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  1. Great work. Much appreciated! Thanks Albatros
  2. All true, and I fairly manage to fly with my configuration and the old trimmer logic. But generally I think systems should be not too complicated if they don't have to. No moaning, just a suggestion.
  3. Please may I introduce my idea what I think would be a good new trimmer logic, and adaptive for all configurations: Same as the old logic, with a slight difference. After the "HelicopterTrimmerTauInverse" is over, the actual Stick Position is the new Zero Position. If someone put the stick back to center, its from center. If someone move to another position, it's from there. If someone doesn't move at all, it's like before the trimming act and nothing happens. In every case the player only have to keep the stick quiet after "HelicopterTrimmerTauInverse", and nothing happens, instead of having
  4. But not with multiple planes in Multiplayer, here only the first planes sees the basket, the rest sees it very late. Ah ok, here we have only one boom, so that problem doesn't occur :-)
  5. I would also like to know, because I use a combination of Cougar Throttle, MSFF2-Stick (which I bought especially for BS) and Saitek Rudders. I'd like to disable rudder-trimming.
  6. The linked english and german handbook versions are both 15 Chapters and 534/488 pages. Think that are the extended versions?
  7. There is a waiting time of 2 to 3 minutes after the K-041 is switched on where "HUD no ready" is indicated. K-041 is labeled "target and navigation system" on - off. So my guess is, INU on - off doesn't necessarily start calibration. Perhaps calibration is startet with K-041 and the indicator is "HUD no ready"? Just a question. Why else should "HUD no ready" last 2 to 3 minutes? It's just another indicator.
  8. Take the vista drivers and install in vista compatibility mode. Works for me.
  9. Yes, but I understand, then you will get no new heading - reference for the AFCS and this way auto rudder input will always tend to maintain the original heading?
  10. Confirmed. When using the MSFF2 it is a bit tricky with rudder centering. Didn't read the hole thread, so I don't know if it's mentioned before. But my suggestion for trim function is that after release of the trim button and the short waiting time for re - position the software should not assume that you set to center. Instead it should assume that the given displacement of the stick after the short waiting time should be the new center. When it is like this, centering the stick would work like up to now, but leaving the stick (or rudder) in a certain position would also work without unwan
  11. Thanks for this Open Letter. I'm sure you handle this situation the right way. I'm looking in disgust at the ones who caused this mess. Greetings Albatros
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