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  1. Back when I tried it, I pretty much just had the A-10C module. I don't think the Tomcat or Viggen were even available yet. It certainly wasn't ideal when I already had a VR-capable desktop rig, but it did work. My input was geared more toward the uncertainty about the HDMI port and laptop video card.
  2. I have been able to do VR on my ancient Alienware laptop, and its 970m is connected to the HDMI port. Granted, I have only tried it with my old Rift CV1, but it does work.
  3. You could always use an old scuba diving trick and rub spit on the lenses.
  4. Got mine on the 17th, so it took only 3 days to get here from New Zealand. Just got a chance to unpackage everything and try it out. Its all very high quality stuff and comes with extra velcro patches for the eventual time where the material of the strap gets too worn for the hook part of the velcro to grab onto. The strap and counterbalance do make the G2 much more comfortable to use, without the constant adjustments I was having to make to it every time I moved my head too fast. The other thing I noticed is that with less pressure on the bottom part of the G2s facepad, you get a tiny gap (not even noticeable visually) at the bottom which keeps the inside of the HMD from turning into a fogging chamber for the lenses. Definitely worth the money in my opinion.
  5. G2. That being said, since you have AMD equipment, do some research on some of the problems people have been having with running the G2 with AMD stuff. Don't know if the gripes are legitimate, but I have seen some.
  6. I do the same. Its the main reason I became a fan of Nvidia cards, because you didn't have to do the "driver dance" when you had Geforce Experience installed. 471.11 working great here. The performance from the new driver, along with the extra color saturation and clarity from the VR Reshade tool have combined to make low-level combat in the A-10C a very intense experience.
  7. Nope. You just unzip the shaders .zip file into your /BIN directory in the root DCS folder. In order to see the shaders console, you have to push the "Home" key, and that console only shows on the desktop mirror of DCS. The console will not show in VR. If you want to see that its working, just jump into the cockpit in VR and watch carefully while you push the "End" key. The "End" key toggles the effect on and off, and if its working, you'll see a difference in the color saturation and the amount of haze.
  8. Good luck with the EVGA waiting list for the FTW3. I've been on there since early November of 2020 for the 3090 FTW3 and still haven't heard anything.
  9. Its a WMR thing that causes that, and I don't think there's a simple way to make it stop. I have read that there is a change that can be made in the registry that will stop it, but I haven't tried it.
  10. Have a look at this post from Speed-Of-Heat. Its the easiest way to turn it on for the G2. https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/274791-when-i-look-to-the-sides-i-see-double-g2/?do=findComment&comment=4700219
  11. The G2 is just as easy once you have the software you need installed. We all needed to work through that learning curve on our Oculus HMDs too, we just quickly forgot about that initial hassle once everything was working. The G2 is the same way.
  12. I just plug the power box in for my G2 and wait for WMR to open. Then I get into my gaming position, double-click my DCS icon, pull the G2 down over my eyes, and wait for the exploding triangles. A few seconds after that, you're in DCS in VR. You don't have to do the intermediate step of closing WMR and then opening SteamVR For WMR. SteamVR For WMR will open automatically when a Steam VR application is opened and you have WMR running.
  13. Yup. That's what I do too, because even if you have "cursor confined to game window" selected, its still possible for the cursor to jump outside it just long enough for you to click on something. I find this happens when flipping switches to the rear of the left and right side consoles. ALT + Enter makes it so that never can happen.
  14. Glad to see you got it working, JEFX. Speed, I learned something new from your last post too. I had no idea that the WMR screen could be accessed without having to go into VR and use the controllers. Thanks for posting that!
  15. Yup. What Nephilim said. Go to the Steam Store and do a search for "Steam VR for WMR". Its a free download, and once you have it installed, it will provide the bridge you need between WMR and Steam VR. From then on, getting DCS to run in VR will be as simple as it was on your Rift. When I want to play DCS in VR, I plug in the power box on my G2 (the DP and USB cables I leave plugged in all the time) and wait for WMR to recognize the HMD. Once it does that and I have followed the instructions in the HMD, I just peek at my monitor, double-click my DCS icon like I normally do, pull the HMD back down over my eyes and wait for the exploding triangles. The exploding triangles indicate that WMR and SteamVR are linking up, so shortly after that you'll find yourself in the DCS hangar in VR. When you double-click your DCS icon, I have found it best to immediately get myself into the comfortable, looking straight-ahead position that I want to play in. The DCS view centering gets set as you enter the game, so if you're sitting where you want to be, you won't have to re-center your view. I also noticed in the other thread that you were having the USB error on your G2. Just remember to unplug the power box before recycling any connections, and leave the power box unplugged for a couple of minutes before plugging it back in to see if the error has cleared. It does take a little while for the power circuit in the HMD to fully discharge and reset any error codes. If you plug it right back in, or hot-swap connectors, the error code will still be there, even though you just fixed the connection issue. You need to give it time to discharge and reset, then it should be fine.
  16. The resolution in your DCS settings isn't relevant to VR, so you can leave that as-is. It won't have an effect on what you see in your HMD, nor will it affect performance significantly. But, I have mine set to the lowest possible setting, since I never play DCS on the pancake screen anymore. The VR pixel density setting has the biggest impact on clarity and performance. You also should have SteamVR for WMR Motion Reprojection turned on. You'll need to bring up the SteamVR dashboard with the button that has the 3 parallel lines on it on the controller once SteamVR starts. When that comes up in your HMD, select the WMR button (the one with the little smiley face with goggles) and then select the "Graphics" (I think?) button on the left. Now you'll see Motion Reprojection displayed on the right, and it will probably have "Off" selected. You will have two other choices which turn it on, Auto and Motion Vector. "Auto" turns reprojection on only when FPS drops below 90 FPS, "Motion Vector" forces reprojection to run all the time. Personally, I prefer to have it set to Motion Vector, as I have found that the switching action of the Auto setting causes little micro-stutters when it turns on and off. Other than that, the main DCS graphics settings that have the biggest impact on performance are going to be "shadows" (which I have set to Off as I don't spend much time marveling at shadows), "cockpit displays" (which I have set to 256 and found it really only affects the image in your mirrors, which I also don't spend much time looking at on ground attack missions), and "MSAA" (which I have set to 4X since I like to keep jaggies and shimmering to a minimum). Once you get the basics set up, just make small changes, one at a time, to get acceptable results to your eyes. The quickest way to see if your settings are too high for your machine is to sit in the cockpit and look at the instrument panel. Then, move your head side-to-side, laterally, and see if the instruments get smeared. If they get smeared and jittery when you do that, the last change you made to your settings is too high and pushing your rig beyond what it can keep up with in DCS.
  17. It has been my experience so far that default resolution in SteamVR is different from one user to the next. I'm not sure what factors make it one thing for one guy and something else for the next, but I'm assuming it has something to do with different hardware. My settings work well for me, but your mileage may vary. You can use those as a baseline and go from there with some experimentation. One thing I like to tell people when they're just starting out with tweaking their VR settings is to NOT use an FPS counter. The reason I say that is because people tend to get a number in their head and then spend a lot of time chasing a dragon they can never catch, and they get discouraged by that without really ever having looked out the window. Its much better, IMHO, to start off just tweaking until you get something that looks good to you. After you do that, then you can choose whether or not you want to chase the FPS/frame time dragon by playing around with more advanced settings.
  18. I currently have Steam VR set for the G2s default resolution (on my rig) of 126%, and DCS PD is set to 0.7. My previous settings of 60% SteamVR and 1.0 DCS PD also worked well, but I think my current settings look better.
  19. Yup. It definitely doesn't look like your motion reprojection is turned on. Unfortunately, I don't know anything about OpenXR developer tools, so I wouldn't be much good at helping you get that set up correctly. Hopefully someone else will know how to get that turned on for you, I only know how to turn it on in Steam VR For WMR.
  20. From looking at your Steam VR SS settings, I think you have it set too high. When I was setting just Steam VR SS, and leaving DCS PD at 1.0, about the most I could manage for Steam VR SS was about 70%. Anything above that would cause ghosting when looking to the sides. Try setting your Steam VR SS to 60%, see if you still have the problem, and if its gone, start slowly ramping the Steam VR SS up to just below where you start to see the ghosting again. Also, make sure you have Motion Reprojection turned on. If you are running your G2 at 90Hz, when Motion Reprojection is turned on you should see a steady 45 FPS being indicated. If it fluctuates up and down, above and below 45, Motion Reprojection isn't turned on. Having that turned off can also cause a lot of ghosting, even at really low Steam VR SS settings.
  21. I haven't had any issues with my G2 cable, except for the cheesy little clip on the back of the headstrap. That broke about the 4th time I used it. Not a big deal though, I just put a ty-rap on it in that spot and it has been fine ever since. I guess I also take my G2 off a little differently than some. I just slide the whole thing straight up and off my head without pushing just the visor up.
  22. If money's no object, you could get one of these and skip the VR headset. https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2019/08/29/fully-operational-f-16-fighter-jet-hits-the-market/
  23. Yup. That's what I'll be doing too. It just makes more sense to reduce resolution in DCS when its the only thing that struggles. I also like the added benefit of even better depth perception and target spotting ability since trying what you had suggested in the other thread.
  24. Well, so far I have to say that I'm very impressed with the service and communication from StudioFormCreative. I got an e-mail from them today saying that they are sending the full kit, with counterbalance. I had only ordered the strap, but I'm getting something extra in the deal. For shipping, I chose DHL because I have had good luck with them in the past, and it was only 7 bucks more. Really glad I did that too, since it wasn't immediately obvious to me that these guys are apparently in New Zealand. With DHL, the thing will be here in 2-3 days. I know that's not just a claim, because DHL has gotten international shipments to me in 2 days consistently.
  25. Not really concerned with what resolution I'm running at. I'm shooting for a balance of maximum clarity and performance and I'm doing that by "feel". This is all after a couple of years of living by the "set DCS PD to 1.0 and leave it alone, adjust SteamVR SS up and down" mantra. Never even thought it was possible to go lower than 1.0 PD in DCS, until I read in another thread about Vive representatives talking about why SteamVR defaults to a specific SS percentage to correct for barrel distortion on the new VP2. So, I tried the suggestions in that thread for my HMD, setting SteamVR SS to its default value for the Reverb G2. So, I ended up going from 70% SteamVR SS, with DCS PD of 1.0...to 126% Steam VR SS, with DCS PD lowered to 0.6. Not sure how to explain it, but it just looked better, and ground targets were easier to spot from greater distances. I was able to bump the PD up to 0.7 and still get really good performance and clarity. It'll be interesting to see what my other VR titles look like now that I'm not dumbing them all down to make DCS happy. I know that SteamVR allows you to do "per app" settings, but that just seems like a lot of extra work when its just one title that is struggling in VR. I'd rather make the one straggler in the group compensate for its inability to keep up with the others...just makes more sense to me.
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