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  1. First post in the new forum layout. Yeah we have seen this before there has been very little chatter/excitement from what I have observed in anticipation to the patch coming. Again with the new forum layout it's likely I missed something.
  2. No disrespect to his family, coworkers and friends but I have mentioned some time ago that this thread should be locked or moved.
  3. Thanks guys. I must have had a moment and/or glossed over the notes too quickly.
  4. It may be too early to ask, but will A2G radar EXP1, 2 & 3 make it into the OB today?
  5. I just noticed this thread and could not agree more with this statement. Also the statements made about controllable bombers having no value or return seems to be narrow in vision as well.
  6. I see no mention of a release window anywhere. I am sure that is due to the fumbles in past?
  7. Thanks BN. Lot of goodies in this patch also!
  8. Once again thank you BIGNEWY for informing us here. :)
  9. It sure appears that way. BIGNEWY is usually good at informing us here.
  10. I will say the WWII era is becoming more interesting. To be honest these birds are quite challenging to fly and that is a joy in itself when you get better at handling them.
  11. This thread would likely raise a political firestorm. Hopefully moderators will shut it down quickly.
  12. Hopefully moderators will come in cleanup and serve warnings on bogus post.
  13. Even though it's painful to wait for all the features I'll accept a much thorough, quality module in the end.
  14. So it's not just me that wondered if the phoenix was a bit off from reality. :)
  15. Lots of disappointments in the last couple of months. This is getting ridiculous, but I will say that the fallout from adapting to a work from home lifestyle has an effect on things as well.
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