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  1. I think in the briefing text it mentions changing the jets coordinate settings to accept them in the format they're given in - I didn't know that was possible, so I learnt from this!
  2. I just flew this mission last week, the coordinates were correct and the bomb hit dead on. Sorry I can't offer any help other than reassurance that the mission is correct. I'm using open beta, in case that makes a difference.
  3. I think what Elmo is saying is the optimum setting depends on the users configuration. It looked good on the dev's screen, but might not look good on mine. Given that the best setting is not the same for everyone, they're going to give the option of changing to taste. In the meantime netizensmith has explained the file to change it in manually for now here: I think people are being unfair to Razbam in their reactions here to be honest. I'd like to balance the negativity by saying thanks to Razbam for the harrier and it's continued development.
  4. Perhaps the one that netizensmith mentioned a few posts above?
  5. That mission 3 is not as bad as that, once you know where the infantry are it makes perfect sense, but a bit more talk-on would be really helpful. It's not possible to advance beyond that due to a last-minute bug though, so you may be better waiting for the next patch and using the time to perfect your skills
  6. I think you are being somewhat unfair here. If you don't like the style that's fine, but you can't mandate how the game should be played for all. I can accept the voiceovers and enjoy the campaign for what it is, even as I recognise it's not the most realistic from a procedural point of view. I do think it's hard to know what were getting with campaigns unless the creator releases YouTube videos previewing one of the actual missions.
  7. Remember the gbu doesn't acquire guidance until about ten seconds from impact, unlike the maverick which acquires guidance on the rail. This means you have to give it a ballistic drop which will put it in the right place to see the laser spot when it goes active, and with enough energy to correct is trajectory to hit it.
  8. One more thing: I've found that most campaigns require me to dig in a bit more to the aircraft - so I might think I'm ok at flying whatever the aircraft is, but but the campaigns usually force me to get better either at systems, feel or muscle memory. In this case I would say you need to be highly comfortable with switching between different designation methods, using the targeting pod and slaving between waypoints and target designations etc.
  9. It is doable, I did it in three attempts after getting hit by SAMs twice. Are you using your wingman? Also, remember you can review the task list using the F10 menu. Edit: the rocket load is broken after Razbam removed the original rocket from the harrier, so if you want to use the rockets you need to change it in the mission planner. You can complete without the rockets though.
  10. No problem, I can be patient!
  11. Hi Eagle86, I just tried it again and like before I wait and wait and nothing happens. One of the infantry groups goes towards the building at the helicopter's 11 o'clock position, but stops about half-way between the building and the helicopter. The other goes to the helicopter's three o'clock position and I think enters a building aas I can't see them anymore. I circled for fifteen minute before quitting. Track file is here if it helps: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mbw2eesqb3t4tij/The Chemist.trk?dl=0 Edit: forgot to mention: Cheers!
  12. Hi Eagle86, the chopper did arrive and unload the troops, all seemed to be going ok but nothing happened after that. Roughly how long does it taken then to plant the charges?
  13. Correct units - So far it feels like a low threat environment for the player, although higher threat for friendly forces. I haven't worried about my survivability that much, but on occasions you do have to be on the ball to keep the ground forces safe. Edit to add - the units all seem plausible. AI - Hasn't done anything hideous yet, but then there's not a sense of tight coordination with dynamic AI elements. There are friendly forces to coordinate with, but it feels very much like a set of triggers making things happen rather than a complex organism. Immersion - Ther
  14. Hi, The troops enter the target and tell me they are going to place charges, but then nothing else happens and I just circle and watch my fuel burn down. Have I missed a step?
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