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  1. It seems I can't play the campaign as single missions anymore. Did something change? It starts to load then goes to mission debrief with what ever previous replay I looked at. Yeah, weird.
  2. Ok, thanks for heads up!
  3. In both Open Beta and Stable, JTAC seems to have stop working for the Harrier only. It either will not show JTAC in the comms menu, or when I select a comment (such as checking in) it does not do anything. I switched out and used an F18 and it works. It is only with the AV-8B that it does not. Any idea what this is?
  4. Saw this issue with someone else here. I have posted in the AV-8B section with no help to resolved. Here is the problem...JTAC will only assign a target if I am equipped with LGB's or ATGM's. The will not assign a target if I am loaded with bombs or rockets. I have tried changing the designation from AUTO, to BOMBS, to...everything. Nothing works to have them assign with bombs. Anyone else have this problem and a solution.
  5. Yeah, definite problem after I am READY TO COPY REMARKS. Communication stops.
  6. Thanks for the drop box mission. I have unit that can laze though. Even trying to use WP doesn't work. I loaded up your mission, used 4 MK82's just to test...same thing. Either one of two things will happen, either when it gets where you are READY to COPY (no response from JTAC after that), or on initial contact they tell you, you aren't needed. Only time JTAC works is when I use LGB's or ATG's and set DESIGNATION to Auto. Tried both beta and stable versions.
  7. Saw another post from awhile with same issue, but never seemed liked there was an answer. JTAC does not seem to work if LGB or AGM is not selected as a loadout. 1. I have FAC GROUP ENGAGE. So that is correct. 2.If I use AUTO for designation of weapons, unless I have one of the mentioned weapons, it does not work. 3. If I use BOMBS for the weapon designation, and have bombs, still nothing. So my question is...can you not use JTAC to simply tell me where to look and use bombs? I don't necessarily want to always use LGB or AGM's. I don't want it to laser spot for a laser guided weapon, just to point me in the right direct. Also, I have looked into using MIST/CTLD, but it seems there is just isn't enough immersion with back and forth conversation. Plus I can't see how make it only lase AA.
  8. Not sure why this has started to happen... when I make a simple JTAC mission, all goes well until I am READY TO COPY REMARKS. at that point the FAC stops cumminicating. I have tried in both Open beta ans stable version. Everything is created correctly. It's just when it gets to that point to copy remark, jtac is gone.
  9. Waypoint creation is not working correctly in the Nevada map. It seems to wok fine in the Caucus map (have not tried Persian yet). After aligning INS I do these steps (same for Caucus that works)... 1. DATA 2.from POS, enter unused waypoint number (77) 3.enter N and E coordinates 4. waypoint is created, but it's 999 miles away The coordinates are exact (from F10 map). Any reason why it's not working? Am I missing a step. Not sure how if doing the same process in other map.
  10. Downloaded mods for the first time. They all work fine for Open beta but not Stable. I had to create a MOD folder (and tech folder) in the saved games DCS folder. Everything matches, meaning... Saved Games/DCS Openbeta/Mods/tech... Saved Games/DCS/Mods/tech... But stable not working. One caveat that may be causing it. I have my Stable main program loaded on a different hard drive. Open beta is loaded on main hard drive.Any help would be very appreciated.
  11. VR menu screen plane Is there a way to change the aircraft in the VR menu screen?
  12. Looks like my AGM-D is missing from mission editor. Can't add to loadout. Only E and G. Is this natural?
  13. Havoc25

    Hung Stores?

    Long story short, had 2 MK82's on two outside pylons and 1 on the inner pylons. The outside ones pickled as normal. The two inside would not drop in CIP or AUT mode. When I pickle, the //// comes up on HUD. Is this a hung store, or am I missing something?
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