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  1. Dude Merci! Je vais y jeter un coup d'oeil ce soir. ca semble si simple! (beaucoup mieux que UJR)
  2. Greets everyone, For years i've been using Vjoy and UJR to emulate Rudder pedals since i use my rig for Racing as well as Flying (changing pedals is impossible, Rudders are useless for racing). now with my new computer (fresh install of everrything), Vjoy and UJR will no longer cooperate (UJR tells me Vjoy is outdated, but i have the latest version and so forth). So, i'm looking for an alternative to use my racing pedal set as Rudders in DCS and other flight sims. Anyone has experience and can recommend something? Pedals: Fanatec Clubsport V3. Thrustmaster Warthog Hotas Thank you
  3. I'm bumping this. It went dead but still quite a valid opportunity. Trading paint is very, very useful.
  4. Jumping in to report the same issues. I've been working really hard to find something manageable but so far, not much has worked. Even at everything low, it's still difficult to get above 40fps. (20/20). 4670k 24gb 1080 ssd Valve Index
  5. is DCS planning for an optional Canopy Tint? (Yellow). If so, i'd like an "official" option to turn it off (clear). Its cool in pictures, but i'm not sure i'd like flying for 2 hours in a yellow tinted world so much. thanks.
  6. ahhaahah that's exactly why i "don't want" to glance back lol
  7. Ah so the DLC is the Spoiler then? I'll check this tonight. Thank you for your reply Some1
  8. Ah yeah, Jabbers I mean Jester is not reliable in this particular situation it seems. XD Unfortunately, on Intercept towards the carrier... looking back to my wings is far from a priority... I'm pretty much glued to the meatball and AoA at this point. More practice needed. Might be cool to add this feature to Jester tho... calling that DLC is "out".
  9. Greets everyone, While learning to use this system (DLC) - which is awesome btw, I was looking for a dashboard/instrument indicator but couldn't find one. The reason for asking is that when I'm on approach, specifically to a carrier, I activate the DLC but I have no feedback whether it's on or not and find myself always looking backward to my wings to "make sure". I can't find an instrument panel in my peripheral vision or a sound (instrument or airframe) that confirms its activation/deactivation. I've also noticed that sometimes, it seems to close on its own and I'm unsure of why. Speed excess? Going through the manual doesn't seem to reveal the info I'm looking for, so I turn to ya'll. http://www.heatblur.se/F-14Manual/general.html?highlight=dlc Thanks!
  10. That would be an awesome feature.
  11. One obvious issue might be that you are not using the right frequency and or radio for the Stennis. What is the proper procedure?
  12. Also noticed this yesterday while practicing with adjustment in TV. That looks more like a bug than a feature or part of the 14's "temper" tho. Might want to report that.
  13. Update. I tried this trick in TV move. Helped a lot. Thank you!
  14. God damnit. You are so right. Not that i'd kiss you, but i might make an exception. Just this once. If it works ;P
  15. I've tried at various altitude; roughly 3k, 5k and more. It seems i constantly just overshoot. I though maybe the speed was affecting this so i tried around 400 all the way to .8ss and its always about the same. CCIP or Pilot Target is fine tho. Usually land pretty much on. Also figured it might be the wind, but it doesn't seem to be it either. Now i'm thinking the Diamond is just too big (i place my target in as much the center as i can).
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