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  1. The CBUs are missing targets more then they are hitting. They not longer perform anything like the real ones or like they did in the past.
  2. I get a 1/2 second of lag were frames go to 0fps every 10-30 seconds in multiplayer servers. My Fps are from 60-120 depending on what is going on. It is perfectly smooth in single player running the same missions.
  3. I am using head tracking and a monitor. Here is a few screen shots of my position and the HUD. I reset everything to default and turned off tracking to make sure i was not altering it unintentionally. Here is a shot showing the pilots position. https://www.dropbox.com/s/h11z1vaf1ax657q/Screen_191222_191016.png?dl=0 This is the HUD default view. https://www.dropbox.com/s/tfgrfsj67a6svat/Screen_191222_191729.png?dl=0 This is my POV height compared to the seat. https://www.dropbox.com/s/orh4yjpjvvs41u1/Screen_191222_191037.png?dl=0
  4. Am I the only one that thinks the new view point in the A-10 seems like a child in the seat and not an adult? It kinda seemed like that to me before but now it seems worse. I want to move my view point up and back but then I cant see the HUD.
  5. It also seems to be affecting it on the FCR page, it drops like 20 frames too.
  6. I'm having the same issue. I can never get DCS to use my full GPU but now when I turn on the HSD page in the F-16 it drops to 0-25% and I get like 19-30 frames. I get up to 80 normally. 45-65 at a airbase with multiple players around me. 65-80 once I'm away from the main base. My CPU usage is about 30% overall and max about 65% on a single core. It never goes above 45% total. My GPU usually fluctuates from 30-70% but stays more to the 30% side. VRAM is usually 7300MB-7800MB and does not fluctuate much System ram usage is around 24GB total. The only thing that changes on my usages is the GPU drops really low when i turn on the HSD page. I'm not sure why DCS doesn't use my GPU or CPU and never gets more frames then that. Maybe its a AMD optimization issue? I wasn't too worried about it but the HSD dropping over half of my frames is something that does bother me. Thanks for your guys help and here are my system specs. Also I attached two screenshots one without the HSD on and one with. I'm running a 5700xt at 2150MHZ GPU and 1800MHZ Memory, 6700K @ 4.6GHZ, 32GB TridentZ at 3100MHZ, Samsung SSDs 850EVO boot and 860 for DCS and other games.
  7. I'm getting this bug. It happens to me when I get shot down and go to briefing again. It does it pretty consistantly for me. It started in a multi-player server and carried over to any mission I loaded. I had to restart DCS World to resolve it.
  8. Is there a way to make the radio menu only open when i push the key? I want it to stop opening like when the tower says "taxi to parking" or "cleared for takeoff" and the menu comes up sometimes and sometimes not. I started trying to preemptively close it and end up opening it when it doesn't open by itself. It has become super annoying for me. I like to change my view a lot while moving around on the ground and I keep canceling takeoff or requesting takeoff etc... I just want it to open only when i push the button. Why set it up to do that in the first pace and then make it inconstant. Nothing about DCS annoys me like that.
  9. I'm so glad you posted that. I've tried everything I could think of. I looked for conflicts but it only showed me SSF when I hit Lwin+U. I figured that was not the problem. When I looked up "AWACS HOME BASE" there it was. I unassigned it and presto.
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