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  1. Now I just need to figure out how to delay-spawn the Big Smoke static object, though I can probably work around that. Destroy Static Fire.miz
  2. My comments are now fixed and working again! Thanks for reporting this, Snakedoc, and thanks for the fix, ED :thumbup:
  3. Figured I'd bring this up again as it's been a while: The Hercules re-ignited my wildland firefighting itch and I can never find a way to disable the fire on command. Anybody have success with this?
  4. For those who want to fly the Iron Eagle campaign but have yet to purchase the F-16. --Persian Gulf required--
  5. You can select cargo under the "UNIT DAMAGED" or "UNIT DESTROYED" conditions.
  6. My brief test with this resulted in the AP kicking on most of the time, with the exception of it sometimes spawning in a nose-down attitude that was too great to successfully engage the AP. It might be specific to one's loadout, but I wonder if you could increase their initial speed so that the Hornet spawns in a more AP-friendly attitude. I'll attach my .miz but it sounds like it's identical to the method you were already using. I do not know of another. "UFC Function Selector Pushbutton - A/P" = 25, 3001, 1 "UFC Option Select Pushbutton 3" = 25, 3012, 1 AP.miz
  7. Yep, setting it to "invisible" will make it invisible only to the AI. Alternatively, you could set the SAM's ROE (rules of engagement) to "only designated" and designate your flight as a target, but just making it invisible sounds like the better option here.
  8. To elaborate on this, I think: While clients won't be able to progress a mission via "spacebar," you can have clients in a multiplayer session activate triggers using the communication menu '\' and then going into the "F10 - Other" menu by using the "RADIO ITEM ADD" trigger. Attached is a basic example .miz RADIO ITEM ADD.miz
  9. Iron Eagle is a 3-mission campaign that was created with audio taken from the 1986 movie, Iron Eagle, and it can be flown solo or up to 4 players. While not the most realistic campaign and situation, it can be quite fun and nostalgic, and will take about 2 hours to complete, or 3 hours if you re-fuel like me. :joystick: It's pretty far along in its development and has reached version 1.0 after several years of off-and-on development. Any bugs, thoughts, suggestions -- good or bad -- please leave at the link below: Iron Eagle Campaign - Download :pilotfly: Also, if anybody has played
  10. [Download Page] While the story remains the same, a lot else has changed (even a couple things for the better) :thumbup: This campaign now also supports the UH-1H, Mi-8, and SA342.
  11. -Larkin Aviation has moved to Syria!-
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