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  1. Just my thought, I would think the official template linked on the 1st page of this thread is the one that we should be using since it is listed as "official" and we don't know if the template edited by Sadjad has any additional errors itself. The rules state: "The skin must be created using this template." I would think any errors found in the official template should be ignored for the competition and addressed with an updated template at a later time rather than having us redo skins or delaying the contest end date.
  2. Thanks for the info Art-J. WarChief has been updated. The USAF logo is now visible when the intercooler outlet doors are open.
  3. Weathered & worn, this American P-47D Thunderbolt is the workhorse of the WW2 Airforce fighters and has a confirmed 81 kills in aerial combat and 106 ground kills. With a very respectable record as a fighter and lead aircraft, this P-47 wears traditional colors and the nickname "WarChief" as a tribute to the brave and respected Native American warriors. -Heavy weathering and chipping done to both the surface layers as well as the roughmet layers. -The USAF logos on the side of the fuselage is more faded then the one under the wing since they get more sunlight. -Interc
  4. Disregard, I figured it out. Edited the description file to read "Empty" in the decal section.
  5. I have not been skinning for about a year and am finally just getting back into it. Until I have all the rust knocked off can someone remind me how to edit/remove the serial numbers from the fuse and tail on the P-47? I vaguely recall having to modify the description file but it's been awhile... Thanks for any help.
  6. Wish I could participate but I can't get my Photoshop to open most of the layers of the Tomcats from the F-14 skin template. I'm guessing my version of PS may be too old to read the newer files.
  7. After downloading the F-14 template from Heatblurs Google drive (Linked in the 1st post) I can open all the files in Photoshop except for the file "HB_F14_EXT_03". I am getting this error for each layer it tries to open. followed by an invalid file warning. Is this because I have an older version of Photoshop or something else? This wasn't a problem in the past, maybe something changed with the file... Any way to correct this? Thanks.
  8. Awesome, Thanks Steve. Looking forward to it.
  9. This has been complete for awhile but I wanted to update this thread. The updated black cockpit is complete and now part of each of my Huey skins. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/add.php?CREATED_BY=Mike%20Busutil&set_filter=Y&PAGEN_1=4 I am currently building a new PC and when it's complete I plan to update the interior skins again to an even higher resolution.
  10. You can't be the wing man in single player, you are always flight lead. If you want to be a wing man you will need to be in multiplayer and have a human player as the lead.
  11. In the YouTube link bar at the top of the page there will link like this. Copy the letters and numbers after V=. When embedding YouTube videos type [ YouTube ] without spaces. Then past your YouTube link followed by typing [ /YouTube ] without spaces. It should embed if done properly.
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