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  1. As someone who just got his Rift, I wholeheartedly agree. The concept of VR in DCS was really appealing to me, but I had no idea what it would be like. I figured I'd just be sitting in the same cockpit, with the newly added ability of realistic head movement tracking. It turned out to be an experience beyond my wildest imagination. You can watch YouTube videos about it...have it explained to you...but you just don't fully understand until you put that HMD on for the first time.


    Right before I got my Rift, I went through the painful process of getting DCS configured again to work with the mobile 'pit that I built, with Helios on the 24" touch-screen in the middle of it. Guess I won't be needing the monitor anymore. :P But I guess it'll still make a good place to hang a bracket for the Cougar MFDs that it once replaced. I think going back to the tactile feel of those OSBs will complete the VR experience. I won't be able to see them, but if you get enough time in a cockpit, you're not eyeballing switches anyway, you're finding them by muscle memory.

  2. Options => Gameplay Tab => Tool Tips => Uncheck


    However...in my game doing that doesnt get rid of the tool tips,at least it doesnt in the Gazelle.


    On a side note, my issues with the rift crashing has now been escalated to their customer support, will see what they suggest ( Already had 2 replies from them asking me to try various things...here's a shocker ...they haven't worked... oh well third time lucky I guess... )


    Forgive me if you've already been asked this, but how do you have the HDMI cable connected to your computer? Are you directly connected to the HDMI port, or are you going through an HDMI extension? I started having random blackouts when I tried using an extension cable. Did some searching on Google and found someone who said that using the same extension cable with a DVI to HDMI adapter fixed their problem. Seemed impossible that it would help, but I tried it, and it worked. Not sure if your situation is anything like that or not.

  3. I know it's a question to Oculus Tech support, but they so far failed to address it on their forum and in my ticket! I am having this issue:




    Did someone here have experienced it and found a solution? Is it maybe possible to install some "bare-minimum" drivers for CV1 instead? I want to try my new rift while waiting for 1080, to make sure it was not DOA.




    Hi Impalor,


    You've probably already tried this, but have you made sure to temporarily disable your anti-virus software before trying to run the setup program? Some virus scanners don't like the Oculus software and will cause problems with installation.

  4. The training mission settings override those set globally - you should be able to switch off the feature within a mission by opening it in the mission editor, but it may be that specific missions have protection that will prevent you doing so.


    It would of course be a huge improvement if the tool tips window was just large enough to contain the text. It is a huge immersion killer right now.



    Just tried using the mission editor to turn off the tool tips in training missions, and it worked like a champ. That made a HUGE difference in the ability to learn my way around the cockpit without those annoying text boxes popping up.


    Thanks Neil! :D

  5. Stop moving the mouse and it will disappear in a few seconds.


    Tool tips can be switched off in the options menu.


    Yup. The crosshairs only seem to appear when tooltips are active, or when the "Use Mouse" box is unticked in the VR menu. The mouse and VR headset pointer crosshairs seem to interfere with each other if that box is unticked as well, causing loss of control because the pointer has wandered outside the game window.


    Does anybody know how to turn the tooltips off in a training mission? I have them turned off in the main setup, but they are still active in training missions. Its kinda difficult to complete training missions with the mouse/VR headset pointer interference issues. If I use mouse only, it works flawlessly.

  6. Hi guys,


    sBryansGames and RocketRod, I think you guys are having the same problem I was having today with installing Helios for the first time in a couple of years. Just taking a wild guess here, but I'm thinking you're both running Windows 8.1 or above, like I am (Windows 10). What I found with mine is that Windows 8.1 and above scale the display to 125%, so an indicated resolution of 1920X1080 is actually only 1536X864. I right-clicked on the desktop and selected display settings. I then slid the "Change the size of text, apps, and other items" from its default 125% all the way to the left to 100%. Problem solved! :D I now get a full-screen Helios A-10C panel showing on my second display. Now its on to the task of setting up viewports and so-on.


    Hope this helps.

  7. Hi Polecat,


    I have a situation very much like your own, so here is what I came up with. The whole thing sits on a rolling tool dolly that has swiveling casters on one end. When you get it into place, you flip the orange handles up on the dolly and it settles nicely onto the floor with its rubber feet. Then its just a matter of plugging everything into the 10-port USB adapter. I have a 24 inch touch screen mounted to it on what was intended to be a ceiling mount, so I just turned the mount upside-down to make it a floor mount. Construction is all birch plywood (birch has a really smooth natural finish to it, so it requires no extra work to make it look decent) and 2" black ABS pipe and flanges. I used plywood that was readily available in dimensions close to what I needed, so I didn't even have to cut the plywood. Just had to drill holes to accept the threaded inserts that I used for securing everything with bolts and screws and had to cut the pipe with a hack saw. The only oversight I had is the width of the dolly, so it won't quite make it through the door of the room I was planning on storing it in. Its OK though, the footprint is only 24" X 24", so I just put it in an unused corner in my dining room so its out of the way. I am using the HDMI input on the touchscreen monitor, so its quick and easy to connect and disconnect the video cable.


    Depending on the height of your 46" TV (mine is also 46"), if you swing the arm on your TrackClip so its perpendicular to your head and put the LEDs in a vertical configuration, it works well when sitting in the seat. For my seat, I'm just using a rolling office chair with no armrests.


    Hope this gives you some ideas.



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  8. I'm also a real life pilot. I flew Mig-29, F-15C, Su-27 and now I'm deployed to one of the A10C squadrons. Have thousands of flight hours.


    :megalol::megalol::megalol: Kenan! You RAWK, dude! I still want some of your "porked" placards. Ya never know, we COULD get FAA approval for those when we do an MEL. :thumbup:
















  9. Ah good old Bugs...and my favorite Foghorn Leghorn...anyways regarding your HOTAS mapping, just remember to be sure to clear out any default assignments before you go trying to reassign any new ones.


    It will most probably crash to desktop if you try to assign a new one to an already assigned button.


    I say...I say...I've come heah to bury the hatchet. NO! Not in yo pointed head, boy! LOL. Got it WarriorX...kinda like the old LOMAC days where a CH profile would cause an uncleared control set in LOMAC to cause LOMAC to go apeshit. Wouldn't quite CTD...but it would definitely get jealous. GUYS! RELAX! ANOTHER JOKE! LOL. This ain't your girlfriend...so RELAX! I've seen some of your comments on the CDU, Warrior, and I can say you're dead on. Gotta learn how to use it. It is what it is. I know I'm critical of ED guys, but this one ain't their fault...al they're doing is simulating this. Just learn your bird...learn its quirks. So muich of it is counter-intuitive, but that's just the way it is. It all depends on who was project engineer that critical day the particular software build for your bird was loaded.

  10. For someone shutting it, you sure have a lot to say:smilewink:...welcome back.


    LOL WarrorX! Touche'! Heh...an old Bugs Bunny cartoon comes to mind here. SHEDEPP SHEDDIN EPP! :D Thanks Warrior. I lose myself sometimes cuz I usually deal with people with REALLY thick skin. OY. Onto mappin my HOTAS tomorrow, but I'm hopeful that the GUI manual will help me with that.

  11. Hey guys. I know I upset some people here with my off-color remarks about the communication from the staff. My new name, and the photo one of my new fans came up with in his precious free-time were AWESOME. LOL. Seriously, dude, couldn't have come up with better, even if my whole life revolved around sims and forums. You got me beat there, bud. Anyway, I downloaded the final release torrent last night (and yes, I pre-ordered and paid for the betas AND the final). It confounded me too, guys. I think some of you thought the betas were free. But, remember, we all paid for a serial number, which we needed to actually play the game. :smilewink: But, what I've gotta say is the final release is very streamlined. The installation process kicks ass, with only a small window doing the work. So far the sim runs flawlessly. I have only had about 10 minutes at a time to put into looking at it, but I can tell you that everything about takeoff in the AGM-65 training mission looks and feels fantastic. The training narrative about the 65, I could have written myself, but nevermind that. It was easy to do, but don't get me wrong, ED. Your development process is what it is, and you hit walls. I know this. A broadcast e-mail ain't hard though. :smilewink: Write that sucker. Edit the sucker from a few days before to reflect a change, or an error you made. No way around it though. The final product the ED boys have produced is KICK-ASS. I've gotten into takeoff and post-takeoff so far, and it sorta came up the other day when a mechanic reached into the cockpit during ground tests and said "I'm gonna pull the gear warning breaker. You'll have a nervous breakdown havin to listen to that." So far I've just played keyboard pilot to see what the frame rates are like. But you have produced what looks like top-notch stuff here, and I have to offer my apologies for bein so critical. Oh, and to my new buddy who has dedicated so much time to me? I LOVE YOU TOO, MAN! LOL! Cheers! :pilotfly:

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  12. have you all forgotten? they have given us access to beta's for a simulator that isn't out...we were lucky enough to even get beta 1.


    relax, smile, kill tanks, etc. etc.


    Yeah, Menendezdiego, we all also forgot that we paid 60 bucks to support this whole thing, and still aren't getting any answers. Did you maybe get a better deal than we did? Did you get your beta's for free? Cuz, I sure didn't. :megalol:


    Thank you Mustang. I'm glad SOMEONE is interested in explaining the poor communication with us. We're not just the pathetic masses of gamers anymore, ED. Like it or not, we are now your INVESTORS. I'm sorry though, none of what is in your link was repeated in the "Beta 6 update" thread. So, what it all comes down to again, is poor communication from ED, and this time its with people who are PAYING for their ongoing development. I did a quick Google search on this today, and do you know what I found? I found somebody giving a rather detailed account of what will be fixed in Beta 5. Yet, in his next post on that forum, he goes on to say that he doesn't even have this program installed on his computer. Yet, he's providing "technical support" for those of us who do? Sorry Mustang. Not a dig against you. But does nobody else see it as a little screwed up that somebody cheerleading for this latest release hasn't even invested his own money and time into any of it yet? :music_whistling:

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  14. I suppose an even better question might be. What happened to Beta 5? We have Beta 4 available for us to download right now, which happened around Christmas I'm thinking? Then we see updates announcing the delay of the release of Beta 6 until January. Is it really February now? Or is it still January? Does 5 not come after 4. and 6 after 5? Or am I dreaming? What happened to Beta 5?

  15. Eaglecash, the issue would not manifest itself yet. It's 5-15% chance pver 2 year period, and the issue is due to a weak transistor in the metal layer that simply wears out over time. The good news though is that in only affects the 3Gbps ports, not the 6Gbps ports. And with most medium-to-enthusiast level ASUS boards you also have an extra Marvell controller for two extra 6gbps ports. And as the final creme-de-la-creme: the 6gbps ports are backwards compatible, so if you have 4 or less SATA drives you can just place them all on the 6gbps ports and be at zero risk of experiencing adverse effects.


    Thanks for the information, EtherealN! I'll just plug my Blu-Ray burner into the remaining 6gb/s port. :thumbup:

  16. Asus is offering extended warranties on their LGA1155 boards because of this, but are saying their board specs and controller specs are beyond what Intel dictates. Hence, they don't anticipate any problems, but are willing to stand behind their stuff if a problem should arise. Good on Asus for standing behind what Intel screwed up. That being said however, my new LGA1155 system I just built not even 7 days ago is running flawlessly with Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. I have recently done Sandra 2011 tests on its processor, and, well, it stands alone, by a long shot. Very happy so far with this "flawed" chipset.


    So nice to see Intel and their OEMs responding so quickly to something most of us tweaker geeks will never see due to our not keeping a system that long. Some software producers, I think, could follow their lead. BTW, on the new machine? A-10C Beta 3 runs well. A-10C Beta 4? Still doesn't run at all. So, I'm convinced my Beta 4 problems are due to a corrupted download. A corrupted download that still gives good MD5 checksums. Hmmm, maybe MD5 is a joke and their producers should make a better program. Just sayin. ;) Same, EXACT, downloads as what I tried earlier on my WinXP 32 machine, but Beta 3 worked, and Beta 4 didn't. Yup, I guess MD5 checksums don't really amount to much.

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