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  1. Hello... My DCS cant update anymore. Error "Download failed HTTP 4995" (not sure about last Digit) occurred. I have DCS Regards
  2. Absolutely, YES!!!...That's what I wanna have, too...Please... Regards
  3. rico

    RAZBAM Protocol

    Me, toooo...Grab it!:smilewink:
  4. I'm really looking forward to a highly detailed F/A-18C...But an up-to-date graphic engine should be a 'Must' at least. Whatever...Good news though... Regards
  5. Hi, there... I just wondered what do you think about a mobile mission editor for one's tablet or phone (Android...)? I thought this would be a fine tool having your missions at your side. Planning where ever possible and flying at home...I cant do it, cause i'm way too unexperienced in this field. But if one of yout buddies...? I would pay a few bugs for it...What do you think? Regards, rico
  6. Hello... Im back since a couple of months. As I could see a lot has happened. That's good. I know DCS is working on FC3 at the moment...But I was wondering what has happened to Nevada? Or the next western fixed-wing fighter? Yes, third party developers are working on several projects. That's also good news...but what's about DCS itself? Is Nevada and another western fighter still 'alive'?... If you could give some info... Thanks in advance, rico
  7. Hey, there...Short question...As known you can manually enter EL using DATA-Rocker at UFC. But how can i return to DTS if needed? Which button...? Regards
  8. Alright:(...Hmm...I tried it like "Fish" explained it. But it doesnt work in the mountains. Just for fun i placed the HMMW some 10m in front of the Target. Should not be a LOS issue:smilewink:...Additionally i let a predator orbit and assign the Target at WP9. Both did not answer. To test it i let a 2nd Predator (Ford) assign another target placed in a flat region. And surprise...he replied (Couldnt assign the target either, but anyway. At least he replied)...What's so difficult about it? Never noticed such issues when i build similar missions before in ANd which role play the mountains. Does they masked radio calls...not really, or...?... Has somebody any idea, please? Fish?:smilewink:... Regards Intruder.miz
  9. Alright...It's a LOS issue. Now i'm smarter:smilewink:...Thank you!
  10. Yes. I use Mic aft...It seems as if i forget something i always did. But somehow im too "blind" to tell...
  11. Hello... Can somebody tell me, why my JTAC does not answer to my calls? It's Axeman1 30MHz FM (HMMW). I even placed a "Test-JTAC" Pointer1 33MHz FM to airport. Pointer1 doesnt even appear in the CommMenu...What am i doing wrong? Right Radio was set to right frequency...Any Guess?? Regards PS: Added my miz-file Intruder.miz
  12. Hey, there...Got the same crash after artillery attack once. I updated my video card driver to 296.10 (GTX580). It works till now. But we'll see. Havent come til end for now...Anyway great mission!!! Thanks and keep on going...
  13. Hey, there... Placed some targets on a mountain around 3500ft above MSL. Wanted to drop some 97s on them...but...How to adjust the HOF to such level and above at the INV-page?As i remember HOF is limited to 2200ft???!...What to do? Regards, Rico
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