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    Flight instructor & flight examiner, commercial pilot, aviation manager and safety consultant.
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  1. Well worth a watch for anyone who is curious... :-)
  2. This video is well worth a watch for anyone interested in taildraggers...
  3. Well, you may need to use a little differential braking to maintain directional control but not necessarily for overall speed retardation. There are no hard and fast rules. Ultimately, you should do whatever works and keeps you on the runway! Best wishes, CFI
  4. I'd like to show my friend some flying in real time while they view through the Rift S. Is there any way of displaying an un-distorted image on my monitor that I can use to fly with, whist VR is in action? I know I could show them a recorded track but we want to do it in real time and It's tricky flying with a distorted and cropped monitor image - particularly helos!
  5. Ok, I found that space was mapped to "center VR" in the UI Layer. It works now that I've unmapped it. So, I was being very daft. Clearly too much rampant sex last night.
  6. Thanks but i think it is. Currently under F14/stick button 1 on my warthog is mapped to trigger 1st detent, as well as space bar. I expect I'm being daft but I can't see it yet!
  7. I had the same problem in the A10C - the space bar would not progress the training mission dialogue. I found that pressing my trigger button on the WH worked though. Can't get the cold start training mission for the F14 to progress at all though. Pressing space when prompted does nothing and neither does pressing any buttons on my HOTAS. In fact, I tried pressing every key on the keyboard and that didn't work either! Any suggestions? Thanks :-)
  8. I have recently upgraded my office PC and am selling a few bits. I thought I’d give you first shout. Buy together or separately. Asus Maximus Hero Viii LGA1151 (Motherboard) - £100 Intel i7 6700K 4.2GHz (will easily clock to 4.6 GHz) (CPU) - £170 16Gb Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000MHz (Memory) - £80 It all comes boxed and has seen pretty light use, as I have a separate gaming PC. However, it amounts to a very fast machine with a half decent GPU added. UK Based, so check with me about postage! luke_hall@btinternet.com
  9. Great. I'm looking at a little future proofing myself as I haven't upgraded my rig for several generations (except the GPU).
  10. dburne, How's your new rig panning out? I'm about to do something similar myself! :)
  11. Hi Larry, For use with Rift you can go to the UI Layer section of the controls configuration in the settings and map a button on your throttle or joystick to VR Zoom (or something like that). It means that your VR view will zoom in when you depress the button, and zoom out when you release it. I don't think that the traditional analogue zoom works in VR. Cheers.
  12. Is it possible to use templates for aircraft carrier configurations too? I spend ages populating the deck with static aircraft ETC but can't find a way of using it again in another mission. It takes ages each time!
  13. I swiped our LG OLED 55" from the lounge while my wife was out today, and I have to say that the picture was stunning. With HDR mode set on the HDMI channel, the dynamic range was epic. My i6700K + 1080ti rig ran it at 4K/60 fps on the PG map with no stutters with most sliders maxed. I just wish I could afford one for my dedicated sim set up!
  14. Awesome, thanks. Can't wait to get stuck in again :-)
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