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  1. That is exactly my opinion. It all takes forever. The modules are really worth being treated better.
  2. This is important for tactics on the battlefield. A real gamechanger for WWII and Helicopter and all CAS Jets.
  3. I am fine. Thank you for your help. ATC is still thinking it is a ship and the FARP Names don´t match the one i have choosen in ME.
  4. No Mod installed. Repair done. Maybe you missunderstood me. II do not want to complain. I just want to report that the name of the invisible farp does not appear in the radio menu, but another name.
  5. I did everything you mentioned. But no success. The FARP names should get some finetuning. I watched your tracks. The ATC is believing the are on a ship.
  6. Skilled pilots with steady hands can achieve a lot with the Gazelle. Searching and destroying SAM positions is great fun with the Gazelle. In our team, the gazelle is used with pleasure and often.
  7. Me again. i ran a few tests. Set a blue heli on a blue invisible farp with a blue command unit. / And the same config in red as a counterpart. On Caucasus map the inisible farp shown as "..." and you can communicate. On Nevada and Syria the invisible farps are not shown up in the radio menue. BUT if you take the nearest airfield with the FARP frequency...they will answer. Maybe there is something wrong.
  8. I can confirm this. Invisible FARP is really great! Why did you wait so long to do this? But ATC is not working. I use a Commando unit with no result. My FARP is not shown in the radio menu. If just change the invisble FARP with the conventional ugly FARP the radio is showing up my FARP Name and i can talk to the command unit.
  9. With pleasure. Let's go back to BS3. Since the moderator occasionally reads along here, I would like to ask the question again whether we can get a pilot's body in BS3. Even if many of you are not interested, for me and many others it is INCOMPLETE without a pilot body.
  10. Buying only one module because it is superior to all others would deprive me of many interesting impressions and differentiated perspectives. Every helicopter or jet has its history, philosophy and reason why it exists. Sometimes it's about money, availability or feasibility and always about politics. Why should I forego with a Mi-24 to thunder low over the forests. The feeling of steering a real Russian nightmare from the last few decades. I look forward to it. Just as I'm looking forward to the western counterpart of the legend. A different approach and a lot of techno stuff, but no le
  11. Das wußte ich ja gar nicht. Wieder was gelernt. Danke. Habe auch mal kurze Frage: Wird es in der Ka50 3 wieder einen VR-Pilotenkörper geben? Mich stört der leere Sitz sehr.
  12. Meine IPD beträgt 66mm. Ist auch so in der Brille eingestellt.
  13. Habe ich ausprobiert. Geht definitiv für mich nicht. Nehme ich den Haken raus oder übernehme den Wert meiner Pupillendistanz in DCS, dann bin ich in der Sim etwas kleiner als 1 Meter und steuere mit meinen winzigen VR-Händen ein winziges Fluggerät. Der Wert IPD im DCS Menü bezieht sich nicht auf die reale Pupillendistanz sondern ist eher als Weltskala zu verstehen. Das hatten wir übrigens auch im großen VR Thread. Wenn der Wert für dich passt, freute es mich, aber für alle anderen die keine Mäuseflugzeuge in VR fliegen wollen können ja den Wert variieren und sehen was passiert.
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