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  1. I hadn't noticed a big improvement in the ghosting and jittering when I switched from the 1080ti to the 2080ti, so I did a lot of troubleshooting and found that most of the issues I was having were in one aircraft only (the A-10C) and only when I had images displayed on the MFDs from the TGP and MAV. As of the 2.5.5 update, that issue has all but been eliminated. Its still there, but once things get loaded into the VRAM on the card, it gradually goes away and stays away. Must be that VRAM memory leak that they fixed with the new version. If I knew back then what I know now, I probably wouldn't have upgraded from the 1080ti. Granted, the quality of the image and sense of distance seem to be improved with the 2080ti, but I'm not sure its worth $1500.00. Oh well. Hopefully I see that difference in other games.
  2. Looks like you have everything set up right in the cockpit. I'm seeing your control issue, right up to the point that I take control of the aircraft. Once I do that, she levels off and flies normally. Must be a setup problem with your stick. Check your Axis commands and, just to be safe, delete all of the axis commands for each controller in your setup. Then, go back and manually assign the axis commands to the controller and axis you want them to come from. Double-check the buttons that are assigned to your pitch and roll trim too. I know that with some sticks, DCS will set its own defaults, and sometimes it does weird things like assigning aileron or elevator controls to a throttle axis, and vice versa. The behavior I'm seeing in your track reminds me of what happens when I load up the A-10A and try to fly that without editing its controller profile. The default axis assignments are all screwed up.
  3. I'll fire it up in a little bit and see what I can find.
  4. Hi Divinity10, Do you have a track you can post here? Maybe one of us will be able to see something you might be missing in the cockpit.
  5. I dropped my Amazon pre-order as soon as I had order confirmation from HP. The pro version was what I really wanted to begin with. The expected ship date was 6-18-19 with delivery on 6-26-19, but they shipped much earlier, and I will have mine on Wednesday. As far as ShopBLT goes. Be careful there. They have already pushed their expected ship dates back with people in this thread who have already given them money. Missing deadlines, and apparently, increasing prices in the middle of the deal is something a lot of negative reviews have mentioned about ShopBLT. Could all be hysteria, but I'd stick with ordering from HP if I were in your shoes. They're a known quantity. Until HP has more stock though, I'd keep my Amazon pre-order, since there's no financial risk to doing that.
  6. Glad to see you're getting such good results with version 1803. Its the same version I have, and my Reverb will be here on Wednesday. Just tried DCS 2.5.5 on the Rift, and even though the VR performance update got broken and didn't make it into the latest patch, the performance in VR is still tremendously improved over 2.5.4 and 2.5.3. :D
  7. Yup. Depth perception is everything in hitting the tanker. As far as the Warthog stiction goes, I just recently received a 40cm extension and cable kit from a guy in the UK who sells a whole variety of Warthog extensions on Ebay. Hopefully gonna get a chance to try it out this weekend. I did a trial fit, and the stiction is pretty much eliminated by the extra weight, leverage, and longer throw provided by the extension. It seems to behave more like a real stick now, rather than immediately wanting to snap back to the center. Just have to work on remounting the Warthog base to my mobile control cart so I can get it all plugged in and try it out. :pilotfly:
  8. Thanks Gizzy. I'll see how it goes when it gets here. I've gotta say that I agree with dburne and imacken about the faffing about though. The way the Oculus software works should be the gold standard for any VR interface. I'm sure WMR is a snap for people who have been using third party apps like SteamVR for a while. Like anything else, you get accustomed to the idiosyncrasies and things become easy. But for first-timers who have been spoiled by manufacturer-provided interface apps, it really can be a frustrating, discouraging experience dealing with WMR. For me its a lot like the days when glass cockpits started finding their way into GA aircraft. I absolutely hated that, but eventually got used to it, and now I'm one of the local Garmin G1000 experts. But, to this day, I still think steam gauges and individual radios are better.
  9. Yikes! Sounds like the Samsung Odyssey all over again. That was the biggest thing I was dreading with the HP Reverb. Having to deal with that WMR crap again. Hopefully the increase in resolution will make it worth all the trouble. That's disappointing to read about the controllers not pairing to the headset. HP claimed that it was a direct connection and that a dongle wasn't required. That was a while ago, so maybe they're no longer making that claim. We'll see what happens. Thanks for the heads-up Tinkickef.
  10. Just checked my order status on the HP US site and got a pleasant surprise. My Reverb, which was scheduled to ship on June 18th, shipped today! :D:punk:
  11. The good thing is, that in theory, it shouldn't be equal in the amount of processing power required. We're no longer having to waste CPU and GPU processing cycles on upconverting and downconverting. I hope anyway. :D
  12. I for one thought your initial impressions were very informative for the amount of time you had, and thank you for posting in the midst of the chaos. Its the jackwagons like the one you responded to that make me debate posting my own impressions of the Reverb once I get it. You put time and effort into doing something for the community, and there's always somebody who has to whine about it not being good enough for his tastes. Yet, those same jackwagons invariably prefer to sit back and let others do the leg work for them. Go figure. :doh:
  13. Heh. In biometrics of airline seats, the average seems to be short people with a lot of extra padding in their rearends. :D
  14. I'm thinking it should be fine, even for a guy like me who is at the limits of the IPD range. My IPD is 70mm. I guess I'll find out on the weekend following June 26th, which is when my Reverb Pro should be here. With my CV1, I used the Oculus alignment tool to get the green bars lined up, but found that I still was able to adjust the physical IPD in DCS to get an even clearer picture. I also found that the vertical alignment of the lenses to my eyes made the most significant difference in clarity.
  15. 63 or 64 is the average IPD. There's nothing perfect about being average. :D
  16. IIRC, loading 3 Mavericks isn't done because the inboard missiles have been shown to cause damage to the main gear sponsons with their rocket motors.
  17. Yeah, that one was pretty bad, and seemed to be more about begging for donations. I fast-forwarded a few times and it looked like he was just comparing physical features on cold units. Any of us can do that by looking at pictures and spec sheets. He has had some good reviews recently with the Reverb and testing in flight sims though.
  18. Heh. Its a new kind of explosive. One that takes almost 30 years to detonate. :D Look at 4K media. It was a really big thing for a year or two, and then kinda fizzled because there wasn't much discernible benefit to it. 3D TVs and media were really popular for a short time too, but I think it was a lack of presence and sense of scale that killed that. I think that could make a comeback though when more people get into VR. I've been using my Rift CV1 for 3D movies, and that makes going back to pancake movies really difficult. There's just no substitute for that feeling of completely leaving the real world behind for a little while, in my opinion.
  19. I recently got a 49" 4K TV that I hooked up to my gaming rig, and I honestly can't say that I see what the hype is all about. I mean, don't get me wrong, since its a QLED display, the color reproduction and clarity are out of this world, but it still doesn't do anything for me. I flew a mission in VR with most of my settings at low or medium (except for PD, which I have set at 2.0) to keep the performance up and made a track file. Then I disconnected the HMD, cranked all of the graphics settings up to their highest levels, and played back the track. Again, beautiful picture, but I found that I didn't really spend much time staring at the shadows moving around the cockpit and didn't spend much time staring at the water. I wasn't sure I could really spot ground targets any better than in VR, because I already had my sensors pointed at the target area to make positive IDs and prioritize targets. On the flight back to base, I made it a point to look around, down into the forest, and I had the feeling of actually looking at points on the ground between individual trees. At that same point in the track on the 4K pancake, I felt like I was looking at a picture of a point on the ground between trees. It was pretty much the same feeling I get after spending a couple of days above timberline, taking pictures of the breathtaking views of mountain peaks all around me, only to look at the pictures I took and feeling immense disappointment in how even one of the best digital cameras just can't do it justice on a flat screen with no sense of scale. I went VR 3 years ago with the Rift CV1, and I haven't flown on the pancake since. I don't fly competitively, so I don't need to be the first guy to shoot at a dot on the ground that I can differentiate from other ground objects at unrealiztic distances. I have the HP Reverb pro coming on June 26th, so things are going to get even better. My opinion is that VR is doing what it was meant to do, which is to give me the experience of actually flying a plane in combat. Its about to get almost twice as good with the Reverb, and the money I'm spending on that is going to end up being about $50.00 less than what I spent on my CV1 3 years ago. Technology doesn't advance and become lower-cost if people wait for everybody but themselves to fund its further development. OK. Well, I'm off to the comments sections on YouTube to find music videos I don't like and tell everybody why I don't like them. Nah. Just kidding. Doing that kind of thing just doesn't seem to be very productive. :music_whistling:
  20. I think I got my issue figured out with the HP US site. I had a special character in my shipping address that it didn't like, which the site actually told me about when I used the normal checkout button, rather than the Paypal checkout button. The Paypal checkout button seems to have issues, just in case anybody else runs into the same problem. I have a ship date of 6-18-19. :D
  21. HP US still Foxtrot Uniform. Good thing I didn't cancel my pre-order with Amazon.
  22. US site is all screwed up for Paypal customers. Keeps telling me "please enter required values", but doesn't tell me what is missing. What a shame. :doh:
  23. Didn't say you change it while flying. :smilewink:
  24. I found my actual IPD to be very useful when setting the "Force IPD" number in DCS. I set it to 70mm, which is my actual IPD, and everything looks exactly like what I'm used to seeing in real cockpits.
  25. Nope. The UH-1 throttle is a twist-grip on the collective. Usually you're only messing with it after engine start. You start off at a low RPM, engage the rotor clutch, and slowly ramp up the throttle to get the rotor RPM into the normal operating range. After that, you're pretty much all collective, cyclic, and anti-torque pedals.
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