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  1. I have mine mapped to the little, silver toggle switch on the outboard side of the left throttle lever. Forward is for VR zoom, and backward is for VR view centering. That works pretty well for me since its not a switch that has a real-world function on the HOTAS.
  2. Did you try out your old 1080ti in the new rig before going back to the 2080ti to see if it was a big difference without a CPU change? Just curious. Still on the fence about going from a 1080ti to a 2080ti on the same rig.
  3. The one sure way to get all of these answers is to buy all of the hardware and see if it works. Just think, you could be the guy that proves everybody wrong. :thumbup: This past weekend, I tried a quick mission in VR where I saved a track at the end. I made sure to look around a lot, looking down into the trees, looking at streets, buildings, and power lines as I flew over them. Killed 3 BTRs and a ZSU with Mavericks, and then flew back to base and landed. Then I turned all of my graphics settings up as high as they would go, and ran the replay on my brand new 46" QLED 4K TV. The visuals and colors were stunning, with shadows that moved across the cockpit as I maneuvered. But, when I got to the part of the track where I looked down into the trees, I didn't get the feeling of actually looking between trees. I didn't get a sense of the urban battlespace as I looked at the high resolution (but flat) buildings and streets. Definitely sticking with VR. The depth perception and sense of motion is much more important than all the extra eye candy. Besides, when I'm flying a mission at 200 AGL and below, I found that I spend exactly zero time looking around the cockpit and marveling at the shadows. That being said, I can say that QLED TVs are awesome! Just not my cup of tea when it comes to flight simming. :D
  4. Lower your cockpit displays resolution to 256 and see how that works. In VR, I don't find it any more difficult to use the TGP and Maverick sensors with the resolution at its lowest setting. Also, if you set water to low, and turn clutter completely off, these things should all come together to give you a big boost in performance. The images in the mirrors will be terrible, and the water won't look as pretty, but I don't spend much time staring at either one.
  5. Don't forget. If you're planning on using any GPS-guided weapons, they need the aircraft to remain stationary while the INS fully aligns, otherwise they won't even drop when you need them. Watch their status on the DSMS. They will go from "ALN UNS" to "ALN RDY" when you can start moving.
  6. Sounds like I've gotta work on getting Voice Attack and Vaicom set up again. I wasn't able to get Vaicom working reliably, but I think I just haven't put enough time into it yet to figure out the tricks.
  7. That says it all right there. Different people are looking for different things in their sim experience, and there's nothing wrong with that. :D I don't think anybody here is going to change anybody's mind. All I can say to the OP is a repeat of what Headwarp and a few other guys have said. The only way to know for sure is to try both and see which one YOU like best, regardless of what other people might like. Just make sure you're either willing to burn some cash and possibly have something gather dust, or find a place to buy your equipment from that has a good return policy. :thumbup:
  8. Not sure about going to an RTX2070. According to some of the benchmarks I'm seeing on-line, the RTX2070 actually lags behind the 1080ti on a lot of them. Just like how the 1070 actually lagged behind the 980ti when they were the hot items. I had decided to do an incremental upgrade on my system, starting with the GPU. When I went from the 980ti to 1080ti, I noticed a big improvement in how high I could run my pixel density in DCS without sacrificing much in the way of frame rate, which eliminates most of the readability problems in the cockpit. When I upgraded my CPU from a 5960X to an 8700K, there wasn't really a noticeable difference, but I was squeezing a few more frames per second out of it. To be fair though, the overall performance improvement between those CPUs isn't all that significant according to benchmarks on-line.
  9. I didn't find that to be the case. Upgrading my GPU from a 980ti to a 1080ti made a bigger difference than upgrading my CPU.
  10. Heh. That's how I figured it out. Just got frustrated and mashed the toe brakes down and the plane finally accelerated to rotation speed. I guess I should have know something was backward in the first training mission when I was holding the brakes while running up to 80% core RPM and I started rolling as soon as I pushed the throttle forward. :doh:
  11. You might not bash your head on the canopy IRL in a glider, but you're not flying in combat, whipping your head and body around to keep your eyes on your enemy. :smilewink: For a helmet collision with the canopy, you could just build a little tunnel to put your head under, and you'd have the ultimate in realism. You'd even FEEL the collision! :D The only problem I see with a thump in the sim would be the physical (virtual) limit to your head movement, when there isn't a limit to it in the real world, so your head tracking would get out of sync with your eyes, and that'll raise the upchuck factor.
  12. Good to know that I'm not the only one who had that issue when I started flying in DCS.
  13. Heh, its kind of like the buyer's remorse I feel when I look at all the stuff that I bought to set up a sim pit with 2 monitors (one of them touchscreen), Cougar MFDs, and a few other expensive items. Then I got my Rift and all of that money I spent suddenly became unnecessary. I just replaced the TV I have my rig connected to with a QLED 4K, and DCS looks awesome on it, but its still a pancake. Pancakes just don't do anything for me anymore in flight sims. Gotta have that sense of motion, sense of scale, and depth perception. :D
  14. I think I'd be able to use mine in VR once I get everything adjusted so its physical location matches where my eyes are telling me it should be. Until then, I'll try that idea. Sure would beat having to take my hands off the stick and click the mouse. :D
  15. Better FOV would be excellent! Until that day comes, I'll just pretend I'm an A-10 pilot who suddenly got nostalgic and decided to put on an old fashioned Snoopy helmet and goggles. :pilotfly:
  16. I had never really thought about pitot heat on the A-10C either, because you're usually either in the weeds, or spending a relatively short amount of time at high altitude over the target area. I had my pitot tube ice up when returning from plinking tanks on an island in the Persian Gulf. I think I spent over an hour at 18,000 feet and above to avoid getting shot at by Osas while I dropped GBU-12 after GBU-12 on multiple passes. On the way back home, starting my descent, my airspeed started decreasing as I dropped in altitude. It was a shock at first, but pretty cool how the airspeed was responding correctly to an increase in static pressure while pitot pressure remained fixed. Just a side story on the pitot system. I'm working on getting a Hawker Sea Fury trainer version all up to snuff after it being brought back to life recently. It had a HUGE leak in the pitot system, and I asked the aircraft owner "Have you been seeing lower airspeeds than you expect to see?" He said "Yes! It DID seem like my airspeed was reading low! How did you know?"
  17. I'm pretty much hemmed in by my HOTAS setup, so the restrictions to movement are about as real as it gets for VR. I just lack a glareshield and canopy rails to grab when I'm REALLY straining to get my eyes on something. :D As far as the comments on motion sickness go, that possibility comes up with the lack of external visual cues in VR, which is also what tricks the brain into a sense of motion. But, all of those biological "gyros" are contained in your skull, so as long as you don't lose tracking, you'll be just fine. If you have a tendancy toward motion sickness in real life, its probably going to be just as bad in VR. I fly all the time as part of my job, and flying a sim on a flat screen just doesn't do it for me. I was ecstatic when VR finally developed to a decent level and the first consumer-grade headsets came onto the market. It represented everything I was trying to achieve with Helios and TrackIR, but it added the final component which is a sense of motion and depth perception. When the visuals get better, it will be like the Holy Grail.
  18. Should work just fine for the Russian aircraft, since they don't have toe brakes.
  19. I barely used DCS A-10C or DCS World when I had just a monitor and TrackIR. I used it only a little bit more when I got a 24" touchscreen and put the Helios panel on it. Ever since I got my Rift, I've been using DCS World every weekend when its not my turn in the on-call AOG rotation at work. Its just a lot more fun in VR. So much so that I'm actually using all of the weapons on the A-10C with a high degree of skill and precision. The Rift was so easy to set up, I was actually in disbelief, because I had become accustomed to pretty much burning an entire afternoon every time I added a new peripheral. With the Rift, I was up and running in 5 minutes, and didn't have to worry about what lights I had turned on in my apartment. Just the experience of actually feeling like I'm in the aircraft has led me to purchase lots of additional aircraft modules. Something I wouldn't have even considered before VR. My wife calls it my "geek stuff".
  20. Those key combinations are for the Oculus Rift software, and they work within DCS. Here's a link to the Oculus page that relates to ASW commands. https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/pcsdk/1.16/concepts/asynchronous-spacewarp/
  21. When that happens for me, I turn ASW off with Ctrl Num 1, then turn ASW back on for constant 45 FPS with Ctrl Num 3.
  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wq6hVs6K5mc
  23. The Oculus Go, and others that are targeting the masses, are a huge mistake in marketing strategy. As evidenced in this thread, VR isn't for everyone, and if the technology has any hope of surviving, they need to get back to their roots in the enthusiast market. If its doomed, then I'm just going to enjoy it while it lasts. Anyway, I'm not sure how this turned into a discussion about marketing strategy, but there's my two cents. Don't like it...don't use it. The rest of us will be just fine. :D
  24. I thought it was a white Rift as well. Something with the same build quality and ergonomics as the Rift, with higher resolution, and no association with Facebook sounds like a winning concept to me. :D
  25. Before I got my Rift, I had no concept of what VR actually meant. I always thought of it as just having a screen right next to your face, and having head tracking. The combination of both was appealing to me, so I pre-ordered a Rift CV1 when they were first made available for pre-order. 6 months later when I finally got it, I was expecting to simply be seeing the same 2D cockpit in the HMD, and to have head tracking. What I was greeted with was a cockpit that completely engulfed me. I no longer felt like I was watching a movie about being in a plane, but that I was actually in a plane. Sure, being able to see things was reduced, really badly at first. But then I set the PD in OTT, which made things a lot better at closer distances. Further distances were still difficult, but the more I flew in VR, the more things started to stand out to me at those further distances. TIR has plenty of shortcomings too, such as the owl neck that headwarp mentioned. For me, part of the experience is having to strain, twist, and contort my body to keep my eyes on something such as a ground target or a missile coming at me. It just feels more real. Flying competitively really has no appeal for me. I'd rather be interacting with the jet, using all of the procedures in the -1, and interacting with the virtual world around me in a more realistic way. I'm also really thrilled that the Rift doesn't get freaked out by different lighting conditions like the TIR does. One thing I've had a little bit of an issue with since the LOMAC days was being able to see individual vehicles at unrealistically long distances and unrealistically high altitudes. It all seemed a little far-fetched, considering the great lengths that tankers go to to try to conceal their positions, and just the absence of dust, haze, and/or smoke in the air in the sim environment. Unfortunately, VR took that a little too far in the negative direction, but I deal with it. The good thing about us "early adopters" is that the VR HMD manufacturers know that its a worthwhile market to invest in when people are buying. Besides, its not just about flight simulation for me. Watching a 3D movie with a VR headset RAWKS!
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