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  1. Thanks to all of you, guys! So great to hear from you these words! It's great that you have enjoyed it! If you haven't seen our previous videos, they are available in our Gallery, don't miss it! :) This video was made of one live show program that VFTC show last Summer. You could see most of these elements in our previos video "VFTC 2004" that have included the shots of another program also. Well, you're all welcomed :) It's great that you have enjoyed it. Come again ;)
  2. Dear friends! With pleasure the new video, devoted to performance of the VFTC Aerobatic Team at the International Aerobatics Festival in August, 2004 (Zhukovsky) is represented to your attention. This is completely new video! Here you can see the aerobatics in the same sequence in which they have been shown to spectators during display in Zhukovsky: http://files.virtualflight.ru/Video/vftc-summer2004.wmv Video codec: Windows Media Video 9, 640x480 Audio codec: Windows Media Audio 9.1, 192 Kbps stereo Length: 17 minutes 45 seconds Size: 161 Mb To view this movie you need Windows
  3. LawnDart, I have an idea for you :) Why won't you record your track of the Airshow and just publish it? It could be very good step to the live show.
  4. Sure, it is unexplored field. Several times we saw the airplanes digging ground, or flying to explore the Universe... Once we had a cool track recorded with too high requested connection speed, so package loss was extremelly high. The airplanes were making Cobra right in diamond formation, they teleported several kilometers away to return back like they were connected by springs... :D it looked very funny like 4 UFOs flying aerobatics. The whole sky was covered with smoke lines like abstractionist's painting. So, this is simulator's realism that makes it a little bit special. The result of th
  5. Yes, there were a lot of lagging in the track. Actually it looks MUCH smoother when the guys do it in local net. But this is inescapable evil, so let's try to live with it. LawnDart, reserve several places for us when you'll do your Show! ;) It's great that you are preparing new video! britgliderpilot, Su-27 still doesn't have AFM, but it's second condition of flight is modeled also. Not as good as it could be. May be one day......
  6. About the tracks. BBQ, thanks, VFTC exists already 4 years, so the day came already long ago. Here are our US colleagues :) http://www.virtualthunderbirds.com Modern avsims make it possible. Sorry, no tracks of our virtual pilots will be ever published. We are preparing a good quality track of the spectator's view with my voice comments. It's going to take some time because everyone of us is too busy now. The Spring semester is finishing soon, we have our educational programme in VFTC, and also our ingeneer is a student, so he has exams there also. We publish all our news in our Press-Ce
  7. Su-27 weights 16 tons and full load is 9 tons of fuel that is more than a half of it's weight. If you load only 2 tons you'll make it 7 tons lighter that will react on the control. VFTC never uses unlimited fuel, but it never uses full load also. By the way, here: http://forum.virtualflight.ru/index.php?showtopic=1419 the discussion of the offline formation flying has also started, so you can join. Andrew, thanks a lot for your video! About ACS (Automatic control system), there is a button named "Execute Pugachev's Cobra" that turns it off while you hold it. This is the feachure of all
  8. Thanks one more time to everyone! We are happy to know that there are people who are interested in what we are doing! You know, we were very shocked to see the silence (see the silence... hm...) in our forum. Thank you guys! It is really omportant for us to hear it all from you. By the way, I want to remind you that the registration in our forum became easier... or better to say that it became possible ;) And very soon we'll put a translation in the registration form. You all are very very welcomed! :) http://forum.virtualflight.ru ---- Searcher, =128= VFTC public relation manager
  9. The next event will probably be only on MAKS-2005: http://www.airshow.ru/exhibition/1/ex.htm So, get ready to visit Moscow ;) ---- Searcher, =128= VFTC public relation manager
  10. Well, this is registration: http://forum.virtualflight.ru/index.php?act=Reg&CODE=00 The fields are: Name (or nickname) Password Password again E-mail E-mail again Real Name And a small checkbox in the bottom with a button under it. Than you'll recive the activation letter on your e-mail and that's all. This is the link to the language bar: http://forum.virtualflight.ru/index.php?act=UserCP&CODE=06 I think I will also post it in our forum before our engineers will fix it.
  11. Andrew, the forum is all standart and you can switch to English after you have registered. By the way, your posts can be used to learn English =) Very great style!
  12. Hi Andrew! Thanks a lot for your words. I have already translated your messages for our pilots ;) But why wouldn't you say several words in our forum? ----- Searcher, =128= VFTC public relation manager
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