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  1. I downloaded update 2.7 and at the end of the process got an error message saying the manifest.bin was damaged and needed repair. But how do i repair it? I see no repair program. If I double click the updater program then all I get is the same error message again. Can anyone help? Many thanks.
  2. OK. Thanks. Will keep trying. It's a great campaign - my difficulties nothing to do with that. I've set up 1 on 1 fights in the editor at altitude and notice that at high alt, at high speed the planes - both mig and sabre - are v diff to control precisely. I'm a novice, of course, so....
  3. I came back to DCS after half a year away and tried both stable and OB and found, to my delight and surprise, that in OB there were really significant improvements to the wretched, persistent stutter issue that had put me off half a year ago. Now it's mostly smooth, depending on the terrain and a/c. Great work there, whatever was done. Very much appreciated. So I started again on 'Hunters over the Yalu', flying the Sabre, but now smooth enough to see what's happening, and I now have a query for anyone who knows about the Sabre in DCS and the Mig15 opponent you properly encounter at 'historical' combat altitude in around mission 7. First, is it right that the Sabre feels really, really, really sluggish at around 30kft plus, at speeds of around mach .8 ? V hard to control precisely. Or am I doing something wrong? Second, is the AI Mig15 FM realistic? They seem to have no sluggishness issues, and an incredible zoom and roll capability, whatever the alt and speed? Hence, finding it hard, at altitude, to track and kill one. All normal? Cheers
  4. I just bought the Harrier. I'm in the middle of learning the Hornet. Im a beginner, I would say. I would also say that despite the vast array of tutorials for the Harrier, which are excellent, I'm finding it a lot more difficult to learn than the Hornet. The Hornet seems a straightforward process to learn. By which I mean, I start off on the tutorials, watch on-line tutorials etc then have a go, and I rarely run into those moments like 'oh no, what do I do now, this doesn't work like it said in the tutorial,' or 'oh, I heard all that, but I still don't understand what's going on...help!...' I will learn the Harrier in time, but I feel the Hornet is much easier to learn. I'm too much of a beginner to comment on relative bugginess/development state etc. For what it's worth, the Mirage is superb to fly and beautifully done, but I would say the same about learning it as the Harrier, vis a vis the Hornet. Sometimes difficult. Easy planes with more of a fighter focus (for a change from the A10 you're used to) would be the Saber, Mig 15 and the F5, both of which are quick to learn (the Saber and Mig15 very quick indeed) and all of which are a real joy to fly. For the Saber and the F5 the graphics are not as beautiful as the Hornet or Harrier though. For a real feel to flying I think the Mig15, the Mig19 and the MIg21 can't be beaten because they are, relatively, so difficult to fly that you're always aware of being in the air trying to control a fast, reluctant lump of metal. And imho the graphics for those 3 are the best of any.
  5. Bought it and just looked at the training menu. Wow. Incredible. Great stuff.
  6. Many thanks all. I will check out your campaign and missions, Sedlo. And await more from Baltic Dragon. And....I guess I'll buy it! Thanks.
  7. Have been trying the AV-8B today and I really love the cockpit graphics. Love everything about it, in fact. Fantastic work, just like the Mirage and the Mig19, which I already have. Was thinking of buying it, but - there's no campaign? There's not even a campaign you can buy? Is that right? So if, as I do, you mainly fly SP, then there's not too much you can do with it, unless I start creating my own missions for it? Thanks.
  8. I wouldn't copy it. Just put a shortcut in your main folder. You know how to make a shortcut?
  9. Same problem right after updating to .45317. Run.exe disappeared form base folder. Can run it no probs from apps in the bin folder, but still, it's a bug, I assume.
  10. Ditto. I have FC3 but keep getting authorization failure messages on the back of requests that I enter a serial number for non-authorized FC3 planes!!! How do I stop this?
  11. Patch 44266 seems to load faster. Seeing more stutters in game, however. Nohting major. FPS still lower than the stable version.
  12. I have done this. No issues. But the installs will share the User/Saved Games folder settings, it seems. You might think this a good thing as it means your key bindings will be the same automatically across both versions, plus your graphics settings etc. I would have liked to have had two completely separate installs, however, including that folder, but couldn't figure out how to do it.
  13. 1. In 2.5.6 the engine sounds at the start of the Mustang Charnwood campaign (and no doubt all the way through thereafter) are all messed up. The engine sound has become a weird phut-phut-phut at start, which is not the case in the stable version. 2. Over certain speeds, under certain conditions (to replicate just dive a mustang in the Chranwood campaign and get the speed above 450) the sound does a really weird horror movie thing whereby almost every sound cuts out except a high-pitched whistle. It's like the opening sequence of Saving Private Ryan - the landings - where you get almost silence because the troops are in shock or something, or concussed. I guess this effect is not intended. 3. Most of the flak bursts seem to have disappeared from the Charnwood campaign (maybe elsewhere too). Sometimes there's NO flak bursts. There is a lot of flak in the Charnwood Pony campaign in the stable release, making it very stuttery. It's less stuttery in OB now, but I'm guessing the flak shouldn't really have just vanished. Mentioned here because I wonder if the flak causing stutters is a sound file loading issue, which doesn't happen as much in 2.5.6, but that's not the intended solution, I suppose.
  14. Well, it didn't turn out so easy. The install didn't give me any options as to the saved games folder, and hence it defaults, it seems, to share the User/Saved Games/DCS folder with the OB install. This means it recognizes me, nice, means all my keymaps are there, nice, but on the other hand I wanted to have an install completely free of the 2.5.6 OB install. What if some of the files for the OB version saved in that saved games location have been modified by the stable version install? That will mess up both installs, maybe? Anyone know how I get a completely separate install going, so that there are two folders in the Saved Games location, one for OB, one for stable? Thanks.
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