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  1. LOMAC 1.00 fell short of what Flanker 2.51 achieved in most areas except graphics. The patches and upgrades have moved a long way to rectify that but things like AI, mission editor etc (flanker editor is still better) remain broken or at least far short of the initial expectations of LOMAC being a realistic combat flight SIM. Problem in the community is that we keep getting news flashes showing the latest and greatest cutting edge addons and graphics but nothing that shows any intention to fix the basic flaws. to quote an old Scots saying LOMAC's a bit "fur coat and nae knickers" ED really needs to belly up and say their comitted to supporting these fixes or we just progress with a dwindling user base flying a well modeled helo in a sterile environment.
  2. Bad as starforce is I don't think its capable of frying your motherboard. Think your on very shaky ground re refund. If the motherboards <4 mnth's old then should still be under warranty so try that. Thing to remember with all computer components is that if their going to go faulty its within the first 6 mnths of use, if they last longer than that then they'll pretty much last until their obsolete. Good luck with the refund....
  3. Good stuff, this will save hours of tweeking.
  4. Frustration is probably driven by the fact that flight sims are a niche market and helo sims are a niche market within the flight sim market so unless ED is offering some substantial fixes for LOMAC along with the helo addon it looks like a dead end product with a limited audience until either ED or someone else comes up with the next decent sim. Would be good to know if there are any substantial fixes planned.
  5. Basic summary is that where LOMAC is good its very good, a high level of attention has been paid to certain areas - notably visuals - and they work very well. Other areas have been neglected which lead to continued frustration because they are critical apects of the game that need attention. Would be good to hear from ED or anyone to see if any resource was being freed up to address these issues rather than improving eye candy which further hits our existing fps problem. Areas that still remain clunky in LOMAC are. 1. AI, 2. Mission Editor, 3. FPS, 4. Basic navigation between screens within the game. As someone who's been addicted to this game since Flanker 1 days I still think its the best sim we have but its potential still has'nt been realised and won't until these issues start to be addressed.
  6. Used Norton for years but heard it used up too much system resource so gave Mcafee a try. Pretty pleased with Mcafee and also saw a small improvement in LOMAC. More fluid, fewer stutters.
  7. Hi Raptor I use the ST290 with standard Windows drivers, works fine. To setup throttle and rudder settings go into Lomacs Options - Input menu Select the ST 290 option in the device window and set the toggle switch next to it to Axis. Next highlight the throttle setting in the lower window and hit change. Once the popup window comes up move your throttle control and lomac will use that for throttle input. Do the same for rudder if you want to use the twist stick. Like most of the menu's in lomac its all a bit clunky but you get there in the end. Hope this helps.
  8. Not really interested in helo's so Black Sharks out for me at the moment. The one thing, other than improved FM's for existing planes, that would make it a worthwhile purchase would be an improved mission editor. Current ones sterile. Need some way of introducing random/conditional events to ensure every mission does'nt play the same each time. Not a lot of work in this I believe and it would make a significant difference to playability. Maybe if we get this we would grow to love the helo....;-)
  9. Excellent work, many thanks for a great addon. ED should look to add this in to next release.
  10. I also remember multiple curves were supposed to be supported in the game. Another feature forgotten by ED ?.
  11. Still say LOMAC's a great sim which is handicapped by poor performance on high end mc's and lack of a good mission editor. Need to addr these on either LOMAC or the next product to move forward. Same things been said since early Flanker days.
  12. Can you still cycle through AWACS targets shown on MFD in 1.11 using normal radar. Remember you could do this in Flanker using ~ I think.
  13. Congats and thank's Ed. Only problem now is that my PC is on a ship in mid Atlantic being transported to the US and I won't get it for 6 wks. Think a drop in by helicopter's whats needed but will probably need 1.2 for that. Cheers and all the best
  14. Keep asking for info and occasionally we'll get something, if we don't ask then we'll get nothing. Glad you remembered earlier post....;-)
  15. Aha the mushroom approach to life. One of the great things about flight sims is that it is a great community for people talking about the game, where its going and what its current issues are. Seems like ED are missing a trick here of keeping their custmers on the hook by feeding them regular updates to digest and keep them interested. I guess from the messages were seeing on the forums now then people are already drifting away.
  16. Thank's for reply Alpha, guess we all understand complexities of working through the patch. The frustration is lack of updates which we only get through you guys when we don't let it rest. A reasonable amount of communication would get us talking about the game again instead of all these starforce and patch delay gripes. Given how long this patch has taken surely there are some features/enhancements or even at a push amusing anecdotes ED can release to keep us going.
  17. Might explain why the patch has gone to Never Never land.
  18. In the end the customer is always right because companies/ED needs to sell we all don't need to buy from specific companies/ED and can go elsewhere. This means that customers do'nt need to be co-ordinated since the bottom line in any company's profit sheet shows how well they've listened to and met their customers needs. Its very simple its called the market economy, dangerous to try buck the market.
  19. Honestly not trying to start anything here but above is one of the worst reply's ever posted on this forum. If we don't believe we have the power to change things why do we write in here. Remember its the people/customers who have the power. It just takes a while for companies to realise it when they start losing money.....sheeesh (its a Gaelic term)
  20. Good analysis and if this is the case ED need to start working out how to maintain this customer base by improving their communication about upcomming patches and updates. Too many marketing own goals with the release of FC already, even enthusiasts get bored and look elsewhere after a while.
  21. Cheers, back in 8 weeks then....
  22. We'll been away for 3 weeks and decided to check back and see whats happening with 1.11 patch. Any updates ?. The black shark stuff appears to be getting a fair bit of coverage but thats too far away to start thinking about.How about 1.11
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