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  1. I was kicked for 24hrs! Still don't know why, possibly a mistake by admins, possibly not! Ranting and raving is the only way anyone will know injustice! Silence is for the weak!! I thank you all for your replies! I still think there should be a lobby setup by ED, possibly without any chat, so people have some place to play, without being wrongfully kicked or banned because of another conversation that may be taking place at the same time. Chat is fun when not flying, lighten up! It's great for laughs! Nothing more!! "Liberty is only liberty when it doesn't infringe upon the rights and liber
  2. Is there going to be in the near future another game lobby aside of a third party lobby like Hyperlobby?:pilotfly: I was recently kicked or banned from there,(for chatting about buffalo?):doh: I still haven't received an email telling me why I have been banned! or kicked! or if I was banned permenantly, or kicked for 24hrs.:mad: I have spent alot of time making and running a lockon squad. We have a squad site. http://ironangelslockonsite.com/index.php We have a dedicated team speak server. And we also have a dedicated server in hyperlobby which I think ev
  3. My name is =IA=Kudos. Founder/C.O./and leader of the =IronAngels=. Seems last night during chat in hyper, I have been kicked or banned. Why, I have no idea! I haven't been able to connect since. I feel someone has made and error in doing this! I don't feel anything that was discussed was against hyperlobby policy. Does anyone have anything against being 1st Nations, in hyperlobby? The discussion was about Buffalos and bears I believe. I did happen to mention I felt the beer, Bud, tastes like bear piss, but thats just a personal opinion, and was said jokingly. As too the buffalo burgers, I d
  4. I have found on places of the map where you seem to fly over but end up crashing into mountains, low terrain etc. I fly mig, and am usually flying low! It is a problem with the game terrain information. I just wonder how black shark is going to fly with helicopters crashing left and right for no apparent reason!!
  5. How does the 29th of April sound to you guys. Many do have obligations to family, and can not attend during this festive season! The more leaders the better! Does this better suit your needs?
  6. Leaders vs This is easily understood. ("I'm interested in gathering all the leaders of all the Lockon squads for a challenge. Founders, C.O.s and X.O.s of all the squads - Vs - all the pilots of lockon."):confused: Which post were you replying to?:rolleyes: Perhaps you misunderstood.:( This was my brainstorm, and regardless, want to carry it forth!!:icon_supe Not all leaders will be up for the challenge, but I'm sure the other leaders and founders are good for game. :cool: With all the information and training we have given and attended in the past, together, we could have great fun f
  7. This goes out to all the founders and leaders of Lockon! I'm interested in gathering all the leaders of all the Lockon squads for a challenge. Founders, C.O.s and X.O.s of all the squads - Vs - all the pilots of lockon. I'm hoping we can hold this flight on the Easter Weekend, Saturday perhaps 16:00 GMT time. Time and date to be further decided. 169th Ice will participate =IA= Kudos will participate Please reply here as well as at the =Ironangels= site. Please sign in and state your interest, so we can arrange a pre-flight breifing.http://www.ironangelslockonsite.com/ This mat
  8. Hey guys /0=S! I was wondering it it be possible to modify the editor to allow static ships to be put on land in the mountains. Like a Noah's Ark discovery mission! Or be able to place some ships in the lakes (small ships etc.), where the rivers lead in, or be able to put mountains or airstrips in different places. We need some new maps!! I like flying in the mountains and would like to have a base opposite Sukhumi, on the other side of the moutains. The closest is Maykop at present! I would also like to see all the planes be able to refuel in the air, just like real life. Maybe the MIG-29K
  9. =IronAngels= Dedi http://ironangelslockonsite.com/index.php
  10. Please help. I decided to look into this program dedmac. It starts the game to the front menu, but from there goes no-where. I tried following the readme, but doesn't seem to work for me. Can someone help. This is what I tried: attachprocess lockon autorestart 120 inputfocuswindow lock on mission 10 180 3 2 mission 11 180 3 2 mission 12 180 3 2 repeat I know nothing of writing a script! Can someone show me what I should save for a script! I feel the more dedicated servers we have in the community, the more people will want to play. Different rules, different missions! Good for ED g
  11. Dedicated server for the IronAngels I am C.O. of the IronAngels Squad. I work a 7 on 7 off shift at work. Meaning I am not at home to start a server for the team. I would like to be able to run a dedi whiles I am away. Remote access has been tried, but is not possible with this new activation software. It pops up when in remote, trying to start the server.
  12. ED's Bussiness Not yours. Has ED answered any questions put to them No. I don't think they have formally answered one thread to any of the questions put to them. Leave this thread alone people unless your working for ED. That goes for everyone trying to stick their opinions here. It's all here-say. and these people have no bussiness budding in! People want definate answers to their questions, and I think it's up to ED to answer them, not the people that are blowing them! lol
  13. Ok guys, here's a good question. I have both installed. (Changed the folder location of 1.02 and renamed it. Ran it from the bat. file). Now I need to know how to tell hyperlobby where to find the exe. for the version I want to run in there that day.1.02 or 1.1. How do I go about redetecting the exe.; for hyperlobby to start up the one I want to start? Without reinstalling hyper daily! :p (I need both installed for my team members that don't have 1.1 as of yet! P.S. ED thanks for the extra activations dude. Thanks for not letting us down. F*c*in A dude, Fu*k*n A! :D
  14. Good to know, wish somebody would have directed me to the thread that states that! Where is that thread? And if the're ready to give more activations, my question is put to rest! tks dude for being straight. Plz leave me that thread so I can post it on my site! (ironangelslockonsite.com)To let the team know there will be no problem with their purchase, or activations there-after! I'm going after that ammo dump! :cool:
  15. That certainly is alot of pages, asking alot of questions! ED take the time to answer this one right! I am founder/C.O./Leader, of the IronAngels Squad. I am the first in my squad to buy F.C. The rest of my squad is waiting for Visa to come, to buy their copies. I activated my copy the first time with my firewall up and it stopped half way through, then I closed my firewall to activate it. Found out I used two activations! Then I uninstalled it again because my squad wouldn't be able to get it for sometime, and needed a strong server to play in. ( My connections 2dn 1up). I was told by the en
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