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  1. Its not unheard of for your Steam installation to just get corrupted from time to time, and a reinstallation of the Steam platform (not necessarily Steam VR) ends up fixing the problem. You don't even have to reinstall all of your Steam apps usually. Start with small steps before resorting to a complete OS reinstall. You don't want to use a sledgehammer to kill a fly.
  2. That can usually be dealt with by getting into your comfortable flying position with the HMD on before starting DCS.
  3. You probably already know this, but make sure you clean the lid of the processor with isopropyl alcohol before applying the thermal paste. Sometimes, in spite of being really careful, you can accidentally touch the lid and get a fingerprint or even a fingerprint fragment on it, and that will destroy the thermal paste's ability to transfer heat properly.
  4. Correction...I have REALISTIC expectations, knowing what I know about DCS. Unfortunately, we have to deal with the reality of the situation, rather than how we would like things to be. Would I like to see DCS allow me to crank everything up to their highest levels? Of course I would, but it is not currently in the cards, and we have to deal with it if we want to fly DCS in VR. Regardless of what you think about my standards or those of anybody else here, nobody should be blaming anybody else here for things that are beyond our control. Some of us are just doing the best with what is available and have helped a lot of people here get a workable result while we wait for perfection. ED is aware of the issues...a solution may or may not be close at hand. A lot of the guys here who are actually putting in the work to figure out what is and isn't having an effect on performance are providing valuable data on where the weak links are in the chain. With that data, the product can improve. That approach is always going to be much more effective than idle complaining. If you don't like DCS in VR, then don't fly it in VR.
  5. Those don't bother me nearly as much as the posts from a few that are determined to be unhappy with VR, yet they keep upgrading all of their equipment for VR...and then want to come back here every couple of months to blame everybody here for the decisions that they chose to make, claiming to have spent "countless hours tweaking based on misinformation". Those posts are usually accompanied by multi-paragraph lectures about how things "actually work", as if everybody who is reasonably happy with their experience is suffering from delusions. As for the Varjo, its too rich for my blood, but its a peek at the kinds of ideas people are coming up with for making retinal resolution possible. As with all other developments in technology, the price is high now, but it will come down as things become easier and less costly to produce. I see the Varjo as the hand-built, high performance car that will end up paving the way for mass production of Fords and Toyotas in the near future.
  6. Nah. Those threads make it look more complicated than it actually is. You can get it working reasonably well with some very simple changes. For me it has been all about feel and making small, incremental changes. I've never been into using frame counters and the like. Those tend to set you up for disappointment as you chase some ideal number dragon that you saw some other guy manage to catch once.
  7. That's the way I see it too. I've been into this sim long enough to remember the days when even the 2D performance left a lot to be desired, but things eventually got better. I love flying in VR, its really the only way I can anymore, and I understand the limitations that we have currently. I'm leaps and bounds ahead of where I was with VR just a few short years ago, and it was mostly the ever-evolving display technology that has made things progressively better.
  8. Isn't it though? I think I'm going to start going to the TrackIR forums to tell everybody how much I dislike TrackIR, even though I haven't used it in more than 7 years. I'm quite certain that my insights would be valuable. But, first thing's first, I'm late for the Neurosurgery Symposium that I was invited to speak at. Don't know the first thing about Neurosurgery either, but they still think my opinions are worthwhile for some strange reason. Go figure. LOL.
  9. Ordinarily, I would agree with you, but this particular map is awful from a performance standpoint. I think its the worst performing map of them all. All of the others perform beautifully in VR with my current settings, but this one is a nausea-inducing slideshow.
  10. That's what it takes sometimes. There really isn't any current, official or reliable information as to the differences between Motion Smoothing and Motion Reprojection (aside from guesses on internet forums), so as the saying goes "There's only one way to find out." For my setup, if Motion Smoothing actually does anything, there's enough of a difference to make it appear as if it doesn't. For me, enabling Motion Reprojection makes a night and day difference in what I see. Can't really say that I see any indication of "Motion Smoothing" actually doing anything from the FPS counter either, since it goes up and down, but should be locked at 45FPS (its actually 90 with the interpolated frames, but the FPS counter can't measure those). When I set the OpenVR setting to Motion Vector, the counter is then locked at 45, and looks much smoother to me. That's with my "rapid lateral movement" test in the cockpit, while I look for smearing of the cockpit features.
  11. Just try it out and see what you think of it. It only takes a few minutes, and isn't permanent.
  12. No. They're not the same thing when you have a WMR headset.
  13. Enabling the status indicator isn't going to solve your problem. Please review my previous post and follow the instructions there.
  14. The built-in sound on the G2 is pretty awful as well, just so the OP knows. I took the phones off of it and use the Bose QC35s I already have, along with an Avantree USB streaming dongle. Much better sound that way.
  15. WMR headsets like the G2 do "Motion Reprojection" and that is turned on/off by a different method than the SteamVR settings. I just copied and pasted this from another thread I had it posted in: 1. Go to your Steam folder>steamapps>common>MixedRealityDriver>bin>win64 and double-click on OpenVRSettingsUX.exe 2. Click the "Graphics" button on the left side of that window, and then click on the "Motion Vector" button. This will force reprojection on. Setting it to Auto will also work, but I have found that to cause a little bit of hitching as Motion Reprojection is automatically turned on and off. You'll only have to do the above once. It will stay turned on after that.
  16. In addition to the reasons FoxTwo gave, the G2 also has a longer, narrower cable that is much lighter than the one on the G1. The G2 also doesn't have the random dimming of one or both eyes like a lot of the G1s (including mine) did. Those two things made upgrading worth it for me.
  17. I hear ya, you might not have the funds for a full upgrade right now, but there's nothing saying you can't save up for it to happen in the near future and build something that'll get you down the road a lot further than where you are now. Going the next model up when its already lagging behind what's currently available is just wasted money and you'll always be wondering "What if I had waited? Would I be happier with the result?" My 8700K does just fine for me in DCS right now, but I am looking at upgrading soon...waiting for those 12th Generation i9s to be released in a few weeks. They apparently destroy everything out there by a pretty substantial margin.
  18. As far as upgrades go, it wouldn't make sense to do an upgrade to the next best processor like the ones you have listed. You would be investing time and money in something that, IMHO, isn't going to give you a big enough performance boost to justify that investment. You certainly wouldn't be futureproofing your machine by doing that.
  19. Probably coming up short on USB bus power. I had that problem too until I installed one of these in my machine. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00FPIMJEW/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  20. There's a company working on a civilian version of a JHMCS that is essentially like a pair of sunglasses, so that might not be far off.
  21. The moving air is all it takes in my case to keep me cool, even inside the headset.
  22. I have an oscillating, squirrel cage fan in my gaming/workshop area. Pumps out lots of air while still being very quiet.
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