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  1. hmmm, seems broken actually. So this is the changelog for this version ## Version 0.1.8b - 04 April 2021 - Happy Easter ### Added - SRS Integration capability. - COM 1 and COM 2 UFCP menus. - COM 1, COM 2, COM 3 volume knobs working. I cannot get it to work in SRS or talk to airfield when entering the freq
  2. How do you get the prop in Beta? And how do I use the radios in MAN mode, can currently only use the preset modes or am I missing thing?
  3. I have the MavF seeker page open on the left, the FLIR page on the right. The FLIR is SOI and when I press FOV button on my stick it changes the FOV on the mav page, not the FLIR page. Is this behaviour correct?
  4. When II use this with the Mig21 as soon as I turn the radio on it shows a TR on the SRS radio overlay. Pressing my PTT for radio 1 (radio 1, 2, 3, 4 mapped in SRS to different buttons) a couple times will make it stop showing the TR but after a little while it will do it again. EDIT: So I thought afterwards it might have been the hotmike setting for the Tomcat that picked up background noise but this was disabled.
  5. I run the steam version of Voiceattack. I'm running steam as admin and such when I start Voiceattack I get the windows popup asking if it may change my files. I thus assume VA is running as admin. I still get the message in VA that it's not running with elevated privileges and II cannot enter the config mode for VIACOM. Still using the free version to sort out compatibility before I buy.
  6. The radio select button in the hornet does not work in SRS as a PTT anymore. Works in the other modules still.
  7. If there is no hydraulic pressure the flaps will move down, when you start the left engine and the left hyd pressure is enough the flaps will raise if the flaps control switch is in the up position
  8. A delete of the Input folder solved it :-( The whole folder! Did not help to delete just the A10II folder That is a flippen lot of mappings I have to redo!!!!!!
  9. I have an issue with my TM Warthog where the coolie hat do not work. When I press it it sounds like something short circuiting or a dial turning but cannot change SOI at all. New mission file (was hoping that was the issue :-) ) Coolie works as it should in the A10C Nothing else running like VoiceAttack that might interfere
  10. Nope, no TARGET That is weird, I know the hat works since it accepts the mappings in DCS but when I try to move the cursor nadda, won't move!
  11. When I assign the RDR Cursor to my TM Warthog throttle POV hat it does not work. SOI not the issue! When I assign it to my stick POV hat it works. Bug or something I need to check on my side?
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