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  1. And from above post: Single-barrel 30 mm 2A42 gun on starboard side of fuselage, with up to 470 armour-piercing or high-explosive fragmentation rounds, can be depressed from +3º 30' to -37º in elevation and traversed from -2º 30' to +9º in azimuth hydraulically and is kept on target in azimuth by tracker which turns helicopter on its axis; two ammunition boxes in centre-fuselage. Front box contains 240 AP rounds, rear box 230 HE rounds. Selectable rapid (550 to 600 rds/min) or slow (350 rds/min) fire, with bursts of 10 or 20 rounds.
  2. If the engine dust protectors of the Ka-50 are similar in design to those on the Mi-8/-17 family, that is they use engine bleed air to create the necessary vortices, they should also be pilot controlled via two switches. Looking at images online of the Ka-50, the engine inlets do appear similar. Or am I just off on the wrong track? But then again, I can't see ED modeling dust erosion on the engine compressors, so I don't think we'll even need to worry about switching on our Engine Dust Protectors within 100ft of landing. :P -Chris P.S. That Klimov site you found was pretty neat t
  3. Flying Controls Kamov coaxial design; Dual hydraulically powered flight control systems, without manual reversion; spring stick trim; yaw control by differential collective pitch applied through rudder pedals; mix in collective system maintains constant total rotor thrust during turns, to reduce pilot workload when landing on pitching deck, and to simplify transition to hover and landing; twin rudders intended mainly to improve control in autorotation, but also effective in co-ordinating turns; flight can be maintained on one engine at maximum T-O weight. Structure Fuselage built ar
  4. THIS should get the party started: Here is what Jane's has to say about the specs and history of the Kamov Ka-50 Kamov Kompaniya (Kamov Company) Kamov Ka-50 Chernaya Akula English name: Black Shark Type Attack helicopter. Programme Project launched in December 1977 as V-80 (Vertolyet 80: Helicopter 80); first prototype (010) built by Kamov bureau and hovered at Lyubertsy 17 June 1982 and flew on 23 July, powered by TV3-117V engines; second prototype (011) flew 16 August 1983 with TV3-117VMA engines and mockup of Shkval tracking system, Merkury LLLTV,
  5. While 70 knots is fast for a helicopter landing, US Army pilots are trained to perform such a task. Okay, normally they train at speeds a tad lower that 70 KIAS but they know what to do. And as for control, they still have (almost) full control. The tail rotor tends to decrease effectiveness above a certain point. The main rotor will still provide the crew with all the control that they will need. Provided of course that they keep that airspeed up up up! ;) Cheers. But on a different note: I can't freakin' wait for LOBS!!! I don't want it released prematurely, but I sure
  6. I cannot speak for all Western rotary winged aircraft, but I can speak for the S-70/H-60 Series of aircraft. The underlined statement above is not 100% true. If tail rotor (T/R) failure occurs above 70 KIAS, the S-70/H-60 aircraft, due to aerodynamic tail pylon fairings, is able to maintain controlled flight and a run on landing. The fairings act as a weathervane during forward flight at and above these speeds. I have seen reports of either the T/R gearbox or Intermediate gearbox seizing in flight with no loss of vehicle or crew. Also have heard accounts of this happening, and the aircraf
  7. I also throw a S! towards Ironhand. His tutorials are head and shoulders above a dry manual any day! How he finds the time to produce such slick, watchable movies is beyond me. Keep it up Rich! I offer you the thanks of all of those who read this thread but didn't post thier thanks. -Chris
  8. Just looking at that picture makes we squeal like a 2nd grade girl! I can't wait! :D -Chris
  9. Not bad, not bad at all. But your avatar keeps creeping me out! Make here stop! -Chris
  10. Heck, I've got quite a few flight hours playing Gunship - Gunship 2000 - Longbow - Longbow Korea Expansion - Longbow 2 - Apache...I can't freakin' WAIT for LOBS! Perhaps it's my Army training, but I'm more comfortable down in the weeds then up in the clouds. Perhaps that's why my A-10's are always coming home with grass stains! LOL Hmm...now where to find money for rudder pedals??? :D -Chris
  11. I currently have the TrackIR 3 and love it! Of course, now I wished I had waited for the TrackIR 4!!! The big change that I would spend the extra money on is the increased field of view. Don't get me wrong, I like the TIR3, but the FOV is my only real complaint. So yeah, the TIR4 gets my vote. You will not play a flight sim without one ever again. Ever. -Chris P.S. Croatia, huh? I spent some time in Rijeka and Krk. Very beautiful area!
  12. LOL But will they come with English cockpits? LOL (sorry, couldn't resist) -Chris You sure you don't work for the World War 2 Online guys too?
  13. Wow. Well put. A bit over the top, but well put. S! -Chris
  14. That's the trick I guess: make it optional. There are those of us who would enjoy themselves even more if the cockpit was in English. I'm not against learning new things nor I am a flight sim newb, I just would like (that's not the same as need) this as a mod. I've been playing flight sims since the mid 80's and I work with multi-million military aircraft every day...*sigh*...never mind. -Chris (puts flame suit on and shuts eyes tightly)
  15. I'm just playing with ya. :) We are each allowed an opinion. ;) I too do not want to start a flame war over this. I just thought it would be nice to read my Caution Advisory Panel after getting hit without having to remember what that light means. ("Let's see...1st column, 4th row...red light...Hydraulic Boost or Canopy Open?") As for the English cockpits in Soviet aircraft, the US Army maintains a small fleet of ex-Soviet Bloc aircraft which are placarded in English. Even the Caution Advisory Panels have been swapped over. I'm NOT trying to take away anyones realism, just ask
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