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  1. I see,didn'tknow that Thank you very much
  2. HI ALL moved to another house end last year and can't find the serial number of my Harrier i bought time ago (still have serial numbers of Mirage,Mustang,Nevada map etc...) What must i do ???
  3. not a post for discussions , i know things about "pre purchase,beta, updates too slow etc....etc...) just want to have an idea of what the DCS community thinks is the most complete module (FM, weapons systems, navigation ,RWR,autopilot etc...etc...) of these three modules as for today: -Mirage 2000 -Harrier -A 10 C thank you
  4. Gents, a very sincere thanks for your info and recommendations. thnx to you i understand it better and know what to do very much appreciated thanks again Tigertoo
  5. all S! current system: i7 cpu 965@3.20 GHz (8 cpus),16 gig ram ddr 3, nvidia gforce 770,one hdd 500 gig,windows 7 home for a fair price i'm offered:intell i5-7600k,16 gig ddr4,msi gforce gtx1070,ssd 240 gb with windows 10,hdd 2 TB two questions for the specialists: 1) can i install dcs 2.5 and all the modules on that 240 gb ssd ( i think the needed free space is not enough to install the lot) 2)if i install dcs 2.5 and all the modules on the hdd (space enough), what will i lose on performances and FPS on the whole, or will the better cpu and vidio card compensate the insta
  6. thank you for your reply indeed, 7 yeas old cpu, 7 years old video card and no ssd explains it all now thanks again , sorry to have posted inhere as it happens with all planes so wrong forum
  7. hi all since installing DCS 2.5 beta it takes much longer to load. sorry if already mentioned or perhaps it is normal as i didn't found a thread. It takes some 1 min 40 sec. to get the game started! It takes 6 min. 45 sec. and 1 timing out ,to enter the cockpit in a 15 ping multiplayer server with 8 players.! the task manager often shows "no reaction" and "activate task" does not help my pc: intel®core i7 cpu 965@3.20 GHz 18 gig RAM direct x 11 windows 7 Home 64 bit thanks for reading this
  8. nope, got previous driver installad and all the same
  9. after couple of days i started flying again, DCS World 2 open alfa -A 10C: 70 FPS -F-15C: 72 FPS -Mirage: 62 FPS DCS World 1.5 open beta: -A 10C: 64 FPS -F-15C: 67 FPS -Mirage: 5 FPS All tests were done with identical graphical settings, same weather, only 1 plane in the mission etc... I did a un-install and re-install of DCS World 1.5, got the modules i owe re-installed, after i got the latest updater. same result as above Weird is the fact that untill a couple of days ago, i didn't had this problem. I had some 55 FPS in the Mirage system: Intell core i 7 CPU 96
  10. Chuck, are you human or extra terestrial???? Fantastic
  11. that's what i did wrong as i didn't, all working now. so a sincere thanks to you community chaps, salute for the help And of course salute to RAZBAM et all
  12. well, i got the skin prob sorted out by clicking "country: France", but i cannot select any payload,keeps telling: "empty" surely i'm doing something wrong
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