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  1. Ever since I installed "lock-on flamming cliffs" cd (w/ Starforce protection), the behaviour of my LG multi combo dvd drive, model GSA - 4081B, as become erratic. Most of the times, when I insert a dvd, it won't start to "spin" and doesn't recognised any dvd (starts a "click - click" sound on the dvd - as if it can't start to spin, and then goes silent). In Device manager, windows XP states that everything's fine with the drive, but it's not. I install, disable, enable, reinstall the drive, but behaviour's the same. I know Starforce states that starforce drivers have nothing to do, what so ever, with drives problems, but the truth is that these only emerged since I installed LO-FC. Can anyone help.. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- I have uninstalled / removed both drive, IDE controllers, primary and secondary IDE channels, as suggested by Starforce's support, but the problem remained. I then updated Starforce's drivers w/ update driver tool. Suddenly, my Iomega ZIP drive (parallel port), dind't respond (unlike dvd rom case, in this case Device manager stated that it couldn´t launch it!) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- I removed Lockon Flamming Cliffs and unninstalled Starforce drivers (with Starforce removal tool), started XP in safe mode, and guess what, everything got back to normal. I then restarted WinXP in normal mode and everything's maintain's in order.. Starforce stated that it was just "99.9% coincidence". Quote. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Could anyone help, as I wouldn't like to pass w/out LO-FC!!
  2. I know i don't like that response. Listen, Olgerd If it was a question of improving or updating anything (that already worked!), i would agree.. But recovering something that worked in the first place, that is part of a software that you sold, should be one of your main concerns, or else, remove them entirely (the training tracks) of the software. for some reason that doesn't sound good as an option, does it!
  3. Dobberman! Is the video link still working?? I can't seem to do download it or "save destination as..."
  4. My sincere condolences to all in the UK. We're all in the same tinny village! ...They will never win!!
  5. the site is working, but not the download link! Did anybody manage to download it yet..
  6. Mine just arrived home.. Can't wait to get there and give it a try!!!!!
  7. Pilotasso's neighbour... Cascais, Lisbon, Portugal - European vice-champions - 2nd to greatest european soccer team... ... :icon_pall :icon_pall :icon_pall THE GREEKS :icon_pall :icon_pall :icon_pall ...
  8. Thanks for your quick replying, Dmut! It must be hard work, putting out fires that some like to spread..
  9. Thank's for replying... but what about future patches download..
  10. ED Just a simple question. If we may only download "movies pack" (is it already included in the CD, or just the "four seasons pack") after we purchase something (as stated in the download section), how will it be for the one's who buy the CD version of FC. Will it be available for those too. Same goes for future patches. Best regards
  11. Read the 13th April sticky again. IT'S BEEN UPDATED!
  12. just found this petition regarding Starforce and such copy intrusive systems.. to whom it may interest, here's the link.. http://www.gopetition.com/sign.php?currentregion=194&petid=6228 PS. in no way is this a criticism to ED. I do support their amazing work!!
  13. Thank you, Wags, for that update.. But still, i think an official announcement is in order, seen all the questions regarding Starforce protection (plus the apparent fact that it inhibits the use of cd/dvd recorders!!). ...Even if that announcement only states that the matter is being analysed.
  14. ...or, for example, EECH!!!! (look where it is now!!) Just installed it, a few months ago...and that game is 5 years old!! I do know about EULA's...but their not time limited!!! Plus, as we all know, maybe FC won't run smooth as silk, till ....say, a few upgrades from now!!!!
  15. today i sent an email to EA, regardind my concerns in the "5x reactivation" thing: " Dear developers… I wonder if you could “shed some light” in a few questions I have! I want to download FC as I truly appreciate your amazing and continuous work on the flight sim’s genre. But I have a doubt regarding the Starforce protection system, doubt witch I’m sure, many potential buyers have. What does the 5 admissible reactivations, and the more than 40% hardware changes on the PC mean? Let’s suppose, for instance, that I need to uninstall the game, or, for instance, windows XP itself. Does this mean that for each time I uninstall/reinstall FC, I Use up one activation. Because if it’s so, then, in fact, I’m not buying the addon…, I’m “renting” it!!! What happens when I use up the 5 activations??? Do I need to buy FC again??? Doesn’t make any sense!! Same goes for the 40% hardware issue! We are constantly upgrading hardware (doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re buying a new PC altogether), mainly because of the requirements of software, in particular, flight sim’s with the necessities of LOMAC. So what does “40%” mean!!! Please take the time to enlighten me on this matter!! I think it’s important for us all, who buy, support, and appreciate your work. Thank you in advance. Pedro Matos "Guru" " I'm sure some think the same way!! I'll let you know if they say something!!!!!
  16. I'm downloading 1.1 at work! if i download it here, can i install it at home, or may i only install it in the computer I download it!! Thx!!
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