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  1. That's what it takes sometimes. There really isn't any current, official or reliable information as to the differences between Motion Smoothing and Motion Reprojection (aside from guesses on internet forums), so as the saying goes "There's only one way to find out." For my setup, if Motion Smoothing actually does anything, there's enough of a difference to make it appear as if it doesn't. For me, enabling Motion Reprojection makes a night and day difference in what I see. Can't really say that I see any indication of "Motion Smoothing" actually doing anything from the FPS counter either, since it goes up and down, but should be locked at 45FPS (its actually 90 with the interpolated frames, but the FPS counter can't measure those). When I set the OpenVR setting to Motion Vector, the counter is then locked at 45, and looks much smoother to me. That's with my "rapid lateral movement" test in the cockpit, while I look for smearing of the cockpit features.
  2. Just try it out and see what you think of it. It only takes a few minutes, and isn't permanent.
  3. No. They're not the same thing when you have a WMR headset.
  4. Enabling the status indicator isn't going to solve your problem. Please review my previous post and follow the instructions there.
  5. The built-in sound on the G2 is pretty awful as well, just so the OP knows. I took the phones off of it and use the Bose QC35s I already have, along with an Avantree USB streaming dongle. Much better sound that way.
  6. WMR headsets like the G2 do "Motion Reprojection" and that is turned on/off by a different method than the SteamVR settings. I just copied and pasted this from another thread I had it posted in: 1. Go to your Steam folder>steamapps>common>MixedRealityDriver>bin>win64 and double-click on OpenVRSettingsUX.exe 2. Click the "Graphics" button on the left side of that window, and then click on the "Motion Vector" button. This will force reprojection on. Setting it to Auto will also work, but I have found that to cause a little bit of hitching as Motion Reprojection is automatically turned on and off. You'll only have to do the above once. It will stay turned on after that.
  7. In addition to the reasons FoxTwo gave, the G2 also has a longer, narrower cable that is much lighter than the one on the G1. The G2 also doesn't have the random dimming of one or both eyes like a lot of the G1s (including mine) did. Those two things made upgrading worth it for me.
  8. I hear ya, you might not have the funds for a full upgrade right now, but there's nothing saying you can't save up for it to happen in the near future and build something that'll get you down the road a lot further than where you are now. Going the next model up when its already lagging behind what's currently available is just wasted money and you'll always be wondering "What if I had waited? Would I be happier with the result?" My 8700K does just fine for me in DCS right now, but I am looking at upgrading soon...waiting for those 12th Generation i9s to be released in a few weeks. They apparently destroy everything out there by a pretty substantial margin.
  9. As far as upgrades go, it wouldn't make sense to do an upgrade to the next best processor like the ones you have listed. You would be investing time and money in something that, IMHO, isn't going to give you a big enough performance boost to justify that investment. You certainly wouldn't be futureproofing your machine by doing that.
  10. Probably coming up short on USB bus power. I had that problem too until I installed one of these in my machine. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00FPIMJEW/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  11. There's a company working on a civilian version of a JHMCS that is essentially like a pair of sunglasses, so that might not be far off.
  12. The moving air is all it takes in my case to keep me cool, even inside the headset.
  13. I have an oscillating, squirrel cage fan in my gaming/workshop area. Pumps out lots of air while still being very quiet.
  14. Interesting. Wonder what the difference is. Maybe its the low light conditions observation you made, Zildac. My gaming area is also my workshop, so I have some REALLY bright lights in there that I have to shut off when using the G2 because it really freaks out with those. Once I do the up-down-left-right thing though, it works great, even in the lower light.
  15. Do you guys keep your headset plugged into your computer all the time and turn it on and off with the power cord for the power brick?
  16. Most of the time when I plug my G2 in and put it on, I have a message telling me to look up and down, and side-to-side. Doesn't matter if you're sitting or standing when you do this, but I'm usually standing. After I do that, its ready to go with 6DOF. Does yours ever ask you to do that, Lurker? Also, if you have Steam VR and Steam VR for WMR installed on your machine, there's no reason to manually enter SteamVR. Once you plug your headset in and look up-down-left-right to get it calibrated, you'll be in the WMR environment in VR. After that, what I do, is to sit down in my "pit", lift the headset enough to see my monitor and double-click on my DCS icon like I normally do. Pull the headset back down and get into your flying position, and SteamVR will automatically start as DCS starts. You'll see an orb of exploding triangles in VR as SteamVR starts on its own, and shortly thereafter, you'll be in the DCS hangar. I have also found that the G2 doesn't need as much light to operate properly as the G1 did. The only time I have completely lost 6DOF due to lighting in the room was when all of the lights, and the monitor were turned off. Too much light can also lead to strange behavior, so its all about experimenting and finding what works best for you in your gaming environment.
  17. Do any of the home screen mods have a perceptible effect on DCS performance? I definitely saw the difference in the numbers being displayed in the video, but can you actually see the difference with your eyes?
  18. Have you looked at the VR tab in DCS to see what your Pixel Density is set to? I think your SteamVR resolution is fine, but your DCS pixel density might be higher than it should be. Any chance you could post screenshots of your graphics settings page in DCS and the VR page? I agree with Baldrick on the refresh rate. Check your refresh rate in your WMR settings to make sure its set at 90. I'm thinking that updates to Windows, WMR, and SteamVR in the past 6 months since you played last may have changed some of your settings.
  19. I don't think the DCS hangar is the same as SteamVR Home or Windows Mixed Reality Home where the graphical environment is being run in the background all the time. But, I don't know that for sure. Not sure 1 or 2 FPS of performance gain would be worth messing with anything over. You wouldn't be able to see that with your eyes.
  20. When I had the 2080ti in my machine, it had a USB C connector right on the card which worked great. The new 3090 I installed didn't have that, so I tried plugging my G2 into the motherboard USB-C 3.1 and had all kinds of issues. Many times the G2 wouldn't power up at all and I would get an error message on WMR. Other times it would power up, and then randomly crash after a few minutes. I used the USB-C adapter that was in the G2 box and plugged it into my powered USB 3.0 card (which is plugged into a PCIe slot and directly powered by my 1200W PSU) and that fixed those issues. I think its more about bus power than it is about speed. AFAIK, the separate power box for the G2 only supplies power to the display backlighting...with everything else (non-video-wise) being done over USB.
  21. First rule of troubleshooting is to start with the simplest things first. You don't want to use a sledgehammer to kill a fly.
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