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  1. I just love the crackle of that V-12. Sweet.
  2. Well, that's better than under-thinking it. And you're the man with the answers!
  3. RIF I get the feeling you're not really reading my posts. As I noted, I am planning to re-build my PC. I am not going to try to run the sim on my current rig.
  4. Well, I'm glad to get through the gristle to the meat. And from an insider at that. Regarding that last bit first, the research I've done over the past couple of days finds that the value of the /3GB and /PAE switches ranges from none to very little for most users. I don't know how much of a risk they represent. But it doesn't matter. There is no real reward to weigh against it. http://www.dansdata.com/askdan00015.htm As for the effect on FPS - the actual question I asked - "a substantial and appreciable increase" is a big factor. Has testing produced a specific estimate or range - i.e
  5. 0 for 2 Your assumption that my current hardware is 64-bit is incorrect. It is 32-bit. Nonetheless, my new hardware will be 64-bit. However, as far as any general performance increase related to running a 64-bit OS, I'm sure I would enjoy my email or letters opening in 1.9 seconds instead of 2.6 seconds. But that would not be enough of an incentive for me to buy hundreds of dollars worth of hardware. That's just wrong, or at least very misleading. The end of "mainstream" support has had little or no practical affect on me and most other Windows XP users. Non-security hotfixes have bee
  6. Non Sequitur City As much as I enjoy being mocked in the third person, I find it odd as a reaction to what I consider a rational approach of asking a couple of questions to gather pertinent information. As I noted in my original post, I am upgrading for the sole purpose of running this sim. Otherwise, my OS, as well as my hardware, performs without problems at every purpose for which I use it. So what would I gain by "upgrading" the OS otherwise? And I would be willing to bet that for every "fanatic adherent" of XP, there are two Windows Vista or Windows 7 users who upgraded to the late
  7. Just How Much RAM Does This Hog Eat? I understand the load times are shorter with more RAM. As for stuttering based on memory swaps, as I indicated, I intend to install at least 3GB of RAM. Are you saying that the sim uses more than that and will actually go to the swapfile in the game?
  8. I am preparing to re-build my PC - just to run DCS A-10C (sigh) - and would like to confirm my understanding of OS information set forth here. I intend to re-install a 32-bit version of Windows XP but have a 32-bit copy of Windows 7 I could install if it would help. However, what I read here leads me to think there would be no FPS advantage to doing so. In fact, even upgrading to the 64-bit version would not add FPS. Is that correct? The only advantage offered by Windows 7 is that it supports a greater amount of RAM, which improves load times. However, even that may be marginal because o
  9. Can you do that in the F-15 in the sim? It's been awhile. but I think I remember reading that is a feature that is not modeled.
  10. In the photo of the Su-33 posted by shamandgg, are the wing flaps touching the vertical stabilizers? :huh:
  11. Nope. I've seen references to it, but never any discussion that would explain what it is. And a search at LockOnFiles did not turn up a download called LOPE. So what is LOPE? And where do I get it? edit: I found it. The LockOnFiles search function apparently is not to be trusted. I'll probably be back with more questions later.
  12. No. I have that mod. I saw some references to the GBU mod some time ago and most recently in the "Saturday Night Cheaters" thread: http://forum.lockon.ru/showthread.php?t=17765
  13. I've seen references to a mod that allows A-10s and Su-33s to carry GBUs. Where can I find it? Thanks.
  14. "Seeker" is a slang term for the guidance system on the missile, which contains a small RADAR transmitter and receiver.
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