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  1. Hello, Thank you for your replies, I have changed the values as you stated but when i switch to the correct camera, (I think the term is Clipping) its quite bad, parts of the plane are missing. Is there anyway to fix this?
  2. Hello, I would like the edit the F4 View so instead of looking between the tails of the aircraft i can look from the bottom. All I want to do is to Lower the camera and point it forwards, Maybe move the camera towards the end of the plane. I have seen this in BSR LocStas movie and would like to be able to do it!! Thanks Paul :-)
  3. Thanks for the replies. I'll try some of these failure options, probably won't be able to do it but its great fun trying Thanks again Paul
  4. Well in the VFTC Movie, they are using a default SU-27 and he does it. I'll keep trying. It might just be practice Paul
  5. Sorry I'm abit confused by what you mean. When i'm in the air i pull up just past vertical and press K, this produces the cobra manouver but then it flips back down instead of carrying it over. Please explain what you mean by disabling ACS before take off? Thanks Paul
  6. Have you seen the VFTC movie, they do it in that??? Paul
  7. Ok, I have seen this in a few movies but I can't do it. I want to be able to do a Cobra and instead of the aircraft pitching up then coming back down I want it it flip over. Every time I try this it just goes so far then comes back instead of completing the rotation. Anyone got any tips? Thanks Paul
  8. Ok, Whats your problem with the renderer and maybe i can help. Paul
  9. Hello, You can already do this by using the ingame AVI Renderer. Paul
  10. Hi, I also had this problem, from the sounds of it i don't think your looking at the right place. Follow these instructions: Go to Start, Control Panel, System, Hardware Tab, Device Manager, Click on the plus where it says Sound, Video and game controllers, Video Codecs (Right Click and Properties), Properties Tab and view the list, If HUFFYUV is there, just click and press the remove button. Hope this helps Paul
  11. Great Movie Loved the views music everything!! I have downloaded the F16 Addon but don't know how to install it, I have Flaming Cliffs installed so could anybody how I install it? Thanks Paul
  12. Here they are, I was using full settings 6X AA and 16X AF Filtering. My Resolution is 1280x1024 both ingame and desktop, The images were resized for the forum. Comments are very welcome Paul
  13. Can't comment on the 2 6800Ultras but my X850XT PE is fantastic I'd recomend the one I have Paul
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