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  1. That is an awesome extension! That has to be the ultimate in precision control but I wonder how durable or practical it will be for very fast movement? I think that is the main tradeoff when extending that much; can you make quick enough movements when flying a WWII aircraft like an F-190 in IL-2. That aircraft can require some very fast full-deflection moves.
  2. I've had my BWU for a few months now and it is hands-down the best KB I've owned. None of the keys do what I see in that video so I guess they must have addressed the issue.
  3. You are absolutely correct on the Cougar. Not sure what I was thinking there!
  4. I'm sorry Bro, I misunderstood you when you said the mounting plate came separated. Yes, the stick ships unattached from the base. The Cougar shipped the same way. What I thought you meant is that the flat plate shipped apart from the base, and that would definitely be a red flag. It sounds more like you are getting registered movement, but a lack of resistance. Again, the design itself makes that almost impossible. There is one HUGE spring that provides most of the resistance beyond center, and 4 smaller springs that prevent resistance-slack at center. I guess those 4 smaller sprin
  5. Just know that if you export an MFD to a monitor that is not connected to the vid card that drives your primary display, the FPS-hit will me HUGE, with major stuttering. If you connect the MFD display to the same card that drives the main display, the stuttering goes away.
  6. First, your stick should not have come with the housing plate detached from the stick. That's crazy! Second, the design is such that there can NEVER be any type of slack play. If you have play, it is due to a mechanical issue that would be way outside the original design, or it could be a calibration issue. This design should NEVER develop play. Period, unless there are loose screws somewhere. I know that TM has some kind of calibrating software out there for the Hog but I'm not sure how many have it, or even needed it. Either way, if your unit arrived dissaembled like that, you
  7. I already had TIR3 and had myself convinced that TIR3 was just fine and that TIR5 wouldn't really add that much to the experience. I never did get the 6DOF upgrade for the TIR3. After losing my last reflective dot, I decided to order TIR5. Wow, night and day!
  8. Pretty slick odin. I actually had to run a short extension cord for my Lilliput since the adapter cable was too short to reach anything. I don't know if I'm brave enough to do what you did but if my adapter dies, I sure will give it a shot!
  9. If I remember correctly, with a single monitor, you want to use the card and connector that is closest (physically) to the CPU. But, as was said, the monitor detection is not all that reliable without a reboot, and especially since you are not actually changing monitors.
  10. Sli=space heater. I've done Sli with 7800GTX and also a rig with 8800GTS and as has been said, you will have to do some tinkering sometimes but it's not really too big of a hassle. My two biggest complaints would be the heat and also the micro-stuttering. Some folks are not that sensitive to the micro-stuttering and it doesn't happen with 'every' game, but I noticed it with most, but I'm sure it's because I mostly play flight sims. It's very difficult to detect with FPS, at least for me. That said, I have my main doisplay and also an 8" touchscreen attached to my 580GTX and have a Dell
  11. Just wait until you start getting into MFD's, multi-screens and such. You can get a lot more 'physical' with this sim. The Hog is awesome, but that's just the beginning. I'm sure you'll see :-)
  12. Just tossing this out - maybe right, maybe, wrong. Attach Black Shark to simulator.exe instead?
  13. Careful, Ian may have a patent for the Cougar Nxt2 and that looks identical!
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