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  1. Just out of the blue while trying to bomb some things at an airfield. Pressed an OSB and game hung then completely exited with no crash reporter box coming up like it usually does. Crash log attached. sorry in advance for the game folder name o.o dcs.20210227-215733.crash
  2. the hornet's radar should not be affected by clouds.
  3. I believe he means the radar is picking out clear targets through a giant forest.
  4. External nav lights definitely don't bloom that painfully in real life. Nose gear landing light on the other hand, could use a tune up...
  5. ok, yes, I see they're in singleplayer. However I've watched hours of AI fighting it out in Liberation missions and in the sim, the launch animations appear smooth and fluid to me. No weird jerking around or anything.
  6. if you run tacview, suggest turning that off. also hosting it on a dedicated server if you can will greatly increase frames but Syria is absolutely terrible on performance right now, so running a full map is
  7. This looks more like network lag causing a rubberbanding or bouncing missile than actual missile launch animations.
  8. Recommend joining the Discord server for more readily and speedily help that might otherwise get lost in the ED forums: https://discord.gg/YUwuyapT
  9. Bump.... A/G radar unusable when target designated via HUD/HMD. Seems kind of major to me :music_whistling:
  10. Also the Hornet has a permanent red light on at night when viewed far back enough.
  11. The A2G MAP EXP mode screens flicker rapidly and are unusable if you designate a TGT via the HUD or HMD after today's patch. Designating from anything else works fine. hmd designation break radar.trk
  12. I haven't tried it but you could try a temporary fix by changing the smoke lifetime values in the relevant .lua files to something super short and see if that fixes it. And then learn to enjoy DCS without smoking wrecks <_<
  13. The crazy nav lights bloom at close distance however is gone which imo was the major issue ;)
  14. Unfortunately this has not been fixed as of the NOV10 update. The light still bleeds through the wings and tail.
  15. This is a mission designer issue. It is supposed to represent known fixed SAM sites. Hidden on map will set them to invisible in the editor.
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