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  1. CTBlankenship, Almost time to break out the Scotch and a nice Cigar. Create a autoexec.cfg for both client and the server. You "should" see your server in the multiplayer list as a result. To connect the client direct IP to your server from the multiplayer menu(in case it is not in the list), that is where you enter the LAN IP. Probably should add the port. example "Error starting server" Double check your sever cfg files. Not at my gaming computers so someone else may chime in If I remember correctly, what I did was create a multiplayer game with my client(since it has a user interface) with all the settings I wanted, then closed it, transferred that cfg file to my server. Tweaked from there in the "Local Web GUI"server page. Have not played DCS since August so I can not remember the names of the files (It is hell getting old)
  2. CTBlankenship, If both machines are on the same LAN, to access your server from the client you need to enter the LAN IP example Secondly, try adding this line to a autoexec.cfg on both machines net.force_ipv4_lan = true
  3. CTBlankenship, You are opening TCP and UDP? Is you sever a separate computer than the one you use as the client?
  4. Any update on this after 7 months? Happy Simming, Monnie
  5. Not to be off topic. Stats for CV related activity as well as day/night AAR. Happy Simming, Monnie
  6. Thank you GB for the link:thumbup: I enjoyed reading that :book:
  7. 1. Accountability 2. Correct status 3. Creates goals for the company to complete the product to change status to "Completed" "Released" "Final Product" 4. Instills consumer confidence. 5. Follows the guidelines ED set following Steam's Early Access Definition / guidelines Happy Simming, Monnie
  8. :huh: Getting lost? Someone else here is getting lost because: ED, the ED Staff(including you), DCS, and DCS Hornet are not some candidate(s) to be my future Wife. ED, the ED Staff(including you), DCS, and DCS Hornet are a business, employees and a product I bought as an educated consumer based on this list. Which, is now changing post purchase. For the record, I could care less if EA lasted until all the items are complete and working bug free. If ED wants to change the terminology, great, do it for new items for purchase that arrive for sale after the change. Happy Simming, Monnie
  9. I support your theory 100%. :thumbup: Especially considering that the missing EA features when transitioning to "Out of EA" have been renamed as "DCS: F/A-18C Hornet Improvements in 2021:" :doh: If I am wrong, come 31DEC2021, I will publicly admit I made a mistake in judgement, apologize to ED, and buy a EA module at that time. :thumbup: Happy Simming, Monnie
  10. Great, we have a protocol. Follow Steam's Early Access definition / guidelines :thumbup: Great, we have Steam's Early Access definition / guidelines :thumbup: Keywords 1. Steam Early Access 2. Still being developed 3. Unfinished 4. Continue to develop for release Great, we have Matt Wagner's interpretation of Steam's Early Access definition / guidelines :thumbup: Keywords 5. Work in progress Summary of Steam's Early Access definition / guidelines and Matt Wagner's interpretation Keywords 1. Steam Early Access 2. Still being developed 3. Unfinished 4. Continue to develop for release 5. Work in progress Great, huh what? This is confusing :huh: Keywords 6. No longer be in an early stage of development end of 2020 7. Out of Early Access 8. Late development status 9. Still working on adding / unfinished features Questions A) Does Steam's Early Access definition / guidelines differentiate "early stage development" from "late stage development? B) Development means still being developed? C) Development means work in progress? D) Development means unfinished? E) How does the Hornet qualify as "Out of Early Access" if keywords 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 still apply? Happy Simming, Monnie
  11. So simple even a caveman can do it Hummm Survey :doh: One does not need a survey because the situation is so simple. 1) Hornet main priority should be completing this list before removing early access status. 2) If ED wants to redefine what early access means, fine, but do it for the module(s) that are sold after the new definition has been listed on the product's purchase page. 3) Module(s) that fell under the current definition when purchased need to be honored until feature complete. Happy Simming, Monnie P.S. If you really enforce the "Note that this is all very much subject to change for our mid-2000s F/A-18C USN Hornet." and neuter the listed items here and / or drag your feet on the "Hornet Improvements past 31Dec2021, you will lose massive consumer confidence.
  12. I agree gentlemen. This whole announcement does not sit well with me. :doh: Questions for ED: 1) ED, why create all this when all you have to do is say "Hornet will still be in Early Access until 2021"? 2) ED, will the hornet be labelled as "Incomplete" or "In Development" after removing the "Early Access" nomenclature? 3) ED, your whole defense since the release of the Hornet module about bugs/incomplete feature(s) has been "It is in Early Access, if you want the module feature complete, early access is not for you. Wait until out of Early Access.". What will be the next nomenclature to be applied to the Hornet Module to suppress consumer dissatisfaction because of bugs/incomplete feature(s)? My feeling and opinions: From ED's store page: I fully agree with this policy and purchased the product in agreement. :thumbup: However completely disagree :no_sad: Out of EA=Release = incomplete with bugs , but we are still working on features that were listed to come during Early Access / plethora of bugs to be addressed. ED, please reconsider keeping the Hornet in Early Access until being feature complete and bugs squashed even if until 2025 to avoid the perception of :badmood: over the company. Happy Simming, Monnie
  13. I agree 200% Happy Simming, Monnie
  14. I respect your opinion. Easy comms (a game setting) is for people with similar opinions as you. Turn off all comms if you want. To me, a HUGE part of aviation is managing the radios. It's one of the tasks. Civilian,commercial,military all have radios in the aircraft for a reason. I even listen to airport comms while I am surfing the web. It is interesting to me. Happy Simming, Monnie
  15. Obious, I for one would think it would look great being in the LSO/Air Boss position seeing something like you describe. As well as when the cable retracts back into position for the next aircraft. Happy Simming, Monnie
  16. I hope they reconsider too. Other than having the correct dimensions, realistic radio (ATC) was the major selling point for me. I assumed(yeah, my mistake) realistic meant all the different frequencies for the appropriate roles(tower,marshal,LSO,etc) in CV cyclic ops and CQ ops. So does this mean I will hear ball calls/wave off/bolter, while I am inbound or in the marshal stack from other aircraft recovering? Does this mean the same voice actor does tower.marshal,LSO? No gender or accent mix? If so, how does it not step on other transmissions? For example: "You are signal ,bolter bolter bolter ....charlie" Happy Simming, Monnie
  17. I am hoping when IMC even at noon, the lights are on (If that happens IRL) For example Dark thunderstorm at noon during recovery. Happy Simming, Monnie
  18. Dear Kate, 1) Is a public bug tracking system so users can view acknowledged/reported bugs, add bugs still in the pipeline? The forums are a nightmare for bug reports. 2) When your Flight Modeling Engineer has time, please correct the Negative Static Roll Stability of the F/A-18C in Powered Approach Mode. Should be Neutral Static Roll Stability. To everyone at ED and their families, stay safe and healthy during these crazy times. Happy Simming, Monnie
  19. Maybe the big news is: SC, Kuznetsov, Arleigh Burke, WWII assets will all be free and can interact(trap and launch) with them. Only need the SC module to control the human positions (LSO,Air Boss, etc)
  20. A time demo benchmarking tool would be great. Similar to something like a lot of the First Person Shooters have. Would remove all variables when collecting data. Have the tool report results and build a full development level log. A standardized test. How easy would that be for users to attach to every bug report post ! No more "could you please provide a track" when trouble shooting core/hardware issues. No more "I get 100fps" from one user and another user with same hardware "I get 30 FPS". Not only would this give ED Engineers consistent data for trouble shooting, the community could have a tool to provide data with. Another possible benefit for having a built in time demo benchmarking tool would be the additional exposure DCS World would receive by having tech/hardware review sites using the time demo in their reviews. Imagine the hits/purchases, if something like GamersNexus / Linus tech tips etc added DCS World to their suite of game benchmarks when publishing reviews. Not a track replay. An actual tool. Tracks do not react well with version changes/repeated playback. Tracks limit the content being tested via DRM. The time demo tool needs to run a scene that has cockpit views,external views of different air frames, flying in different areas of terrain, views of ground units, explosions, weapons deployment, etc, to get a good grasp on the complete simulation. Have 5 different settings based on the graphics settings: 1) Low 2) Medium 3) High 4) VR 5) Custom Maybe add an "Ultra" or "Extreme" setting which is a full blown everything setting maxed out. "Ultra" has a ring to it gamers /testers identify with. "Can it run Ultra?" A) Resolution setting B) Anti-Aliasing setting C) Anisotropic Filtering setting Offer two delivery methods: 1) Have the tool built into DCS World 2) Download for just the tool without full game installation. Results: 1. An overall score 2. Average Frames Per Second 3. 1% Low Frames Per Second 4. 0.1% Low Frames Per Second 5. CPU core(s) and usage 6. GPU usage and VRAM usage 7. RAM usage ( physical,virtual,commit standby) 8. Create a full development level *.log I am 100% confident between the excellent Software Engineers and GlowingAmraam, they could make a showcase tool with a scene that will entice many. :thumbup: Happy Simming, Monnie
  21. I agree ! See my post here DCS World Time Demo Benchmarking Tool Happy Simming, Monnie
  22. Not really a "laptop" more of a mobile workstation. 9900K @ 5ghz and 2080 eurocom SkyX9C
  23. Great video LSO: What's your state? Aviator : 300lbs Such a calm reply !!!!
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