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  1. I'm sorry, you are completely right.. Please forgive me.:cry::cry:
  2. I'm afraid that you are right...... ...:doh: I will tell u more tomorrow... Thnks!
  3. Yes... I press @ key and it says 100% complete, and when I exit mission, i only see back button and refly button... Wait...:smartass::doh: Maybe I have to exit briefing and then the continue button will appear? I will try again this night
  4. Just one question, please. It is also from Oil war campaign one, but mission 2. I've been shoot down a few times... no real issue, i'm still really bad handling the chopper. But a ew times i think i've killed maybe everything needed (100% mission success) between me and my wingman. But when I land at FARP (i declare inbound and request for landing) and the mission ends (ESCAPE + QUIT) i can just replay mission, i can't advance to next mission.... Do you know what I'm mission? maybe I give too poor enemy supression that allied ground forces receive too much pounding to let the mi
  5. Little confusing Viper.... But I will vote Shoot good quality,,, hope it's ok
  6. I wont be connected on sunday.. so.... Happy birthday GA!
  7. I honestly think that it would be easier than if you have an AI pilot and you play as a RIO/WSO than otherwise. It would be terrifying for me... I have ever played as a pilot in any other simulation title (all but Dangerous waters, but i have not played it) but I have never been able to be in the rear seat managing and sorting contacts, leaving the problem of f-pole/a-pole/pop-up and so on to the guy whose brain is more suitted to this kind of think (i'm better at A2G than A2A just because I can not place myself in a position in a 3d space and keep those tings in my mind and flying the
  8. Yep... Every piece of software that ships nowadays is buggy as hell. I hope that leaving the publisher constraints and with military money in their pockets, maybe they will be able to ship something less buggy than anything seen before in simulators. Regarding two seaters. I think we will see two seaters only in multiplayer, I can imagine some ways to have an AI RIO in my 'cat and how 'he' can direct me to targets and inform me targets and spike and so on... But they are too uimpractical (menus ala radio commands, voice commands) or too error prone...so... two seaters only in multip
  9. I know, i know.... we can not begin to clang the bells... but... if the apache is modelled with 2 seats... and in multiplayer you can be onfront or rear seat... Could this mean that others two seaters can be modelled in the same fashion? (tink on it: tomcat, the two parallel seater version of ¿su-30??, 2 seater hornets..... uffffff:pilotfly:)
  10. I am almost completely sure A-10 does NOT have brakechutes... BTW good job... you guys rock!
  11. Hi TOMCATZ... those soldiers.... are included in LOFC? or it's a mod of yours? It seems they are replacing some kind of vehicle, as 2 of them they are producing smoke/dust...right??? or am I completely wrong? (edit) by the way.... it seems it's a fantastic job....rep inbound... any release plan yet? it's a pitty 2 ppl doing the same thing are working separately... but... I guess he is working alone so he can learn more than if they co-work... (it's the only thing that I can think that excuses 2 same purpose mods)
  12. I think he means who is the girl on your avatar...
  13. thanks mc_smile. Yesterday i managed to download all the CAW packages.... I will try to figure the installation order from the information provided. Now I'm trying to get a 109 airborne in bob2....ouch!
  14. I'm trying to install (and download!! man.. this mod is huge!:cry:) CrimeanAirWars, but I'm not sure which is the proper order for installing all the mods/ops/skins designed for this mod.... Anybody knows if it is a URL/post/file where I can get this info?
  15. No i don't have this gadget... but I've tried TIR profiles, no-TIR profiles....neither worked for me..
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