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  1. HAHA so correct holding our wallets ransom for 2 more weeks at a time! But seriously, Thank you all for the replies, I find it strange that audio files are encrypted or is that normal and I just never look at the way games are made or is this an extra special audio file from Northrop that is only licensed to ED?
  2. Hi all, I started DCS and there was an update waiting to upgrade from to but part way through the torrent Win defender blocked it saying it found a trojan in the file "C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\_downloads\Sounds.edc\23\23dfd88b13390df2b334ffa114afdd77f7f6cb86ed0848e55dccdfed69619031.downloading.652958c8d81280a6" Also there was a message window from ED updater that a file had a virus in it and closed. I should have grabbed a screen shot of it. anyone else have this today? All the best, PainTrain
  3. @fantomk @GusPT I also got a Trojan alert from windows defender for that same file; "C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\_downloads\Sounds.edc\23\23dfd88b13390df2b334ffa114afdd77f7f6cb86ed0848e55dccdfed69619031.downloading.652958c8d81280a6" Also the updater had a message window pop up saying that the update could not complete because of a virus in the files. I didn't get a screen grab of it. Anyone else having this issue? My update log looks the same as the one posted by GusPT.
  4. It Works Hello, PainTrain reporting in on the Nyogel 767A regreasing of the Warthog. It really works, I had a major sticktion problem where all fine movements were done with jerking motions before. After carefully disassembly and cleaning my 2nd hand warthog is better than new. Several notes for those attempting this. 1. When you get down to the ball joint: Push the ribbon cable and black ground wire up through the bottom of the base to give yourself enough slack to remove the connector cup. 2. It really does take a concerning amount of force to remove the pins the roll axis is on,
  5. I definitely need to do this. I can push my Warthog all the way forward and if I ease off it gently enough it will stick and not move back at all.
  6. Seems that DCS's servers have been suffering an attack or some sort of mis-configuration
  7. I'm having this exact problem right now. Same exact error log.
  8. I am experiencing the same thing. I cannot download any modules or repair DCS world. I put in a support ticket in hopes this gets resolved soon.
  9. Here's a video I came across, not mine but I think it is awesome!
  10. Gravity kills Hello y'all, I'm from the USA and have been trying to fly for several months now. This is an amazing sim, only problem is I fly with moue and keyboard :doh: haven't decided on a control setup (like FF vs non FF, hotas or not ) any way, HI!
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