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  1. After doing this you won't be able to open (for example) a browser window inside your game anymore. It will drop you back to the WMR home scene with a blank browser window. At least it does this on my system. (didnt test in DCS, but did test in Elite)
  2. Thanks for the input. I also noticed a lot more eyestrain in MSFS in comparison to the calibrated settings in DCS. Seems like there is work to be done in the software of the headset and values get transmitted incorrectly. Weird thing is that Elite is super sharp and no eye strain out of the box.
  3. Do you guys feel that the shadows settings are resource intensive at all? I noticed BigNewy disabled shadows, but I don’t see any performance change on my system from that while it does make the game look a lot less nice. Aside from MSAA and Visibility Range what are the settings that affect framerate most in your opinions?
  4. I noticed the default settings in the tool are different for L and R eye. Why would this be? I calibrated for the Left eye and then swapped Bottom and Top on both eyes. Vision seems much better and strains my eyes less without a doubt. But why is the initial setting different for the L vs the R eye?
  5. Indeed 2G’s are the same effect for all a/c, but I’d like to ‘trim’ the deadzone for maneuvers. As you’re likely never going to pull anything over 4G in a helo, but 3 or 4G is part of maneuvers in a fighter, it would be awesome if we could tweak the deadzone per module, rather than a global setting. For example, in the Hornet I use -1 to +3; this way I know when I push negative G’s quite hard, but also know that offensively I am entering the correct maneuver load range once the Jetseat starts to rumble. This onset should be different for WW2 birds, for examp
  6. Would it be possible to get the G-force deadzone on the Aircraft profile tab instead of a general setting? For example, the Gforce deadzone for a heli would be totally different than for a Hornet. The WW2 airframes yet different again. it would be very nice if it could be tied to airframe module, please. merry christmas to everyone!
  7. I support the community spirit! It would also be a departure from how other modules function in DCS regarding placement in missions, making the SC the red haired stepchild of the modules. Lots of good points have been made. Here’s just a +1 from me. Long live the mission creators who are the lifeblood of the community. :) No, really.
  8. I mounted my WarBRD on a Monstertech Warthog tablemount. You can’t fasten the two forward screws on it without modification, but the two back screws line up ok. If the mount is the only thing holding you back you might want to consider it. @Hamilton : You get 2 sets of springs with the WarBRD. The installed ones are the softer type and the ones in the box are the stiffer ones. I swapped the softer for the stiffer variant.
  9. Glad to see you got it fixed! I have now swapped the stock springs for the stiffer option and it’s total bliss! I have mounted the stick on my tableclamps and the feel and resistance is now very much like a real aircraft.
  10. Just wanted to state that I am very happy with my WarBRD. The initial setup and firmware update procedure wasn’t clear, so I believe VirPil’s documentation can be improved, but with the quick help of the DCS community I was able to get up and running quickly. I am using the Warthog stick with it. At first some buttons didn’t seem to work, but it turns out I had to fasten the ring a tad more to bring them online. It has been golden ever since. Super smooth flying with a bigger throw than the Warthog. Very nice ‘heavy’ feel, especially when going to the ends of the cams. It’s really next l
  11. Superb news! And congrats on yet another magnificent piece of work! Truely a labour of love and a dream of many for sure! Thank you for the Turkey HB!
  12. I stand by my venerable Wing mate! Thanks Snoopy and the 476th!
  13. Great post! One remark though: why do you enforce Cockpit Screen Res at 1024 every frame? It eats a lot of performance and isnt really neccessary imo.
  14. It's called USB Selective Suspend mode. If its enabled, Windows can decide to power down a specific USB device to save power. You can enable or disable the system in Advanced Power Management options in the Windows settings, but reports have been that this one setting often does not disable the setting on all USB controllers/devices. If you Google it you will find utilities that will take care of it, or as an alternative you can go to Device Management (right click on your Windows Start menu) and check every USB controller's Properties. The selective suspend is a checkbox you can tick.
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