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  1. In fact it's because of the new low price taht he wants to buy it... order a cd is more expensive... EDIT : I'm back from NP.... it's not so expensive in fact. I'll see with my friend.... but now, I have more important to do : HOLIDAYYYYYS !!!!! :D thanks all :)
  2. erf... so simple that we didn't think about it.... the pb is that he lives 250km away from me... wich is far, for me :D I'll give him my credit card number, thanks for the idea :D (I'll ask permission to my wife before........:p ) Thanks !!
  3. Hi, I have a friend who wants to buy FC, because of the new low price... but he doesn't own a credit card... So, we had the following idea (we are veeeeeeery intelligent !!!! :p ) : I buy FC with my card, and he give me the money... Aren't we genius ? But we don't see how to do this... the objective is to get a code/registration for him, not for me (I've already bought FC) Thanks a lot for your help/ideas !! PS : excuse me for my english.... ;-)
  4. We're working on it : http://www.checksix-forums.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=54379 Sorry, all in french... but screens speak for themselves :)
  5. Yes, maybe it's totally legal but... ED won't see the money of a lot of people if we'll have to buy the game a second after 5 (or 4) activations... It's really incredible... so incredible that I can't imagine ED doing that...
  6. Thx for him :) He works on it... it'll be really good... We'd be really happy if a ED member says us if they plan to provide this or if he's allowed to continue his work... if yes, what kind of things is he allowed to put on (logo, etc.) and not allowed to... Thx !
  7. Here you can see what Magic has already done... http://www.checksix-forums.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=54379
  8. hello ? no ED member here to help us ? If no, just say... Btw, I'm starting to make a cd picture + dvd cover... it would be great to have a little help from ED if you can't provide us a ready-to-print package ;-)
  9. I imagine that I have to copy my old 1.02 in another folder, before uninstalling it, and then install my new (not bought yet :( ) 1.1 like Matts said ? Btw, thanks a lot :)
  10. If they don't do this, we'll do :D
  11. The top would be a cd cover AND what we need to print a nice box for the cd (dvd ???) (sorry Klamity-Gene, but french and happy are not words that you can use in the same msg :P :P :P )
  12. Hi all :) Is it possible to install both versions on a single system ? I fly in a squadron and we can't all buy 1.1 for the moment... some can, and some can't... So, as we want to continue to play together, those who will buy 1.1 want to continue to play with 1.02 for a few weeks/month.... If it's possible, do you know the way ? Thanks a lot and long life to ED !!!!!!!!!!
  13. Did you sleep last night ? I did... very well !!!! I was in a Cy-25T all the night :P It was a good dream.... long dream... IT WAS A DREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM :( :( :D :D :D
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