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  1. Sounds interesting for when VAICOM isn’t working right or I get tired of it. I used to use DCS Menu Nav, so I’ll definitely take a look at this.
  2. If you just delete the folder it’ll still read the defaults from the install folder, will it not? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  3. When you have 12 controllers connected and own all modules, it's very very tedious to clear all the settings for every controller and every module. Can we look at getting a button in the config screen to clear every controller (individually for each module)? That way, we can start from scratch, and if we want to restore a controller to default settings, we still have that option.
  4. I actually started looking at slot covers this morning, coincidentally. The cables on the floor aren’t secured at all, just hidden. Ordering straight from 8020 seems the most cost effective so far but I’m going to look around a bit more. I also need the make an educated guess on the amount needed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  5. I haven't flown that campaign yet (been playing DCS Liberation), but my visibility test is the Ground Attack Practice mission for the Hornet in Syria. Shortly after the mission starts, four Vipers take off from Incirlik. I've been able to pick them up at 17 miles. I think I've got my visibility good. But I'm convinced that the Syria map badly needs optimization, because it seems no matter what area I'm flying over, FPS is around 20 less than the other maps. I may just start a Liberation campaign in another theater instead. That Ground Attack Practice mission starts
  6. I don't think the shadows mod has anything to do with it. Probably a combination of AF and visibility distance (I usually fly with Ultra).
  7. I decided to try out your settings and they do seem to help, but aircraft spotting seems to have suffered a bit. I used to fly with the smeared labels mod, dot only, but since getting the new system and the G2, I've been trying to fly with no labels and doing fairly well at it. I wonder if it has anything to do with your shadows mod... I'll try turning that off.
  8. Are you sure this is right? There is no folder called Image Execution Options, but there IS one called Image File Execution Options.
  9. I have not seen any of my profiles flex at all. Keep in mind they aren't completely hollow, there is supporting aluminum on the insides as well.
  10. Yes, the Monstertech display stand is made of 40x40mm tubes. The cockpit has 40x40, 40x80, and 80x80 pieces depending on the strength needed. I'm not sure if making an entire cockpit out of 40x40 would work out.
  11. Thanks. I try to keep things as simplified as possible. The pedals are high up for one reason: to get my arm to be able to rest on my thigh when using the center stick grip. I found that when the pedals were lower, there would be a large gap and my arm would get tired. Real cockpits with center sticks are generally set so the arm can rest that way.
  12. Try this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3780737 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  13. Over Christmas I decided to rearrange things a bit. The impetus was twofold: 1) Get the computer away from the wall, allowing better cooling. 2) Make it easier to unplug the Reverb G2 when not using it. I now have some benefits here. 1) The computer being further away from me and from the wall reduces the amount of noise I hear from it when in VR. The right side panel of the computer is aluminum with sound dampening foam installed. I had been using aluminum on both sides to reduce the noise, but now I can use the glass panel on the left side, allowing the
  14. You can manually program commands into Voiceattack to switch to individual tabs, or to cycle left/right between them. It’s covered in the VAICOM manual. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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