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  1. Looks like they already sent the truck to remove this structure.
  2. Harissa Cathedral, if seen from behind- floats in the air. The terrain is just too flat. Not that it matters to jets, but the chopper pilots will be disappointed :) Here is a Google Street View link for a similar angle: https://www.google.com/maps/@33.980229,35.6529234,3a,75y,301.9h,84.79t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sAF1QipM5BJACttMcZZoTBlEYxq4MuWtBN2B709fvtjZf!2e10!3e11!7i5120!8i2560
  3. There are also some missing landmarks (and potential targets?) in Israel such as large power stations (where are the two giant cooling towers in Haifa?). The map's detailed area stops just north of Israel's central cities. But the identifiable area is very large. From the southern tip of Crimea, almost reaching Riyadh. It also spans from the eastern end of Iraq all the way to Greece. The resolution is very low but major features, shorelines, cities and rivers are identifiable. I really hope the area to the south, from Egypt to Iraq, can be improved, at least concerning major historica
  4. No way I'm disconnecting my 373D for this, let it stutter:joystick: But this still is an interesting discovery. I shall try- for science!
  5. The biggest boost I got was by turning MSAA to 2X. Visibility or shadow settings were almost useless to combat it as effectively as turning down MSAA. Using MFAA in Nvidia's driver it still looks quite good even at 1080P. Your 1080ti at 3440X1440 MSAA 4X hit the same framerate my 1070 did at 1920X1080 with MSAA 4X.
  6. After seeing Normandy hammer my 1070 at 99% with the 8700K staying relatively calm, I can see a Titan V in my future :)
  7. 11 years of progress. How many more till we get DCS: GTA?
  8. But we have the more stable 1.5 for that, it's not too different. What would you do in black sea 2.0 that you can't do in 1.5?
  9. I love my f/0.1 lens!:) Now the DCS world looks really tiny. Look at that cute little Mustang and the cute little cars going about their day. Adorable. This is the DOF.fx getBlurFactor function, multiplied by 5. I wonder if movie makers would like it for some shots.
  10. You guys have no idea what a good lens flare is all about.
  11. No doubt DCS Leica will cost 100$ at least, per camera. But yeah, the shape is easy to change. It's just the alpha channel of lensGhost.dds
  12. I don't think these settings do anything. Apart from Adaptive, which allows to antialias alpha (which destroys the framerate on my card), the various modes and filters don't do anything at all. The ingame AA setting works it's own magic regardless of overriding or enhancing it in CCC.
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