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  1. My Control panel on my Windows 10 Machine stopped working quite a while ago.The Link from the tray icon didn't done anything, and when i opened up my joy.cpl manually it showed just a few buttons under the Hotas entry, none of them worked.I was unable to setup my MFD or Calibrate the Axis etc.I've found other joy.cpl copies at my harddrive, but they didn't worked either.Now i just downloaded the joy.cpl from https://www.exefiles.com/de/cpl/joy-cpl/ copied it into my windows/system32 folder and it all works again! Also: Driver / Hardware Version 7.0.53 still works best for me. I just want
  2. I Hate probaganda... So i only belive total serious documentries: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdcybHrBmPE :D
  3. Nice Videos of that technology: http://www.metalstorm.com/index.php?src=news&srctype=lister&category=Latest%20Video%20%26%20Live%20Firings
  4. I also have a 6800 GT, but no problems with Driver Ver. 77.30 (coming with battlefield 2 Demo). Its the only driver i ever installed. (yes the card is verry new) :)
  5. *lol* only because of the drivers the demo is 28MB bigger! Stupid. 8) But thanks for the news, cause my 6800 GT (@ Ultra-speed *g*) has just arrived! :D
  6. Beautiful Photos, but i nearly had tears in my eyes when i watched them.... Hope you guys have fun with our old this Migs... and the Mercedess, Audis, BMWs... *g* Just a joke. ;)
  7. IMHO the chute of the SU 25T would alredy reloaded when you refule or rearm your aircraft...
  8. Another on good thing for the future where a Restart (not recovery) Button in the ESC Dialog Box, that completely resets the mission.
  9. Man... this i realy cool. :) To "crate" a profile you only have to open the default ones with notepad, and customize it to your wishes. Its at mutch simple as the cougar programming. :rolleyes:
  10. Yes, but it`s still like an 105" Monitor with only 800x600 resolution. :p
  11. Looks like BF2 now have also an head blur effect. Cool. :)
  12. Dont know about it, i dont fly that plane, and i only write what iam currently thinking, after i read this: Maybe this thing have a Texture, and the simplest thing to solve this bug, is only to modify the texture. Dont know, but maybe it works. :) Maybe it is only because you using an Cockpit mod?
  13. Nope, undersand the statemant in the video file so, that the RAM is shared.... The graphic processor can acces every point in the RAM. Maybe its an quite dynamic way of shared memory, and not like on current PCs, where from 768MB are 128MB only for Graphics and 512MB are dedicated to system.
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