua scripts I guess...
  13. I'm hoping some MIST expert can help a Newbie out... I am trying to create a simple Target Practice mission that will allow me to learn new planes against a semi-random set of enemy aircraft. I have 3 sets of possible enemy planes with one being selected at random. I have 5 possible starting points for the enemy aircraft and am using the Mist.CloneInZone function to spawn the enemy aircraft into the starting zone. However, the cloning script crashes when executed. The actual script I am using is as follows: local ATA_Target = 'ata_easy' local Start_Zone = 'Fstart_Zone' local tgtChoice = mist.random(3) local zoneChoice = mist.random(5) ATA_Target = ATA_Target..tgtChoice Start_Zone = Start_Zone..zoneChoice trigger.action.outText(ATA_Target,10) trigger.action.outText(Start_Zone,10) ATA_NewGroup = mist.cloneInZone(ATA_Target,Start_Zone) ATA_NewGroupName = ATA_NewGroup["name"] trigger.action.outText(ATA_NewGroupName,10) I've attached a copy of the actual MIZ file as well. Can some kind soul tell me where I'm going wrong? Target Practice.miz
  14. I'm just getting back to DCS after a year+ hiatus and have run into a strange issue. Previously, I had the push button on the throttle microstick set to turn on/off radar on various FC3 planes. Now , a year or so later, and after patching all installs to current versions, DCS only recognizes the microstick button as a mouse click. Is there any way to get it to see this as BTN_01 on the throttle?
  15. Hi Feefifofum, I had a chance to test your suggestion last night and found that it did the trick. Without the TGP pod,I can consistently achieve 45+ FPS running low level down the Vegas strip. However, as soon as I attach the TGP pod, even with it never being powered on, my FPS drop by 15% - 20% and make it unflyable. Dropping cockpit resolution to 512 helps a bit but still very problematic. What is strange is I don't see this problem when doing something similar in 1.5.8. I hope this can be resolved by the time 2.5 drops and that this isn't the new normal or will have to leave my favorite plane in the hanger. Thanks again for helping to diagnosis the problem. One more of life's mysteries has now been solved.
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