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  1. Hey, I helped design the Sioux City Iowa 174th Fighter Squadron livery for the F16 module and noticed its now one of the default liveries in the game, thank you!  I noticed a couple issues with the livery in game. The nose bort number on the right hand side has a distorted texture behind it, part of the nose art is showing from the other side of the aircraft. Also the left nose bort number covers part of an award ribbon, idk if you guys can just erase the rest of it that would work. Is there a way you can include a version without the Big Boss nose art? Only one of those aircraft had the nose art so when we fly in formation they don't all have the same version of the plane. I posted that version on user files already under the username boomer174. Thanks for your hard work and please feel free to contact me with any feedback or additional information! I've attached a link to the standard livery we made without nose art. Thanks again!





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