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  1. Don't think we're asking for dates, just a rough idea on whats happening. Forums pretty dead these days so maybe some mild hysteria would help spark interest.
  2. Think everyones been on their best behaviour RE asking for info on the patch so how about a couple of unsubtle hints from ED to keep us interested......;-)
  3. Guess the correct answer is more than 1,000 and less than 1.000,000. Unless your thinking of investing in ED thats probably as good as you'll get.
  4. Fix for sticky keys. Looks like sticky keys are caused by a Windows Accessibilty option called Filterkeys. This is activated by holding SHIFT key for 8 seconds. See below "Holding down the SHIFT key for 8 seconds turns on Filterkeys. Filterkeys causes Windows to ignore brief or repeated keystrokes and slows down the keyboard repeat rate." Explains why I was only getting problem after a Vikhr run where I was pressing SHIFT O to activate laser. To fix problem go into the Windows Control Panel, select Accessibility Option and then select Accessibility Option again under the Control Panel icon title. Then in the pop up window select Fiterkey settings and finally disable the Fiterkeys shortcut. Hope this work's for you.
  5. Have been playing FC for last couple of week's. Excellent sim. Only major issue that has caused me problems is keyboard not responding. Happens about 1 in 10 missions after approx 5 mins play. It also seems to happen after a ground attack run using Vikhrs or anything requiring TV/laser lock. tried reinstal and that helped for a while but problems back again now.
  6. Just had a phone call from RC Simulations, they have received FC and are sending out CD's today so hopefully will be delivered tomorrow. Outstanding service/communication from RC, will use them again without hesitation.
  7. Quote "Internet sales will be restored in few days. CD sales will start in a week. Few short fixes will be in few days. General patch will be in June." Interesting concept, release the fixes before most people can get hold of the actual product. Is there a method in the madness.......
  8. The only surprise here is that anyones surprised. I notice the front page still says the 5th. Good work from Naturalpoint keeping us informed. ED could learn a thing or two here.
  9. Estimate Aug 05 Target Dec 05 Delivery Aug 06 Front page will still say Est Aug 05 after they deliver....
  10. So far its been 1. The software is'nt ready 2. The copy protection is'nt ready 3. The servers are'nt ready for the download 4. Paypal have pulled out Guess we're now left with the cardboard box manf is'nt ready. This has to be the unluckiest game in history.............if we can thank ED for one thing it would be their perseverence.
  11. Just had email from RC Simulations confirming they will recieve FC on 12 May and the dispatch directly after that. Guess it was too much to hope that ED would actualy hit a target date, sorry estimate...... The wait goes on, and on, and on................now getting bored with this game.
  12. Anybody notice the stutter, maybe LOMAC got it right after all.....:-)
  13. Even if this is what happened ED still never let on about the CD even though the distributers had the info on their web sites. Being cynical but maybe they needed beta testers for their new download process....just a thought.
  14. CD announced Look's like ED just announced CD version and copy protection method on http://lockon.ru/ Starforce is there but no activation required, CD check only. Nice one......and thank's ED ;-)
  15. Things are probably a bit simpler than that. Suspect what ED are doing with this release is treating it as a dry run for their first full program release on-line and without a publisher. In this case and this is not a bad thing we have been guinea pigs to test out ED's processes. Unfortunately three out of the four things that had to happen on this release went wrong ie Paypal, Starforce and customer communication. The one thing that did go well was the quality of the patch which seems to be outstanding. What we can hope for is that ED have learnt the lessons here for their next release and that they move quickly and let people know how they resolve the issues with this release. For many of us this is to wait until the CD version is available but it would have been better if ED were a bit more open on their plans and took care of their customers rather than using them as test beds for future payment methods.
  16. Suspect release of a non-Starforce protected download is probably the only way forward from here.
  17. Honestly believe ED disd take the complaints seriously but used Starforce anyway to try protect their IP. Risk on this type of call is a resounding "we told you so". Hopefully Ed will come up with details on whats being relesed via CD and if Starforce is involved in that. Maybe we can all get down to some serious flying on what looks to be an outstanding add on.
  18. Starforce is a bad solution to a genuine piracy issue. Will wait and maybe get CD version if no Starforce.
  19. Quote "Well you never BUY any software today you buy the rigth to use it even on windows xp you only have the rigth to use it the software belong to ED. SO. you are in some way renting it. Im not sure but i think this is commented in the EULA" Correct you do not by the software IP but currently what you do buy is a mechanism for installing the software as many times as you want on as many system configs as you want as long as only one installation is in use at any time. What Starforce does is force us to become system admins who need to monitor how we change our own hardware on our own systems to ensure we do not use up our valuable re-activations. This may only be a minor hassle if you believe FC merits this additional effort but once you have several software developers all with their own versions of Starforce or an alternative CP system monitoring your hardware then you end up in a straight jacket and your freedom to change your hardware is dictated by software vendors. Thin edge of wedge. For us older game players we only need to think back to previous CP methods which required you to install hardware dongles for games to work to realise how stupid this ends up being.
  20. Likewise guy's. Still think that Starforce is the wrong way to go so will sit this one out. Hopefully will be able to pick up a copy through SIMW if they release a CD version in the West w/o Starforce. Otherwise will stick with 1.02. Best of luck an happy flying.......
  21. BIOLOG Apologies, if we're complaining about anything here it's probably the lack of communication. Some details from ED earlier would probably have helped.
  22. Never a good idea to assume so I won't make assumptions on your suitability or qualifications. For myself I can only claim 20 years in the hardware and software running mission critical programs for some of the largest OEM's in the business....nuff said.
  23. "ED isn't working on YOUR schedule" You miss the point, if ED want to stay in business they have to provide a service to their customers, who have purchased the orig game and are now looking for the add on after multiple decomits. ED may be working to their own schedule but if they don't satisfy their customers schedule then their out of business. Simple as that....
  24. No I'd actually like to buy the product now, on the realease date. Issue is that the distribution should have been tried and tested before the release date, a bit cavalier to test it on the first customer order.
  25. As said before they've had since Nov to fix the bug's, its distribution fouls ups that stoping them now.
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