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  1. Hey debolestis, Just installed the Thrustmaster joystick tailpiece, 13 deg. angle (black plastick) on my Warthog stick to use it with an FSSB. I noticed that, the stick is actually a bit loose and moves sideways around the tailpiece. Do you have any recommendation, how to fix this? I don't want to overtighten the bolts though. Do I need to use washers by any chance or I got a slightly off print from Shapeways? Thanks
  2. Had an MP session with friends today, 2 of them experienced a crash with the Ka-50 once, another friend in F-16 and me in the Hornet. The crashes happened randomly, or it seems like randomly. My system is up to date, besides SRS and a few liveries I don't use any mods, and I deleted the fxo and metashader folders today. DCS was able to do a crash dump, and I allowed DCS to send it to the team, but hereit is for reference. Hope this helps. dcs.log-20200223-205740.zip
  3. Same here, MP mission on Cau., started from ground, cold, ladder remains open on the other players' Hornets for the entire session.
  4. :doh: I need moar coffee Thank you! :thumbup:
  5. Cobra, could you please confirm, weather the fix made to the today's patch or not? I checked the dcs log after updating to version, but I can't really see any reference to the Tomcat being updated :helpsmilie: :cry:
  6. Confirmed - flew with my buddy (I took the RIO seat), dropped tanks upon his request, went for a refuel filled internal tanks to 20k lb from a KC-130
  7. I got consistent CTDs when the AI launches a missile at me during certain conditions. Attached some logs and the custom mission file for reference. Instant action cases - PG - BVR - Jester commanded to lock my target: AI targeted me, on missile launch - CTD AI targeted my wingman, launched multiple missiles, no issues, they shoot me down with FOX2 - no CTD Commanded my wingman to home base, AI targeted me, on missile launch - CTD Custom mission cases - PG - BVR - Jester commanded to lock my target: MiG-29A - R-27R - after spike CTD MiG-29S - R-27R - after spike CTD Su-27 -
  8. I ran a quick test with the Cold and Dark quick mission. The GND INS alignment does not start to count down, just flashes with 0s for a while If I switch to NAV everything looks normal, except the INS was not done at all If I switch to IFA the compass and G load on the HUD freezes (HSI stops rotating too) Google drive Track file link
  9. Experienced longer loading times too, especially in MP. To get into the RIO pit takes about a minute and a half, after the same amount to load the textures (both external and cockpit). Specs: i5 6600k@4.2GHz Gigabyte z170x-ud3 16GB 3000MHz RAM EVGA 1070 Kingston SHSS37A240G SSD SATA (Windows 10 Version 10.0.17763.379 + DCS)
  10. Reproduced, I was RIO in MP: When another client landed, their cable just disappeared for me (1st wire), from the RIO friend point of view, it was attached just like mine:
  11. NineLine, is there (or will be) a topic for all the feedback? :helpsmilie:
  12. So I may be wrong here, but basically this topic transforms through cats into the Tomcat Release Day Anticipation Thread. Slowly but surely :lol:
  13. I've noticed someting is different with te engines... Basicly there is no engine exhaust cooling in the rear section of the engine. Are we get the old R-95 engines?
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