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  1. If that is happening, you have seriously mishandled your pitch trim. Secondly, momentarily moving either hand from stick/throttle is a continuous process in managing the jet and its systems. In your specific example, during take off, your throttle position should be very stable so you use that hand to manipulate mouse for the few seconds required.
  2. I've been a computer gamer/flight simmer since 1986. The worst burn out I experienced, and that is still active, is for Falcon 4.0. I clearly remember the day I bought the PC Gamer magazine that had the CD included and on that CD was the newly released Falcon 4 demo. What followed was several years of daily involvement in the growth of that sim. From the late 90's to early 2000's all I did was upgrade and tweak my computer hardware and software to try to keep up with all the mods and user tweaks. In fact, what happened is I spent far more time tweaking than actually flying the sim.
  3. Thanks for reply. I did check that and it is set for Voicemeter. Still having same issue.
  4. I need help folks, since the Windows 10 update 1903, I cannot get SimShaker to properly sync with Windows sound and Odyssey Plus so that I get sound from the earphones but the shaker input from my bass shaker. Here's my hardware: -Samsung Odyssey Plus VR using WMR and Steam VR. This is connected to computer via USB 3.0 -Realtek built in sound card on the motherboard - Desktop speakers with sub-woofer connected to motherboard sound card -75 amp Plate Amplifier - Bass Shaker sound puck connected to sim chair (powered by speaker wires from plate amplifier) - USB sound card connected to
  5. I think this post was an answer to mine? If so, making those edits causes my SteamVR to go into a bootloop then crash.
  6. Hi all, Since I updated Steam VR and Windows 10 to build 1903, I am getting terrible stutters and flickering in the game loading screens and then once in the cockpit. I've been away for a bit but before, everything was butter smooth. thank you
  7. Hope this is the right place to post. I am getting back into DCS after a few months away and installed F-16C module and updated my gaming PC to the latest Windows 10 build 1903. This seems to have totally jacked up some settings somewhere because now DCS is really choppy once in the cockpit with constant micro-stutters and the loading screen between the main menu and getting in the cockpit flickers so bad I get nauseous unless I take the headset off. Also I notice Steam VR since the latest update seems to be taking up more resources...could that be the issue? Thank you
  8. would it be possible to add a line to the list to control the amount of vibration related to a catapult launch? I used to be able to crank up the gain in the sdef files to get a hard rumble but that doesn't seem to have the same effect after the last few DCS updates.
  9. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3303911/
  10. Thank goodness I'm not the only one! I still haven't found a really good solution beyond turning down the master Gain on my buttkicker amp.
  11. I agree that the VR Cover has helped alot but I was still not able to run the HMD for more than an hour without beginning to be uncomfortable. The next thing that I've added to help even more is a short piece of stretchable material that you get from a physical therapist. I cut small holes in either end and slipped this over the earphone units. It now creates an over-the-head strap that takes alot of the weight of the HMD off of my forehead and cheeks.
  12. you are correct about the gain. That is used to increase the bass or "rumble" effect. I modify these values on many files to increase the amount of kick I get from my ButtKicker.
  13. talk to me about VR when it allows me to see my hands and keyboard, MFD's, etc. OP, I'm playing DCS on a 46" 4K TV that sits about 3-4 feet away from me in a home cockpit and it is amazing.
  14. The music in this video absolutely needs to be in some COMPLETE SUCK hall of fame. That was garbage.
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