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  1. Thanks Lange_666, I wasn't exactly posting an issue here, well, it is but, it isn't at the same time. Others are experiencing the same tearing I was. I know so for, they have posted this fact and some with no resolve. I was merely attempting to note to others that, installing the texture removed all tearing for me. This seemed a bit odd . . . for it is neither Steam, WMR, drivers, system configuration, USB, underrated video card, windows 10 or, the linear transition of IO across Jupiter. I flew for six additional hours after testing last night without a single glitch, tear, jit
  2. I've tweaking my G2 for three weeks now. I might add that this is my first VR experience. I ordered them when they first began taking orders for my up up-and-coming 60th birthday... Now, I'm 60 and I'm totally shrooming! Curious note, I've been plagued with two major annoyances and have been following the same path as everybody . . . trying everything? One, screen jitters, those white bands that look like lightning bolts or screen sync issues. Every time I move the mouse or, really just whatever pointing devise I've chosen, at the same time as one of these glitc
  3. Syria . . . Incredible! The detail is incredible . . . The effort that went into this shows at every level and must me appreciated by all... A beautiful piece of programming... Thank you all for the devotion that went into the making of this map.
  4. Can't keep up with flight. Flaps are up Wheels are up Plane is trimmed Temps are good Canopy is closed However, adjacent AI P-47-30's pull ahead in level flight at about 10-15 knots greater speed. I can shallow dive to catch up but once leveled, they slowly pull away again?
  5. File Version: 2.56.52437 Stable For some reason the Initial Briefing Screens fail to display at the start of a mission. They work however if I launch the same mission from the ME, but not from Instant Action menu. I performed a repair and let the updater do what it needed to do but, the problem persists. Not a biggie for, I can just unpause to start the mission. Just wondered if there is a configuration script with a switch to turn this back on? It is common to all modules, not specific to any aircraft or terrain. Resolved it rebuilding the \Saved Games\DCS\Config\Input f
  6. DCS Open Beta installed and is now asking to Authenticate the USS_Cole. [The following DLCs are not authorized and will be disabled: USS_Cole] Was this not the Mod "DDG-67 USS Cole release 2" https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/?CREATED_BY=markindel&set_filter=Y Why is DCS asking to Authenticate. The installed file is the same one according to its own installed Readme.txt
  7. One other thing . . . deselect Syncronize Hotas controls with cockpit controls in the options panel. With it on, for me, the plane behaved crazy . . .
  8. I have TARGET installed however, I only use it to turn On/Off the LEDs. Install it and then ignore it. It really does not seem to matter or, that is to say, it's played no role other than to provide the system drivers. Try opening "Game Controller" in the device properties in the Control Panel. Select "Settings" and select "Calibrate" for each of the devices. This is all I have ever done. . .
  9. User Koekemoeroetoe asked is it recognized by the system? Is it?
  10. The warthog works quite well with DCS for me. TARGET does not need to be employed though, it can if you'd like. The TARGET software is a little odd and at times a difficult to setup. As I said, DCS recognizes the warthog without doing anything. The biggest issue I encountered was this, when I open the Options page in DCS setup I often find Button from all three devices redundantly mapped to any or all three devices. Throttle buttons mapped to rudder pedals or, Joystick mapped to both Throttle and Rudders at the same time. Without realizing this at first, my HOTAS appears to be out of contr
  11. Neither the Stable or Beta releases seem to use the autoexec.cfg to set the Affinity Mask Or, there is another issue overwriting autoexec.cfg? Perhaps there's a new way to configure affinity without using Process Lasso or ALT-Tabing to task manager? Does DCS even use "affinity_mask =" anymore?
  12. Well, I certainly see that this is a necessary step to perform from now on . . .
  13. Thank you TOYKILLA. Found it. Mapped to button-24 of my Warthog. Since I hadn't mapped the switch, I didn't think to look at the configuration. As a matter of fact, I have found several instances of unrelated items being mapped to the axis controllers . . . Like thrust to my rudder. How this could happen is a bit of a mystery to me?
  14. Beginning with the two updates, the FA-18's Refueling Probe is extended when I start . . . I have to keep moving the Pilot out of the way to reset the Probe switch. Is there a initial-settings where I can set it to "0, Off or False" whatever the requirement"?
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