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  1. sorry my mistake.......I can ground stabilize but I have to keep my cursor over the targat after I've fired, until impact....and if the cursors are too sensitive I may miss....especially if target is moving and I have to continually adjust. I am using version 1.02 (so, no SU-25t)
  2. yes, with mav's I ground stabilized.......with the Russian missiles I cannot ground stabilize (just hold the cursor over the target)
  3. I believe because I am using a TrackIR the mouse function is disabled in the game (I have no option anywhere that I can see within the settings menu to enble or disable my mouse.) I will regarding axis sensitivities for my x-45 though. Thanks.
  4. I'm using the little mouse hat switch on my x-45 to slew the TD. (i'd like to be able to slow the speed down at which this TD moves around) I dont seem to have the ability to use my mouse while in the pit (or even see a mouse arrow/icon).... are the switches and such clickable with the mouse or are you just using it to slew radars/OES/TV cursors?
  5. thanks...is there anyway to slow the cursors down a bit so they are not so sensitive......(In either the A-10 or the SU-25)..... just looking at the control file, what does the "fast/normal/slow cockpit mouse speed function" do?
  6. Probably the wrong place for this post, but.......... When using US Mavericks or the RF EOS/laser system is there any way of slowing down the cursor so they dont move around so fast? Its hard enough trying to keep that cursor on a target in the Su-25 as it is. Also, is there any way of keeping the Maverick targeting system from just snapping to the closest target on the tv monitor.....I'd like to be able to slew the cursors over my "exact" target (not the building beside it) (Im still using v1.02) Any help would be appreciated in both of these issues...
  7. thanks, the 4x AA and 4x AF made a HUGE difference (an average FPS of 15-30 is now 35-55 with spikes into the hundred range when not much is going on) I don't know what the card uses when selected to Application controlled but this manual control has made a difference. I'm gonna move each setting up a notch until it gives me grief again so that I know what my limits are...... thanks again.
  8. I am experiencing some graphical anomalies while playing (vectored chunks, rainbow colored textures, "snowy-type/static" looking screens, etc. I have an AMD64 3700+ and an nVidia 7800GT with a gig of Ram and use an LCD 19" set at its native res. Most of the settings within the game are high except water, civ traffic and heat blur (terrain may be at medium) I currently just use "application controlled" for Anti-Aliasing and Ansiotropic Filtering. Should I be overriding these using different values? (If so, what should I start with?) Or is there possibly something else Im overlooking. Any
  9. OK, went to the download section at lockonfiles.com and there seems to be a few Loman's/Modman's (and patches) there. Which one do I need. I'm using LockOn v1.02. No FC yet. (maybe in a few months when I've learned to fly the SU-25....lol
  10. thanks for the info guys....I am using version 1.02 (I havent learned enough to just go and jump into flaming cliffs v1.12? whatever its at) I'll grab that loman/modman5 program and try to install that tweak I've got. Thanks
  11. Hello, I'm fairly new to the sim (just got it for x-mas) I downloaded the "essentials tweak" from the following page at airwarfare.com. http://airwarfare.com/Sims/lomac/lom...%20Ava ilable I have a simple (I think) question.....how is it used/installed? There are a few files within this download and I am unsure of how to use them and where to put them. Thanks, Andrew
  12. I am currently using an nVidia GeForce4 4200 Ti 8x AGP card an I am thinking of upgrading. I am currently comparing the ATI 9600 Pro, ATI 9800 Pro and nVidia 6600 GT cards. All are 128 MB DDR cards. The comparison between the ATI cards is straight forward (one being better, the other being cheper) But, for those techs out there, how does the nVidia card compare to the ATI products.
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