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  1. Guck mal bei den Virtual Jobogs im Downloadbereich. Bei den Maps ist eine Liste aller Stationen mit Frequenzen dabei
  2. Thank you! I was looking your videos several times and always I find some new aspect. Very, very helpful. If you find some time I think everyone will appreciate your work...
  3. After watching this vid I feel: whow! I have to flight it (at least the sim).
  4. Delivered to germany in less than 3 weeks. Thank you!
  5. Back to the topic ;-) when I start A10VCServer I will only see a DOS windos for a second and then ... nothing happens :( (Have the 64 bit version) Any suggestion? Is there a logfile which gives some explanation?
  6. I really hope that I'm not too late... It's amazing how many people support the community with tools, charts and at least hardware like this covers. Thank you so much!
  7. I do not really understand your post: is there any possibility to get the covers in future? You will do it "block wise"? Or was this the very last delivery? If not so: please put me on your waiting list. (btw cannot reach your website: did you shut it down?) Anyway: thank you for your great work! Hedgehog
  8. Yes it worked for me. Had to start the game controller and to verify that all switches are in a deactivated position. Thanks again Hedgehog
  9. That sounds logical. Thank you. (otherwise there must be some kind of coupling - never heard that - will ask the mechanics)
  10. Hi everybody! When is the best moment to switch on the left and right generators? The actual startup procedures provided by DCS and you guys are different in that point. DCS manual says before engine startup. But then the bleed air has to drive the generators as well. Doesn't it make more sense to switch on the generators after starting the engines? Or left generator after left engine start, right gen. after right engine start? And when has the APU gen to be switched OFF? After one generator is running or both? What do you think?
  11. Good to see, that the wiki gets improved, because by now I miss a lot of things - and I find it not very useful by now (sorry for saying that). I'm back to DCS for pausing some years. I would like to get the wiki more valuable. This is my suggestion: I have to learn all the A-10 C stuff, beginning with avionics, ... In the forums you will find endless valuable information. Very often I read something valuable but I'm not able to find it again even when using the search function. What do you think about collecting all this information (I think for example the infos provided by paul
  12. Thank you so much for that useful app. There is on "but": maybe most of us are using different checklists. I think you have the checklist data in a plist file which you read at startup? What's about the following suggestion? With IOS 5 (or 4) we may copy files via iTunes to the app. What do you think about reading this checklist.plist file, if it exists (was copied to the app)? Otherwise you read your default checklist data as you do now by default. This would be an immense improvement of usability for you app! If I may help you give me some PM - I did some small iPhone projects
  13. WHOW! This is help: step by step explanation and video. Guys you are unbelievable! I'm sure I did it this way, but I will try again next weekend when being back home. Thank you so much. Is it possible that for recognizing the paddle switch all other switches have to set to off (read this when people got problems with assigning a switch for TrackIR)? Maybe this is my problem.
  14. You did not read me: just pressing did not work, nothing happens. So I tried to manual set the button but there is no BTN #4. There appears now a very long list full of entries: JOY_BTN1, JOY_BTN10, JOY_BTN100, JOY_BTN101, ... This is confusing: which button of this very long list of possibilities is now button #4?? I forgot to mention: no use of TARGET, and the latest Thrustmaster drivers are installed. [edit] maybe this is a "new feature" of the new driver: I found out that I'm not able to set the mic button in TARS either. Pressing the mic switch will not get recognized by TARS.
  15. As I was told, in former releases you had just to press the ADD button in the modifier settings and then press the paddle switch. This does not work in release If I select the Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog Joystick I will find an endless list of buttons to choose. Which one is the Paddle Switch??? Thanks for help.
  16. Hi! I had to pause for one year (since beta). Now I will rejoin the community. What current issues exist for TM WH? What do I have to consider? I remember in beta there was an issue with one switch behind the throttle. Thanks for help and info. Hedge
  17. I got the same problem. Occurs in training missions (startup & takoff so far). My first impression was also, that is must have to do something with clouds (because it looks like the shapes are all around the clouds). But it does not appear in the first two instant missions. And there were some heavy clouds. Fresh installation: Beta 1 and Beta 4.
  18. Yes, but 99% of them are bombing, laser targeting and so on... Any vids available for basic avionics, like ILS, TACAN handling?
  19. Great and exceptional work! I really appreciate this very much! Thank you. Found an error: OCHKHAMURI REGIONAL AIRPORT, ELEV in page header is 1492, on map ELEV is 33. Maybe copy and paste error.
  20. 1. Navigation systems. Waypoints. Changing flight plan during flight. ILS, TACAN. Read today something about different coordinate systems... 2. Emergency procedures: How to react, if for example right hydraulics failure occurs. (Do not know how realistic system failures are modeld).
  21. For the Germans (like me): computeruniverse.net for example sends without shipping costs (but at the moment in status pre order). Will give update, when delivered.
  22. @nomdeplume: thx for the information. It is good to get a response. I changed my email at the dcs site to match to that forum. Still not able to etner the beta forum. Maybe I have to wait a bit. Where should that "Request access to a closed Beta forum" button reside at the download page (this is the page I get when I follow the link everywhere mentioned)?? [edit]: Upps! now suddenly there was the button and I'm in. Thanks!! Topic closed. (for me)
  23. Thanks (I've already read that in the other posts), but for me it does not work: 1. If I change my email address (here in forum) to the same as during buy at DCS (mac.com address) I will not receive the activation mail and therefore cannot proceed (spams already checked). So I have to switch back (web.de address). 2. I find no "Request access to a closed Beta forum" button on that page. Any help? Any suggestions what I may do? I need access to the restricted beta forum because I have serious installation problems and the admins moved my post to that forum... (...and because I payed
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