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    Reverb G2

    From one oldie to another, "getting old" does suck but it is preferable to "getting dead"
  2. My pleasure and thanks for the extra info Shu77! There was a time when the forum was unruly and much less forgiving and it discouraged me from contributing however these days there seems to be less of the flame wars that used to happen thanks to great moderators. Salute
  3. Your ranking is determined by how many posts you write......... I've been flying this sim since 2005 but don't engage in the forums too much. Only 42 (now 43) posts and we need 100 before I reach Member status. as for veteran etc one can only guess!
  4. Hi Guys I have had two accounts/callsigns for many years. Ziggy was my first dating back to 2005 but I've used KAOS since 07 and when I tried to log in I was told my p/word was incorrect and when I requested a reset via email it was for Ziggy not KAOS. No biggy however it would be good to have my favourite handle back. cheers
  5. To mower... Yes the Mac is expensive but I use the mac for stuff I dont do on a Pc and with boot camp I can fly the best sims ever produced on the SAME beautiful machine! To everyone else I've just added another 4gig of ram. Will interested to see what difference it makes. I'm glad to see this thread has given encouragement to more mac users. Any Mac specific problems or solutions would be much appreciated although as speed suggested the differences between Mac and Pc are few. My main concern was getting the sim to work on a win7 partition on a Mac. Thanks gentlemen <s
  6. Hi Guys. Thanks for your help / suggestions. after some testing I decided to take the plunge and upgrade to Win7 and finally I can see how absolutely fanastic this sim is!!!! STABLE. SMOOTH. SEXY..... sounds too good to be true but now this sim really rocks! Anyone running this sim on XP should really do themselves a favour and upgrade to Win7 and incase you're wondering, I dont work for Microsoft! ED has produced an awesome (in the true sense of the word) simulator. One that will keep me busy and happy for many months if not years. Looking very forward to their next effort!
  7. Hi Guys. While I'm seeing lots of help here for PC users. (understandably) I'm not seeing too much Mac/Bootcamp specific advice/experiences and I'm trying to get an idea of the general performance of A10 on the Mac. I had very little difficulty with Black Shark but particularly since A10 has gone gold, I have had all sorts of graphics glitches and CTDs. AM I ALONE HERE? or are others finding similar difficulties? I know PC users are also having the odd problem but I want know if Mac users are seeing just as many or more or less. I expect some Mac specific advice from those in the know woul
  8. I concur. Couldn't see any physical difference but wasn't too concerned with how it looked. Just wanted it to work! Still goin strong. flew for about two hours yesterday....... so when I get about 50 hours up I expct I'll stop worrying about it.
  9. To those who may be interested, I finally received my new MoBo for the TM throttle and after a week of testing (which unfortunately eqautes to three hrs!) everything is working as it should be. On that note I would like to thank TM for their after sales service all be it on the slow side. They have come to the party and solved the issue. GAME ON! See you in the virtual skies sometime soon... once I re aquaint myself with this awsome sim. <S
  10. To the AMAZINGLY talented people at ED.... Thankyou! This just gets better. <S
  11. To some1 I'm glad that you have had a positive experience..... I expect the fact that I live in Australia is a part of the reason what should be a week or two turn around has taken nearly two MONTHS!
  12. For those who have read this thread so far may be interested in the continuing saga of what I would call my WORST after market tech support experience..... EVER!!! As mentioned earlier, I was given an option of; 1/ sending my throttle back to point of purchase for replacement then update firmware or 2/ getting a new updated MoBo sent to me for self install. This is why I started this thread.... in the hope of speaking to someone who may have also had this option and looked inside their throttle. I've since looked inside and it doesn't seem like much of an issue. BUT here I am 14 days
  13. Wolf Rider, That may be so but to once again quote TM...... "All Throttles that had this issue were having a computer with the ASUS P5 series mainbord, we have investigated this and developed a new firmware update."
  14. No. Actually. The iMac is powered by the intel i7 chip. TM maintains all bricked throttles were on ASUS p5 MoBos even though I stated my secondary ( superseded by the Mac) Pc had an Asus board but was used ONLY as a test bed AFTER the unit failed.
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