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  1. Double mouse? I'm not sure what you're talking about. When I click "Use mouse" I have a single mouse controlled cursor that disappears after a few seconds of inactivity. Or are you talking about how the cursor changes shape when you mouse over a usable switch?
  2. Under the VR tab in options, check "use mouse". you can also hide the cursor completely with L+ALT C.
  3. It looks right to me in VR with a CV-1. F-16 cockpits are really small. I got to spend some time in one on the ground recently. I'm a smaller guy at 5'8" and it was a pretty cozy fit. I was uncomfortable with how tight and small everything was. I was also surprised at how small the MFD's are and how far away from the pilots face they are.
  4. when you enter auto hover it trims the cyclic to hover but keeps any rudder trim the same. I almost always fly with the input visualizer on just so I know where my rudder is. So trim out any yawing tendencies once your in the hover.
  5. I have bit of a gripe with the brown out implementation in the game. I like to do a lot of "Off Airport" operations in DCS. Slope landings, confined area approaches, pinnacles, etc. My problem is that when I get near the ground visibility drops to zero, my computer slows to a stand still and usually results in dynamic rollover if I force the landing, or aborting and pulling as much pitch as the limiters will allow to get me out of the dust bowl slide show before I ball up the helicopter. My problem isn't that my machine can't handle it, it's just WAY to much dust for a grassy area. Maybe righ
  6. might work in the KA-50... but I fly an R-44. I say a prayer every time I take my hand off the collective to tune the radio. The control forces are so light and so responsive, if I let go of the cyclic it would flip upside down, turn inside out, explode and fall out of the sky. Your right hand is glued to the helicopter the moment the skids leave the ground.
  7. I get the wheels stuck in the dirt sometimes when I respawn at a FARP and it puts me in the grass. If that happens, quickly applying a higher collective setting will get you "unstuck". However, if it happens after you land in the grass... you're experiencing dynamic rollover. It only takes a few degrees of tilt before physics takes over and the helicopter falls over. The way I was taught to lift up was to slowly add collective until the helicopter gets light on the skids wants to move one way of the other, lower collective slightly, correct for the undesired movement, and continue addin
  8. Loosing altitude after a quick stop will lead to VRS. After you slow down, add collective as you level the ship. It's better to gain a few feet after the flare then settle into your down wash and crash. To recover I was taught to both lower the collective to break up the vortex and use cyclic to gain airspeed and move out of the down wash. The problem is you usually encounter it on approach close to the ground and may not have enough time/altitude to recover before impact.
  9. The unrecoverable low-RPM state in the R44 or "catastrophic rotor stall" as the R44 POH calls it, occurs at 80% rotor RPM plus 1% for every 1000 feet density altitude. What happens is as the blades slow down below the critical RPM, they stall. This causes a sudden increase in drag slowing the blades down even further until they aren't producing enough centripetal force to hold the blades flat. This allows them to flex upward considerably under the weight of the helicopter, possibly to the point of blade failure. This state is often referred to as "Tuliping" or "Folding the blades up." It is ab
  10. In the R-44 it'll drop slowly. I'm not a fan of using collective friction becasue in the event of engine failure we have 1.1 seconds to enter the auto before the rotor rpm decays below critical limits and the blades fold up.
  11. I look at the OAT gauge everytime I fly to determine available power and probability of carb ice.
  12. lol... my girfriend has the exact same shoes. And they are great for "the occasional late night"
  13. Also Low-G pushovers get really bad really fast. I've have a few sayings regarding contol, "Helicopters don't like to do anything fast, except crash..." and "Helicopters are like women, go slow and be gentle and you'll have a good ride."
  14. While not free... the Principles of Helicopter Flight(Second Edition) by W.J. Wagtendonk along with The FAA book listed above have been great sources for me in my helicopter training. The first being a bit thicker and more technical than the FAA version is still a good source of helicopter concepts from vortex ring state to effective translational lift. My first instructor told me it would be to abstract for me. so of course it was the one i went with.
  15. Longbow... now that takes me back to my childhood. Most of the folks here came to DCS from Lock-on, So there's a strong fast jet base to the community. Traditionally for me when it comes to sims, I've been focused on High performance A2A platforms and dog fighting. But since I've started flying Helicopters in real life they appeal to me more in games. so while I'm not here exclusively for the Helo's they will be getting allot more of my time.
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