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  1. Is this a permanent change? It is horrible.
  2. It's funny how big of a deal you guys make this out to be. It's not.
  3. We are getting 4 Harm's. Not sure about Mav's.
  4. Not sure if this was added yet or not but you can not put 4 Harm's on the F-16 in Mission Editor
  5. It would be usable with a tiny bit of wiring though. Who's to say some planes for some countries aren't wired that way. Obviously you need 2 bags or you aren't going very far anyway. For those that want to use 4, let them. For those that want to use 2, let them too. It's not a big deal.
  6. Mines Driver version and it works for me too.
  7. Someone on Reddit posted: 4 x AGM-88 loadout is presented in T.O.1F-16CM-1-2 (15 October 2007), Figure 5-3 (Sheet 363). Anyone have a copy?
  8. I believe on Discord they said a Harm video will be upcoming. Patch isn't until next week so they have some time.
  9. Can we get some pics of how it looks atm?
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