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  1. Weird, the actual knobs on the HSI are missing. CRS and HDG. I’ll select that area and see if it moves the needles.
  2. Same here, I thought the SC replaced the old carrier. Not sure how to use editor
  3. During the refueling the instructor says fly heading... then another heading is given. After a few min flying the heading instructed he says you are out of the area and you failed. If you deveat to fly the waypoints he says turn back to heading
  4. I also am having the exact issues. I am using the X56 Rhino. It works great on the AV8B. After updating to 2.5 from beta it will no longer work on the A10C
  5. I go to instant action and select cold and dark, go thru eng start etc everything is fine until I advance throttles to taxi nothing the throttles wont move. Works on A10C fine but not AV8 If I select rdy on ramp they work normally
  6. nevada I am able to receive the Nevada being a beta a10c buyer. How do I go about getting it?
  7. JeffC


    Ok thanks. Seems kind of a weird way to play.
  8. JeffC


    I just bought CA. I am confused, I thought ca was tank and artillery. Every time I try to start a mission my a/c are my options. Oh my head hurts. All the videos of CA are people in tanks.
  9. Never noticed that button b4. Thank you
  10. I bought the A10A module, not fc3. I can not find a keboard layout anywhere. Did it come in the FC3 manual? I see the layout in world options but I want to program the joystick.
  11. Can we download from steam if we have an account? I love steam, after a format. Logged on steam and BAM they loaded and installed with all my profiles etc.
  12. Under "Missions" at the bottom of the list is weapons training, they have lots of targets to play with. Lined up in a row for bombing and strafe as well as maverick type etc. 100's of them
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