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  1. omg... will they ever release black shark or what ? I was actually thinking to do a radar simulation based on irrlicht engine some time much much later... maybe raycasts after all... if anything here would happen at all. HELLO ED :) WE LIKE YOUR WORK !!! RUSSIAN AIRPLANES ROCK !!! GIVE US THE HELICOPTERS AND 6DOF COCKPITS !!! ENJOY YOUR SUMMER !!! but motivation comes and falls, we all know that... :)
  2. I'm sorry to announce that all support or feature requests will have to wait indefinitly or at least until I might start working again after the release of BlackShark. Therefore I most probably won't answer any private messages concerning bugs. Happy new year everyone... Zillion
  3. UPDATE: please try with care... - Added a seperate password for Red or Blue Team - Fixed a bug where 0 Airport Radars resulted in a corrupted config file - Dumped the Admin Panel http://www.virtual-jabog32.de/index.php?section=downloads&subcat=24 Zillion
  4. Mhh... Normally I don't have that kind of problems...The Login Name is not important at all, it only checks the passwords. But 2 things come to my mind: 1. The password input-field in the stupid & slow java-swing GUI that I built is little wacko... Make sure to confirm your input by pressing RETURN. 2. You are trying to join the radar server while already being connected to the Game Server via Lockon and have the autokick feature enabled. Other than these 2 options, I really don't know what is going wrong on your side... Try if you encounter the same problems with the default pass
  5. great great great !!! Thanks for clarifying those matters Chizh !!! Thanks for thinking further alfa !!! Thanks for releasing this ED !!! I've got a few things, I really, really want to see... :D Not going to tell anyone until it's finished though, the idea is what counts....
  6. wow... just installed it... seems to work except for the characters in the interface... If I look at all the readme's it seems like it's possible to make aircraft, vehicles and weapons... We have modelling guidelines for making these properly... high poly, performance hungry, 30 shader missiles is the last thing that LockOn needs. Quality in textures and efficient mapping is more important than small details in the mesh that no one will ever notice. We should make LockOn more slim and still more beautyful rather than the opposite... One question that has not been answered yet is if w
  7. Hi Tiger, There is something written in perl and php or cgi don't really know. I downloaded it once but never installed it... It seems very complicated. Maybe you can give it a try. You can see it installed at. http://lockon.but.ru/ It is made by dreyou Also the VVS504 have some kind of system http://www.syn-ack.com/vvs504/serverstatus.shtml maybe you can get help from one of them.... Good Luck
  8. once in STT-Mode you can do it with LoGetLockedTargetInformation(), but imo modelling the radar in TWS wouldn't be precise or fair enough... LoGetTargetInformation() -- (args - 0, results - 1 (table of current targets tables)) LoGetLockedTargetInformation() -- (args - 0, results - 1 (table of current locked targets tables)) this functions return the table of the next target data target = { ID , -- world ID (may be 0 ,when ground point track) type = {level1,level2,level3,level4}, -- world database classification country = , -- object country position = {x = {x,y,z}, -- orientation X
  9. I hate to do that myself, but I guess you were referring to my thread: http://forum.lockon.ru/showthread.php?t=8566
  10. I wrote an email to the Eagle.ru developers asking about my problem when trying to cast the System.ComObject to an ICollecetion or IList. Or simply, how to extract readable data using the interfaces provided with MOM.lib or MOM.dll Valery Blazhnov answered me briefly, stating that they are no longer supporting the MOM.lib and will not implement it in future versions, therefore I will stop developing the Mission Editor and see what's going to change in BS... so long Zillion PS: The .dat files I am reading have nothing to do with the .dat files LockOn is using. They can be downloade
  11. GREAT STUFF !!! respect to the makers... keep it up !!!
  12. I'm really curious about that aswell... I'd love a manual Lat/Long input feature... actually that would be awesome for all flyables. Will it be possible to manually enter geographical coordinates with this KABRIS MFD Nav System ?
  13. @ markriley sorry... i didn't mean to say anything about ignorance or stupidity... I've been working on this for over a year now, and sometimes I was just puzzled about the amount of misunderstanding to what this is actually supposed to be... That's all... As BritRadarDude pointed out already, Teamspeak and actuall human Awacs, GCI or Tower Controllers are the main reason for this project... I should have mentioned that before. You can see the LockOn App open in all my screenies because mostly I'm debugging that way, and it is even possible to fly and view the Radar on another Moni
  14. :) well... I think the reason why I keep getting asked wether it is possible to watch the radar screen and fly simultaneously or wether this is a replacement for the F10 screen is simply because people don't seem to have a clue... what the heck this thread is all about ! It's supposed to be a standalone radar screen addon for LockOn that resembles and simulates roughly what a GCI (Ground Control Intercept) or AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System) or Tower Controller would see... Zillion /¸¸.¤ª“¨°¨“ª¤.¸¸¸¸.¤ª“¨°¨“ª¤.¸¸DOWNLOAD¸¸.¤ª“¨°¨“ª¤.¸¸¸¸.¤ª“¨°¨“ª¤.¸¸¸
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